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Use the latest version of macOS. Update to the latest version of macOS. Go to Apple menu. The steps on how to backup Mac to iCloud are pretty simple and upfront; you don’t have to do a lot of complicated steps just to save and store your important files. Apart from iCloud, you can also use the Time Machine backup feature on Mac to store your personal files externally. Safeguard your data at any time using these two free methods. Sign in to iCloud to access your photos, videos, documents, notes, contacts, and more. Use your Apple ID or create a new account to start using Apple services. The selected iCloud Backup will be deleted from your iCloud Account. Delete iCloud Backups on Windows PC. Follow the steps below to delete iCloud Backups on Mac. Click on the Start button scroll down the list of Apps and click on iCloud. Login to your iCloud Account by entering your Apple ID and Password. On iCloud screen, click.

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If you are asking about emails ending with @iCloud.com, these are not included in an iCloud backup.
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Your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch backup only include information and settings stored on your device. It doesn’t include the information already stored in iCloud, like Contacts, Calendars, Bookmarks, Mail, Notes, shared photos, iCloud Photo Library, My Photo Stream, and files you store in iCloud Drive.

How to use the Mail app on your Mac to move, delete, or copy iCloud email​

Copy email from iCloud to your Mac

  1. In Mail, choose Mailbox > New Mailbox.
  2. A New Mailbox dialog opens. Choose On My Mac from the Location pop-up menu, then enter a name for the new mailbox. Click OK.
  3. Select your iCloud inbox from the list of mailboxes in the sidebar, then select the messages.
  4. To copy messages, hold down the Option key while dragging the messages you selected to your new mailbox. Or choose Message > Copy to > your new mailbox.

If you want to make a backup copy your entire iCloud mailbox, including every message and folder in the mailbox:

  1. Select your iCloud inbox from the list of mailboxes in the sidebar.
  2. Choose Mailbox > Export Mailbox.
  3. Choose a destination folder for the mbox archive, then click Choose to save it.

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