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HTC is the second largest smartphone maker in the world and there are millions HTC phone users across the countries. When you got a new phone, you have to do a lot of preparations to make it work properly, such as importing media files to the phone, transferring contacts from the old phone. The good news is that HTC already developed such a program called HTC Sync Manager to make the phone management much easier.

HTC Desire 12, HTC Desire 12‍+, HTC U12‍+, and later phone models HTC phones that were updated to Android 9 such as HTC U11 and HTC U11+ HTC Sync Manager will no longer be supported. Effective 2020/03/27, HTC Sync Manager will no longer be supported. After this date, no additional patches or updates will be made available and download of the application is discouraged. You may encounter sync errors or data loss by continuing to use HTC Sync Manager after discontinuance of HTC support on 2020/03/27. How to Backup/Sync HTC Data to PC/Mac with HTC Sync Manager Alternative. 2015-09-02 17:38:48 / Posted by Alleny Gavin to Android Backup Topic / Follow @ MobiKin 'I bought a HTC One mobile phone on eBay. Everything was just fine with phone. And I want to sync my contacts to the computer 'cause it has been jammed with too many contacts on my phone. ყველაზე 4 Software გავაკეთოთ HTC Sync ერთად Mac. ყველამ ვიცით, რომ HTC აირჩია.

HTC Sync Manager is a powerful computer program that works on Windows PC and Mac computer. It is the official tool for phone management. You can sync data between HTC device and computer, backup and restore phone data, important/create media library and transfer data from other phone to HTC phone. In the follow article, I will introduce the features in details to tell you how to use this amazing program.

How to Use HTC Sync Manager on Windows 10/8/7 and Mac

Tips 1How to Download and Install HTC Sync Manager

Go to HTC support and download HTC Sync Manager from the official site. After download, double click the installer and follow the onscreen instructions above to install the HTC Sync Manager on your computer. HTC Sync Manager is not only easy to install but also a very simple program to use.

Tips 2How to Backup Phone with HTC Sync Manager

Data backup is a must-to-do task with your phone as there are many situations that cause data loss. Without backup, it is really hard to recover those deleted or formatted data on your phone. Luckily, you can easily backup a lot of content to computer with HTC Sync Manager, including personal settings, private data, media files, documents and email accounts.


HTC Sync Manager will start automatically after connecting HTC phone to computer through USB cable. Click Transfer & Backup ->Backup and Restore. There are two options you should notice about. One is 'Choose whether to include media content from your phone in the backup'. If you checked it, then all media files will be backed up as well as personal settings. Another option is 'Choose whether to always back up your phone whenever you connect it to your computer.' Once it was checked, the phone will be backed up automatically when the phone was being connected to computer.

Please select the options accordingly and click Back up now to start the backup process. At this time, you can also add a password to encrypt the data to protect it from unauthorized access. All the selected data will be backed up to your computer and you can restore it at any time.

Tips 3How to Restore Data from Backup with HTC Sync Manager

Once the phone was backed up with HTC Sync Manager, then you can easily restore the data from it afterwards. Restoring HTC phone is similar to the backup process, which can be done in a few clicks. To restore from backup, connect your HTC phone to a computer and launch HTC Sync Manager. Now simply go to main window and click on Transfer & Backup . Under Backup and Restore, click Restore and select a backup file on your computer. Finally, click Restore Now button to copy backup data to your phone. You have to input the correct password if the backup was encrypted.

Tips 4How to Transfer Data from iPhone to HTC Phone

There are many iPhone users switching to HTC in recent years. One of the big issues during the transfer is how to move iPhone data to HTC phone. This wouldn't be done with HTC Sync Manager in the past. Fortunately, the function was added to the program in 2016.

To transfer personal data from iPhone to HTC, you should first backup your iPhone with iTunes. Then open HTC Sync Manager, click Get Started button from Home ->Transfer & Backup. Now, select the location of iTunes backup file and click OK. Then select what kind of content you wish to transfer. Finally, click Start button to initial the transfer process. If your HTC phone was powered by HTC Sense 6, then all the apps on iPhone will be installed HTC phone later.

Tips 5 More Features You Should Know

Htc Sync For Mac

HTC Sync Manager has many more features other than we mentioned in above. You can explore it yourself by referring to the user manual, which you can find it on the home screen. Here is a list of features we didn't talk about:

* Play music and create new playlist.
* Import media from computer to HTC phone.
* Import playlists and media from iTunes/Windows Media Player to HTC Phone.
* Sync contacts, Email, calendar, playlist and bookmarks between HTC phone and computer.

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Want to connect your HTC Sensation (or other HTC phones) to Mac? Well, it is easy to connect HTC devices to Windows computers, but to connect HTC to Mac, things turn out to be a little tricky. This article will show you how to sync HTC to Mac (El Capitan included) step by step.

To hook up HTC Evo, HTC Sensation, HTC Flyer, HTC Vivid, HTC Desire etc. or other Android devices with your Mac, multiple steps are required:

Note: To connect HTC to Mac (EL Capitan, Yosemite, Mountain Lion, Lion included) with the method in this article, you can sync files such as music, movies, photos, etc. between your HTC and Mac including HTC to iTunes, HTC to iPad.

Htc Sync For Mac

How to Sync HTC to Mac OS X

To make things simple when connect HTC to Mac, you can use dr.fone - Phone Manager (Android). This application can not only work well on phone to phone data transfer, but also can help you to transfer HTC files to Mac for backup. With it, you can transfer files including contacts, messages, photos, videos and music in just 1 click.

More features of dr.fone - Phone Manager (Android):

  • 1 click transfer data from phone to phone across 3500+ devices.
  • Sync contacts, photos, music, videos and more between phones and Mac.
  • Bakcup phone files from your Mac with original quality.
  • Restore phone data from backups like iTunes and iCloud.
  • Erase phone data to secure personal inforamtion.

Steps to Sync HTC Files to Mac with dr.fone - Phone Manager

Step 1. Launch the phone transfer

First download and install the phone transfer to your Mac. And launch the program. In the main interface, click the 'Transfer' tab to go to the backup mode.


Step 2. Connect HTC phone to Mac

Htc Sync For Mac Download

Then use a USB cable to connect your HTC phone to your Mac. You will get your phone with phone data details present on the program interface.

Step 3. Sync HTC to Mac

Now you can check the files you want and right click the 'Export' to transfer HTC files to your Mac.

Htc Sync Manager For Mac Download

Tips: Connect Your HTC to Mac Directly

You can also directly connect HTC to Mac, but you only can mount your HTC as a disk drive on Mac.

Step 1. Go to 'Setting' and choose 'Applications'

Step 2. Click the 'Development'

Htc Sync Manager Macos

Here you need to tick the three items: USB debugging, Stay awake, Allow mock location, or you will be unable to copy your files on the SD card to Mac (Snow Leopard included).

Step 3. Click 'USB connected', and select the 'USB debugging connected:' and then click 'Mount'


Note: Some HTC phones like HTC Sensation here may present you a notice like this:

'Allow USB debugging?

USB debugging is intended for development purposes only. It can be used to copy data between your computer and your device, install applications on your device without notification, and read log data.'

Click 'OK'.

Htc Sync Manager Download For Mac

Htc sync for pc

Then you connect your HTC to the Mac, the phone will be showed 'USB connected' on the top. BTW, some types of HTC may work in other ways, for example, once you connected your HTC Sensation to Mac, you will be asked to choose your connection type between 'Charge only' or 'Disk Drive'. Here Disk Drive is recommended.

Now the HTC phone is successfully connected to Mac and you can freely manage your files on HTC Evo, HTC Sensation, HTC Flyer, HTC Vivid, HTC Desire etc. on Mac (also on MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac).

Besides, you can go to HTC to iTunes for more information about playing the files on Mac.

Note: Once you connected your HTC to Mac, please make sure the 'USB Storage' is on. If not, slide down the notification panel and turn on it.