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macOS (formerly called Mac OS X, then OS X) is Apple's desktop operating system. It is the second most common desktop computing platform after Windows. This page details issues specific to using ImageJ on macOS systems.

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See also the Java 8 page for OS-X-specific issues.

See also the Troubleshooting page.

ImageJ becomes very slow after running for a while

There are several reasons ImageJ can run slowly on macOS.

Java painting bug

On OS X, older versions of Java 8 (prior to 1.8.0_45)—as well as all versions of Java 7 (including 1.7.0_80)—are extremely slow at displaying images. You should either upgrade to the latest version of Java 8, or revert to Java 6 (see 'Frequently Asked Questions' below).

Window menu bar bug

DownloaderDownloaderImage Downloader For Mac

There is a bug in Java 8 on MacOS which causes the application to drastically slow down as many windows are opened and closed over time. Make sure you are using the latest version of Java 8, as well as the latest version of ImageJ.

App Nap

On recent versions of OS X—10.9 'Mavericks' and later—there is an 'App Nap' feature which dramatically slows down applications that are not in the foreground. Leave ImageJ in the foreground while it is processing to avoid this issue. (There are also variousways to disable App Nap on your machine, but we have not had much success with them. If you find a solution that works, allowing ImageJ to run fast in the background, please tell us on the forum!)

No title bar in file chooser dialogs

On macOS 10.11 'El Capitan' and later, the operating system no longer includes a title bar for file chooser dialogs. See e.g. this JDK bug discussing the issue.

As a workaround, you can check 'Use JFileChooser to open/save' in the Edit Options Input/Output... dialog.

See also the Frequently Asked Questions page.

How do I run ImageJ with Java 6?

It is unfortunately no longer feasible to install Apple Java 6 on current versions of macOS. However, ImageJ should work OK with Java 8. If you have difficulties, please post on the Forum.

At any time, you can verify which Javas are installed on your system using this script.

How do I run ImageJ on Yosemite?

Install the Java 8 JRE or Java SE 8.

How do I run ImageJ on El Capitan?

Unfortunately, El Capitan has some new java-related issues. If you upgraded to El Capitan and your Java 8 installation is not being detected properly:

  1. Try installing the Java SE JDK.
  2. If that does not work, see this guide for steps which could get things working again.
  3. Alternately, ImageJ still works on El Capitan with Java 6 (see above).

At this present Internet-based generation, every individual living in the world tend to take more pictures with their smartphone and cameras. Image Downloader Softwares are the quickest and the most convenient solution to download any number of picture and video related files from the online sources.


The following are some of the softwares that are highly used by many users from all over the world to download bulk images from web pages.

Free Image Downloader

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Image Downloader

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Picture Ripper

Image Downloader For Mac

The users of this software can download thousands of pictures, pictures and videos from the prescribed web pages. One can choose the quality and the format in which they can download the video and the photos with. Once chosen them, it involves only few minutes to find the desired files saved on your computer.

Creevity Software

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Pick n Zip

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Other Image Downloading Softwares for Different Platforms

Downloading an image from a web page can be performed both manually and automatically using the softwares related to them. The softwares do find the links to download the image files and aid the users to extract it from them. The following are some of the different platforms in which the image downloading softwares are available.

Google Image Downloader for Linux

This software runs on a cross-platform and it allows the Linux operating system users to search for their required images on the famous Google search engine. The users can filter from the results and can easily find the picture which they are in need of. You can also double click on the image to make a zoom on them.

Most popular Image Downloader Software

Bulk Image Downloader

As the name says, this image Downloader software allows their users to download any number of images from a web page. The users can even download multiple image files at the same time. You can also preview the images in the form of thumbnails before downloading them to your computer.

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Kazaa For Mac

What is an Image Downloader Software?

An Image Downloader Software is used basically to find a link to download an image file that can be found a web page. If you see a picture on a web page and wanted to save them, yet, couldn’t find the link to save them, then you should try the image downloading softwares. The images can be downloaded as the same size and format it was uploaded to the web.

You can also convert an image file and download low or high-quality version of them at the same time. This type of conversion can save your time and you can get your pictures downloaded with the needed image formats.

How to Install an Image Downloader Software?

The users can easily get the download links to download these softwares from the official web page of the companies. Installing them to your system is much easier and it takes only a few minutes of time. You can also sign up to your personal account while installing the software on your system. Once the image downloading software gets installed in any of your devices, you can explore many ways to use them in your day to day life.

Bulk Image Downloader For Mac

The Image downloading software is highly suitable for every internet user in this generation. Everyone who makes use of internet in their daily life would like to keep some pictures which they can see on the web pages. This can be done easily by making use of the softwares and it takes only a few seconds from your life to spend downloading of an image file.

Every business people who look out the internet to find the best images for their presentations can make use of this software to download them. The softwares do help them in finding the perfect images and it is the best deal for every human who is looking out to save photos from the web pages.

Video Downloader For Mac

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