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Hyperion Enterprise Release 6 5 Readme,Multi User 19. Reports 20,Rollovers 20,Security 20,Statutory Consolidation Engine SCE 21. Suggested Network Guidelines for Hyperion Enterprise 22. Web Based Functionality 22,Web Server 26,Defects Fixed in this Release 26. Installation Updates 26,Accounts 26,Authentication 26. AutoPilot Plug in 26,Categories 27,Data Entry 27,Entities 27.
Event and Error Log 27,Journals 27,Retrieve 27,Security 27. Web Based Functionality 28,Documentation Updates 28. Note Any references in the documentation to the Oracle E Delivery site pertain if your site. has access, This document includes important late breaking information about this release of Oracle s. Hyperion Enterprise Review this information thoroughly before installing Hyperion. Enterprise,Installation Updates, The section includes important information about installing the 6 5 release of Hyperion. Enterprise,Hyperion Enterprise Release 6 5 Readme, Hyperion Enterprise 6 5 is a full installation release It is available in the following.
languages English French German Japanese Korean Russian Simplified Chinese and. Traditional Chinese For installation instructions see the Hyperion Enterprise Release 6 5. Installation Guide, Uninstall release 6 3 1 or earlier releases of Hyperion Enterprise before installing Hyperion. Enterprise Release 6 5 version Please note that it is not necessary to uninstall the 6 4 x. All applications must be converted to Enterprise release 6 5. For the Workstation installations consider the following. The Hyperion Enterprise executables must be accessible. The server must be running, The applications created in the server must be maintained in a shared directory. User must manually set Active Server Pages permissions to Active using Windows 2003. Hyperion Enterprise release 6 5 supports Windows 2003 32 bit Standard Edition The. Windows 2003 64 bit release is not supported, In order for Enterprise Web to run on Windows 2003 ASP NET must be installed via. Add Remove Windows Components along with IIS In addition you must set the. Permissions for Active Service Pages to Allowed Windows 2000 sets this permission. automatically however due to more restrictive security policies in Windows 2003 the. Permissions for Active Service Pages is set to Prohibited by default To set the ASP. Permissions to Allowed select the Internet Services Manager in Control Panel Expand Web. Service Extensions Select Active Service Pages and click on the button Allowed Restart IIS. When enabling external authentication the application will only use the imported user IDs. and passwords The internal Enterprise application user ID s and passwords are no longer. You can install Hyperion Strategic Finance Server Release 9 2 and this release of Hyperion. Enterprise on the same computer However installing Hyperion Strategic Finance Server. releases prior to the release 9 2 with Hyperion Enterprise may prevent the applications from. working correctly As workaround install Hyperion Enterprise and Hyperion Strategic. Finance Servers on separate computers,Enterprise Web no longer supports Netscape. The string HE cannot be used as a directory name when installing Hyperion Enterprise. In Windows Vista the default setting for the User Account Control is ON after installation If. this setting is not modified Hyperion Enterprise files are created in the Windows or Program. Files directory For example and the application directory are stored in the. directory These files will not be available to all users. This release of Hyperion Enterprise does not support the following software products and. their components,Hyperion Essbase Release 5,Hyperion Essbase Release 6.
Hyperion Enterprise Standard Edition,Lotus 1 2 3,SQL and Oracle Drivers. Hyperion Enterprise Release 6 5 Readme, For late breaking information about Smart View see Hyperion Smart View for Office Release. 9 3 1 2 Readme,General Considerations, The following are considerations that may affect your use of certain features of this release. Localized Languages, Selecting Help Contents in Allocations module displays the contents file in English. Plug accounts are recognized as input accounts To avoid this attach NOINP logic to the. plug account s in a special chart method Then attach that chart method to base level. entities However the ELIM name s cell is still white for the plug account allowing input at. this level only or attach a security class to the plug account s and give users LIMITED. access to this class, If a dynamic view account has a formula associated with it and the formula is removed you.
may not be able to check the formula s method To correct this problem remove the. Dynamic View attribute and then remove the logic from the account in the Formulas. module The Dynamic View attribute can then be rechecked for the account and the. If a fixed account list contains more than 200 000 accounts disable the Find Account. feature by setting the value present in the file to zero. If you change the account list filter criteria to display input accounts and a specific. subaccount table the Find Account dialog box does not properly display subaccounts. Allocations, When creating allocation sets for the first time in Allocation Sets on Point of View the. Account list button is selectable even though the Account radio button is selected. Allocations can only be posted when there are less than 260 periods in the category. Application Conversion and Conversion Utility, Hyperion Enterprise 6 4 1 applications may be opened in 6 5 Hyperion Enterprise 6 4 1. applications are automatically converted to the new format when opened in 6 5 release. NOTE When you open your application after installing Hyperion Enterprise 6 5 the. application is release stamped and cannot be opened in any previous releases of Hyperion. Enterprise, Due to the structural changes made in Hyperion Enterprise 6 5 any applications created in. Hyperion Enterprise XA 4 7 or Hyperion Enterprise 5 x to 6 4 1 must be converted to the. Hyperion Enterprise Release 6 5 Readme, Release 6 5 format using one of the utilities provided with this release After the application. has been converted it can be opened in Hyperion Enterprise Release 6 5. The following conversion wizards are included in this release. System Extract Conversion from SE to 6 5,Logic Conversion from SE to 6 5.
Application Conversion from SE to 6 5, Application Conversion from XA 4 7 through 6 4 to 6 5. Note If you are upgrading from Hyperion Enterprise 5 5 x or 6 x make sure that the Data. Server has been stopped and that the application is not in Client mode Read Only mode or. Single User mode If you are upgrading from Hyperion Enterprise 6 x also ensure that the. application is not Web enabled, When you convert an application from Hyperion Enterprise SE that contains a dynamic. account list and you have specified that the system not include detail the converted. application includes subaccounts as well as major accounts To avoid this deselect first. level and second level subaccounts select major accounts and refresh the list in the. Hyperion Enterprise SE application prior to converting. When you convert an application from Hyperion Enterprise SE reports and books are not. automatically converted After you convert your application copy the report REP. compound report CRT and book BOK files from your Hyperion Enterprise SE application. to the Report directory of the Hyperion Enterprise Release 6 5 application Then recompile. the report files compound reports and book files in Release 6 5 before running them. Note If you are converting applications from Hyperion Enterprise SE Release 1 8 2 you. must obtain the Hyperion Enterprise Release 1 8 2 Report Conversion Utility by contacting. Hyperion Solutions Customer Support prior to installing this release This utility is not. included in the installation media for Hyperion Enterprise Release 6 5 The reports and. books must be converted before you install Release 6 5. If you do not select Periodic Consolidation in the application setup options prior to. converting the Hyperion Enterprise SE application the application journal locks are not. displayed in the converted application To avoid this unpost the journals and then repost. the journals to reapply the journal lock, After you convert a Hyperion Enterprise SE application the application paths in the. file are hard coded To keep the paths dynamic so that they are updated. automatically if you move the application manually change the path to the. and directories in the to For example change the, When you convert an application the Conversion Wizard creates directories for categories. that do not contain data You may delete these directories after making sure that they do. not contain data, If the destination folder specified for the conversion file does not exist the following.
message displays Application app name did not convert properly To prevent this. create the destination folder before converting or click Browse when selecting the folder and. create the new folder, Prior to converting an application from Hyperion Enterprise SE to Hyperion Enterprise 6 5. you must perform the following task,Hyperion Enterprise Release 6 5 Readme. Open the application directory of the Hyperion Enterprise SE 4 X application open the. blank Consol Logic file enter a comment for example Consol Logic and then compile. When an application is converted from Hyperion Enterprise SE to Hyperion Enterprise. Release 6 5 and Ownership by Period is selected in the Hyperion Conversion Wizard. Enterprise 6 5 Setup Options window perform the following tasks. 1 Select the Skip Data Conversion option in the Application Conversion SE to 6 2. Conversion Utility, 2 Extract the Hyperion Enterprise SE data and load the data back into the Hyperion. Enterprise Release 6 5 application, Any invalid or unused TXT files must be deleted or removed from the Statutory. Consolidation Engine directory before you attempt to run a conversion. If you are converting an SCE application from Hyperion Enterprise XA Release 4 7 x 5 x or. later you must rename the directory as before running the conversion. After you run a conversion in an SCE application from Releases 4 7 through 6 4 1 to Release. 6 5 you must open SCE Admin and compile the Default CONSOL and TRANS methods. All applications being converted from Hyperion Enterprise Release 4 7 through 6 4 1 to. Release 6 5 should have their data consolidated with a status of OK prior to conversion. Data may be locked or show a journal lock status, The conversion of a Hyperion Enterprise Release 4 7 x or 5 x or later application to a.
Release 6 5 application does not include empty SCE methods and results in errors during. consolidation If you have any empty methods in an SCE application you must enter a. formula in the method before converting the application The following warning message is. displayed prior to the conversion of an SCE application. By clicking Yes you are indicating that you have no empty methods in your SCE. application and you can continue with the conversion If you have empty methods in. your SCE application click No and do the following. Enter a formula in the empty methods prior to conversion which creates a txt file and. then remove the formula after conversion,To do this. 1 Log on to SCE Administration Module and select Edit Methods. 2 Open up any method that is empty and add an account. 3 Compile the method A txt file is created, 4 After the conversion delete the account from the txt file or create a new empty. SCE method in the Hyperion Enterprise 6 1 application. 5 Perform a system extract extracting only the entities section. 6 Using an editor find and replace the SCE method that was not converted with the. SCE method, 7 Reload the system extract with the updated entities info. 8 Run the consolidation, When converting an SE app to 6 4 1 the Conversion Wizard creates folders for all. categories even if those categories have no data,Hyperion Enterprise Release 6 5 Readme.
Application Backup, After performing an Application Backup do not rename or change the backup archive path. When using the Windows Scheduler the Backup profile will run only if the user has. Administrative credentials, If you are a user with Administrator rights for an Enterprise Application do not schedule an. application backup until all the users working on the application are notified If you do so. then when an application backup is in progress the users connected to the backed up. application experience the following behaviors, End users are locked out of the Enterprise application. The Enterprise module stops responding, No activity can be performed on the Enterprise application. Enterprise locks all modules while an application backup is performed The lock is released. when the backup is completed, Do not schedule two backups to run at exactly the same time.
When an application backup is aborted with the command partially completed. application files are created in the backup location Using the profile this partially. completed application is still available for restore A message is displayed requesting you to. discard the files generated in the aborted backup These files should be deleted If you try. to restore using this partially completed backup the original application is damaged. If the default user has no password assigned and the user performs a restore operation. following a backup the system automatically assigns a password to the default user. The query attribute HYP COUNT does not work correctly with the subaccount table You. may have to enumerate tables twice to retrieve the correct results. The Developer s Toolkit for Hyperion Enterprise 6 5 has two new functions that replace two. prior functions The function replaces and,replaces The replacement functions separate. the period number returned from the error code returned The new functions have a new. argument for returning the period number The return value from the new functions is an. error code only not the period number 0 indicates no error and NONE indicates an error. The obsolete functions continue to exist so that existing programs continue to work. however you should upgrade the code to use the new functions instead. Following are annotations for the and, The first period in the category is period number 0 If the period is outside the category. the function extrapolates the period number Negative period numbers indicate periods. before the first period in the category For example 1 indicates the period immediately. prior to the first period in the category Numbers greater than or equal to the number of. periods in the category indicate periods later than the periods in the category. The period number returned is the period number in the frequency implied by the. period For example the period number returned for Q3 would be 2 the 3rd quarter is. adjusted by 1 because the first quarter is period 0 regardless of the category s. frequency If the period includes the year for example Q3 01 then the period. number is adjusted to be relative to the category s start period and year the period. number may be outside the range of periods in the category. Hyperion Enterprise Release 6 5 Readme,Applications. When an application is added to Hyperion Enterprise that has the same label as an existing. application the file is not updated To correct this you must change the path of. the file in the file The old application file is used instead. of the new one, The number of Enterprise Web entries in the Users in Application Report directly correlates. to the number of pooled connections, When a new application is created using the YTD consolidation selection the system rounds.
data on an YTD basis If you select periodic consolidation the system translates the periodic. value from the first period and rounds this value translates the periodic value from the next. period and rounds this value and then adds the two rounded values to calculate the YTD. If is added to the file the point of view POV settings are. not saved when the user exits an application The settings are reset to the original values. when the application is opened for the first time If is set to the POV. settings are saved when the user exits the application. If a system extract is performed on a read only application the user receives the following. error message in the event error log, The Load Extract Page Format and Page Setup tasks are not server based. A utility that verifies the indexes in the binary files is now available for use with the. Hyperion Enterprise application To obtain a copy call your local Hyperion Solutions. Customer Support office, When creating an application do not use the reserved words LPT1 or COM1 for Windows. 2000 or Windows XP, If you move entities within the organization for an organization by period application and. then perform system extract location changes not retained The order of extracted entities. is based on the original node signatures To retain the organizational order edit the system. extract prior to loading, When an Enterprise application is enabled for External Authentication only those user IDs. externally authenticated are extracted to ASCII To extract the native Enterprise user IDs. disable External Authentication on the application and perform an extract. When an application is set to Single User Mode the user should only be allowed to log in. with that User ID for one session The system currently allows multiple sessions of the. application open with the same User ID, To back up a Data Server enabled application using the Windows NT Backup utility stop the.
Data Server service from within the Windows Services module and stop the Data Server. executable for that application from within the Windows Task Manager The use file does. not need to be backed up, In Windows Vista the file is stored in the directory. by default To change this disable User Account, after installation of Hyperion Enterprise by selecting Control Panel User Accounts Turn User. Account Control on and off and remove the flag, Using the ALL function to post all journals by way of a task flow posts only one journal. Hyperion Enterprise Release 6 5 Readme, If you select Cancel in the Save As dialog box after dragging a Hyperion Enterprise task to. the Task Flow dialog box an error message is displayed To correct this exit and restart. Hyperion AutoPilot or select the Plug Ins menu item to logon to the Enterprise application. If a Hyperion AutoPilot routine contains a system extract the following Hyperion Enterprise. application files remain open when the process is completed and To close. these application files close the application in Hyperion Enterprise and AutoPilot before. opening another application, When launching an AutoPilot Retrieve routine outside AutoPilot users may receive this error.
To launch an AutoPilot Retrieve outside AutoPilot without producing an error message. 1 Insert a task such as Change Category before the Retrieve Excel button. 2 With Hyperion Common Logon running right click the Common Logon icon in. the lower right corner of the desktop and select Control Panel. 3 Select the Keep running after last Hyperion product closes option. 4 Select the number of minutes that Hyperion Common Logon should remain. NOTE When the file or shortcut is launched Hyperion Common. Logon is invoked prior to Retrieve Excel and remains active long enough for Retrieve. Excel to start, Using the PDN function for the Extract Journals task extracts journals in all periods To. avoid this hard code the periods for the journals that you want to extract. To access the Consolidation Status window within AutoPilot set up the application server. locally and set the Server Based property on the Consolidation task to TRUE. When running a server based task to load data if an error is present in the load file and the. Continue on Error property is set to True then the next task will continue despite the load. error dialog box appearing, AutoPilot tasks may fail to run in the background If an AutoPilot task does not execute. select Task Run This issue usually occurs in a new installation or when any changes are. done to the existing installation The Oracle s Hyperion Application Link files are not. associated with AutoPilot Users upgrading their software will not face this issue. In order to manually associate the Hyperion Application Link HAL files with. AutoPilot we need to change the default action for a file type as follows. 1 In My Computer Tools Folder Options select File Types. 2 In the file types list select extension HAL, 3 Click Advanced to open the Edit File Type dialog box. 4 Remove any existing Action, 5 Click New select Use DDE and enter following values in fields and click OK. Field Value,Hyperion Enterprise Release 6 5 Readme.
Action Edit,Application used to C Program Files Hyperion. perform action Solutions Hyperion,Enterprise auto32 exe 1 or browse. to location of HE installation and append,Application Auto32. Topic System, 6 Click New select Use DDE and enter following values in fields and click OK. Field Value,Action Run,Application used to C Program Files Hyperion.
perform action Solutions Hyperion,Enterprise auto32 exe 1 or browse. to location of HE installation and append,Application Auto32. Topic System,7 Select Run as default action,Categories. When you enter a starting journal number the number must be between 1 and 999999. Consolidation, Global accounts only use the first level subaccounts. If the Print to File option is used for an Intercompany Matching Report with the Filter by. Entity code option selected in the Matching Options tab the report does not display data. Translation status is not reported in the Consolidation Detail Status Report. An Intercompany Matching Report does not run if a default currency is not set up in an. application For example the currency such as USD must be added in the Entities module. by way of the Navigate Currencies command, When data does not exist for reports when printing multiple intercompany matching reports.
run the reports individually, All periods in the database lock if you do not save your changes after selecting Edit Fill. calculating formulas and locking a period To resolve this issue highlight all periods and. select Task Unlock To avoid this issue save your changes prior to selecting lock data. Hyperion Enterprise Release 6 5 Readme, If a category is defined so that the number of periods is one less than the default for. example 11 months for a monthly category and a Yearly frequency is selected in the. Database module an application error may occur, When data is extracted to a flat file decimals may appear in the 9th decimal place The. system adds a non null decimal if a cell in the database contains a 14 digit value and you. extract the value with decimals, If a user clicks the Browse button when extracting data and the default format has the file. extension an error message is displayed To avoid this put quotation marks. around the file name, The category data file size may increase when new currencies are added to the application.
and attached to existing entities, Hard zeros are ignored in the IF function for dynamic view accounts. If an account group is removed the data for all accounts in the period is also removed. If the Category scale is set to zero and the Entity scale is set to a number greater than zero. the system uses the Entity scale instead of the Category scale when the Edit Fill. command is used to enter data in the Database module. When performing a Data Load if the logged on User ID contains a domain name the Load. Error file name will replace the backslash with an underscore For example if the User Id is. the Load Error file is named,Data Entry, When you are working in multiple windows the first window that you opened the primary. window must remain open until successive windows are closed. If a logic function references another category and the data is changed in the referenced. category then the data called by the function may need to be updated by running Calculate. Application Server, If you select Execute on Server when performing system load you are not prompted to. check logic when the load completes to do this you must open the Formulas module and. manually check them, When enabling the application to use the Enterprise Application Server the system now. looks to the app ini file for the setting instead of the. In the file set to enable users with, no administrator rights to run server based tasks when the Enterprise database and the.
Enterprise application server are located on one computer. Data Server, The Data Server and the Application Server must have separate unique port numbers In. addition each application must have its own Data Server port number If an application. uses both the Data Server and the Web Server the Data Server must be installed and the. application must be running in Client or Single User mode before you Web enable the. application, If the application is in Client and Read Only modes the accounts in Data Entry Database. and Consolidation are displayed in black, If the application is only in Read Only mode the accounts in Data Entry Database and. Consolidation are displayed in light teal,Hyperion Enterprise Release 6 5 Readme. If you are placing an application only in Read Only mode stop the service take the. application out of Client mode and then place the application back in Read Only mode. In order to change the port number for the Data Server all users must be out of the. application, On certain systems the Data Server service starts before the Network Server service has.
started If this occurs you must start the Data Server manually. A read only application cannot be directly Web enabled because Web enabling has to write. to the Application settings,To use a read only application on the Web. 1 Remove any Data Server settings that are currently defined. 2 Web enable the application,3 Reset the Web Server using IISRESET. 4 Put the application into Read Only mode,5 Run and click Submit. If the application is using the Data Server and Web Server and is in Read Only mode all. users must be logged off the application before you can change the application to write. mode After the mode is changed perform an IISRESET to refresh the Web view before. users log on again, When using the Application Server use a UNC path when referring to a different machine. When the application is set to Single User Mode the user who put the application into this. mode will be able to open multiple Enterprise sessions when logging in with the same user. ID as the one used to set the application Single User Mode. If a substructure is attached to an entity to one with no top node you will receive an error. However if you then select a valid substructure you can no longer save in Entities To. resolve this close the Entities module without saving and re enter the module. If you remove a substructure from an entity you may be able to post journals to the. modified sub entity, If a Journal is posted to an intercompany entity you cannot remove the Intercompany flag.
from the entity, If the entity components are reloaded into an application without the substructure section. you cannot purge unowned entities, When a substructure that has no entities is deleted a system message is displayed stating. that the substructure could not be deleted even though the substructure has actually been. You can use any alphanumeric characters letters or numbers for an entity label However. you cannot use nonprintable characters such as tabs or returns or any of the following. characters,Hyperion Enterprise Release 6 5 Readme, You cannot add a parent entity to a top node of a substructure. When purging entities from the server you must close the Entities module and then reopen. it to refresh the organization structure, If an organization other than all in an entity list is selected and the user reselects the all. organization the user may need to reselect the all organization from the Entity drop down. The Update Intercompany Dependents option updates indirect ownership only so if you run. an update for the top level entity the correct consolidation method is displayed You also. see the correct method in the Dependents table for the direct parent which is stored in the. Nodes table, If more than 12 levels exist in an organization structure the entity labels print on one page.
while their corresponding descriptions print on the next page. By default the CHART TRANS and CONSOL methods are applied to all entities Special. methods may be attached to each entity and subentity however if the Chart Method of a. subentity is set to None any special method attached to the parent will also apply to the. External Authentication, After importing users via the SSO Configuration Utility into the Hyperion Enterprise security. module you must add the imported users to a valid group It is strongly recommended that. the application security rights be reviewed prior to exiting the security module to ensure. proper access rights have been assigned to the newly imported user s. In 6 5 only user defined groups display when importing users Windows defined groups are. not available, If modifications are made to the currently specified XML file clear the Use External. Authentication check box and close the Utility The changes will take affect the next time. Use External Authentication is enabled, Searching for groups using Hyperion Enterprise 6 5 running on a machine with a German. version of Windows 2000 XP does not return the entire set of groups. User names cannot contain spaces, External authentication supports the tracking of password changes through the Security. External authentication uses the Security Providers rules for reusing passwords. When configuring the xml file for external authentication use a mapped drive not a UNC. path and manually select the xml file, External authentication does not support the use of blank passwords.
When using a Hyperion Enterprise application enabled for external authentication only. those user IDs externally authenticated are extracted to the ASCII file To extract the native. Hyperion Enterprise user IDs disable external authentication on the application and perform. an extract, You can now configure your Workstation installation for External Authentication. The local security policy right Act as part of the operating system is required for users to. logon to the computers that are using NT LAN Manager for external authentication. When migrating from Enterprise security module to External Authentication if the. application has a complex security set up it is very time consuming to effectively rebuild. Hyperion Enterprise Release 6 5 Readme, the security again with the imported users As workaround if there exists a situation in. which the imported user Ids are the same as the internal Enterprise user ids and Active. Directory is chosen as the provider for authentication then adopt the following method. 1 Extract native Enterprise security,2 Delete internal Enterprise users. 3 Import Active Directory users then reload the native security extract. As the Active Directory users have the same IDs as the internal users this will have the. desired effect of putting the imported users into the correct groups However the. description of the users is not carried over, To copy the security rights and privileges of users present in Enterprise to the new native. Enterprise users and externally authenticated users. 1 From Hyperion Enterprise Security Module select Task Copy User Security. The Copy User Security dialog box is displayed, 2 In Copy Security From User select the user whose security rights and privileges you.
want to provide to the imported users, 3 To view available users in User Type Filter select one of the following options. a All to view all users, b External Users to view imported users from External Authentication provider. c Native Enterprise Users to view users present in Enterprise. 4 To move the selected users in Active Users to Copy Security to User s Use one of. the following options, From the Available Users window select a user and then click Single arrow pointing to. Copy Security to User s Include Selected Users, To select multiple users select the users and click Single arrow pointing to Copy. Security to User s Include Selected Users, From the Available Users window to select all available users click Double arrow.
pointing to Copy Security to User s Include All Users. 5 Click Copy Security, The following table shows the supported authentication providers and platforms for Hyperion. Enterprise 6 5,Hyperion Enterprise Release 6 5 Readme. Lightweight NT LAN Microsoft Microsoft,Directory Manager Active Active. Access NTLM Directory Directory,Protocol MSAD MSAD. LDAP Version 2000 2003,3 compatible,directories,Windows 2000 X X X X.
Server and,Server sp 4 or,Windows 2003 X X X X,UNIX X X X. Note The tested and supported LDAP servers are iPlanet 5 2 Novell eDirectory. 8 7 IBM Directory Server 5 1 and Domino LDAP 5 x and 6 0 iPlanet is now known. as Sun tm Open Net Environment Sun ONE, Hyperion Enterprise 6 4 1 can be used with Netegrity Siteminder Version 5 x or. higher in conjunction with the supported directories listed above For details on. installation and configuration of Netegrity Siteminder see the Siteminder installation. documentation at http www netegrity com, When using a Secure Socket Layer connection the host name information must be included. in the Web server URL and Localhost cannot be used as the server name. Event and Error log, You may not be able to view large volumes information in the error log if you have opted to. record error log information to a flat file in Hyperion Enterprise. While configuring the Event log for Workstation client installations place the Microsoft. Access Database mdb file and the Universal Data link udl file in a shared directory on the. server Include the complete path for the mdb file while configuring the udl file and include. the complete path for the udl file in the Connection String text box. o Path format for mdb file ServerName path database name mdb. o Path format for udl file ServerName path udl file name udl. The event and error log information from CDA Retrieve and Hyperion Retrieve are logged as. Retrieve information, If you want to remove information from the Event Log database use purge database The.
Reset option removes the information from the view but the data still remains in the.

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