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Fixed the issue of BSOD When loading WWAN Driver for 005HW Product. What is new in Huawei Drivers v5.01.05.00? It also supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 both 64 Bit OS and 32 Bit OS. Close SS feature When device not Support Remote Wakeup. Optimize MAC address query Flow. INSTALL USB KEY HUAWEI E169 and E156. Risolve i problemi di rilevamento del modem in Xandros installando i parametri HUAWEI E169/E156 di H3G Italia.Progetto OpenSource,versione 1.0 da ampliare.Modem driver for linux OS.

HUAWEI e1550 DRIVER4.25.22.00XP ⁄ VISTA ⁄ 7 ⁄ 8DOWNLOAD
HUAWEI e1550 DRIVER5.01.05.00XP ⁄ VISTA ⁄ 7 ⁄ 8 ⁄ 8.1DOWNLOAD
HUAWEI e1550 DRIVER5.01.10.00XP ⁄ VISTA ⁄ 7 ⁄ 8 ⁄ 8.1DOWNLOAD
HUAWEI e1550 DRIVER5.01.16.00XP ⁄ VISTA ⁄ 7 ⁄ 8 ⁄ 8.1DOWNLOAD
HUAWEI e1550 DRIVER5.05.01.00XP ⁄ VISTA ⁄ 7 ⁄ 8 ⁄ 8.1 ⁄ 10DOWNLOAD
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To stop future issues, Huawei e1550 driver Restore backs up your present drivers and configurations to create a restore point to ensure that in case you experience a similar issue later on, you receive a simple solution ready.

Or you can ask for a driver and we are going to locate it for you. Huawei e1550 driver for windows 10 is a significant part to get a fantastic many android apparatus which provides you the ability to connect any android apparatus or tablet during the personal computer or laptop. There are two kinds of Huawei e1550 drivers out there for download. After you’ll finally have a bootable Windows 10 Flash Drive you might use on any devices. Plus the wires are incredibly inexpensive. To get things done, only be sure you are employing the most stable online connection locally to receive the best results when using KingRoot. Unlocked and unbranded modems may also be found from separate providers.

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If your Huawei phone is broken and it’s the only phone which you have, it’s understandably frustrating. Another fantastic point to try is to boot your mobile phone in Safe mode when charging to check whether the attribute functions. If, but the phone is afflicted by serious firmware problems, then the forced reboot process is only a bandaid over the wound. If a new replacement telephone just like you’ve exhibits the specific symptoms, there may be other aspects that activate the random reboot issue. The matter may not be at the software level in any way. So usually the best method to manage hardware problems and install Huawei drivers is via the Device Manager. Needless to say, there is no issue with it unless, clearly, should you take advantage of a third-party launcher like the one which you mentioned. In case you have any query about using our product, please do not be afraid to talk to us. You’re in a position to try out part of these questions and answers about Cisco 200155 test to look at our reliability.

Just go to the manufacturers website and check below the support section to see whether you can find newer driver files on the market. Make certain you have downloaded the ideal firmware file on your own computer. So, it’s always much better to keep up a copy of latest Huawei Hilink modem dongle. When you attempt to unpack what IoT security actually is, the easiest method is to decide on an endpoint. Safety in the connection level isn’t the solution. Security and security as time passes in a connected device like that’s a huge, vastly complex matter.

Getting your Huawei modem working with Mac OS X Mountain Lion and Lion


You know the part before the upgrade where they tell you to check all of your applications before you upgrade? Well, last night I decided that it would be a great idea to upgrade my Mac from Snow Leopard to Lion. Turns out that perhaps wasn’t so great an idea after all when my Huawei USB 3G modem dongle decided that it wasn’t going to work since it wasn’t relevant for the new 64-bit only kernel. Oops, I should have checked first. But it isn’t a complete disaster!

Update: This appears to also work with Mountain Lion as well according to some comments at the bottom. It may not work for everyone but it does appear to work for some.
After frantically using Google to find a new driver to install and digging around the Huawei site trying to find a replacement driver I was getting to the point of doing some modifications to the file and restart my Mac with the i386 kernel instead of the x86-64 one that appears to now be the default.

In my many searches for a Mac OS X Lion compatible driver, I managed to find the following from mobile provider “3” in UK. The link,, contains a link to “dongle drivers” for “Huawei dongles” that work for Mac OS X Lion (10.7). Sounds like a winner!

So I download the zip file and it extracts out to leave me with a “3Connect Installer”. Not quite what I want however all is not lost. You see applications on Mac OS X are actually folders in disguise commonly referred to as either “bundles” or “packages”. So right click on the “3Connect Installer” and select “Show Package Contents”. This opens up a view with only “Contents” listed, foiled? Don’t worry, double click into that directory and then into the “Resources” directory. Here we find a “mobilemanager.mpkg” file. Now “mpkg” is a package which means it has more goodies in it.


So we right click on this and select “Show Package Contents” again. We’ve got our “Contents” folder and inside that we want to go to the “Packages” folder. In there two packages exist: “mobile_manager_application.pkg” and “huawei_universal_425_05.pkg”. Now if you’re like me, everything is setup already – you just need the driver. So I skipped the mobile manager application and just double clicked on the “huawei_universal_425_05.pkg” file and installed it.

After installing the Huawei Universal package, the next time I plugged in my Huawei E160 into my Mac it was detected and worked perfectly fine.

So if you’ve just upgraded to Lion (now Mountain Lion too) and are trying to work out how to get your Huawei modem working properly with it, these instructions worked for me and I’m using it to write this post.

Update: It looks like *99# works rather universally as a telephone number for getting the modem to work. On Mountain Lion this is what the Network Preferences screen looks like:

Update 2: From Simon Hilton in the comments: If you are on Orange UK, you can download the dongle software for E160, E1752, E173, E367 & MF636 that will work with Mountain Lion from here:

Huawei E1550 Driver Mac Os X Download