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The software is an Android desktop manager for Mac that is easy and safe enough for you to manage your Android files on Mac intuitively. You can have a quick look at its powerful features: Connect your Android device to Mac via a USB cable or Wi-Fi. HTC Desire 12, HTC Desire 12‍+, HTC U12‍+, and later phone models HTC phones that were updated to Android 9 such as HTC U11 and HTC U11+ HTC Sync Manager will no longer be supported.

Htc Sync Manager Download For Mac

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What's the HTC Sync Manager?

Up to now, HTC has become a well-established smart phone brand, and it has released several competitive series, like HTC One, HTC Desire, HTC Butterfly, HTC Dragon, HTC Sensation, etc. What's more, to meet the demands of various HTC fans, HTC has launched some models in one series, such as HTC One Mini/Max/X/S/V/VX/The new HTC One, HTC Desire HD/S/C/X/L/Q/P, and so on. As you can see that HTC has done a great job on innovation and customization, which means that HTC understands user's requirements very well. And the HTC Sync Manager is exactly a program to satisfy HTC users' needs for file synchronization between computer and HTC phone. With it, you are able to synchronize contacts, files, bookmarks and calendar events from HTC smart phone to computer, and then freely edit them or keep a backup file on PC.

Why Choose this HTC PC Suite?

However, according to feedback, this HTC Sync Manager is to little avail. So that many users have turned to other management programs. Here I'd like to introduce you this Vibosoft HTC PC Suite, which is known as the best HTC Sync Manager alternative. First of all, this HTC PC Suite is both functional and effective. As it can not only act as a synchronization software to share files between HTC smart phone and computer, but also work as a backup program to help backup HTC phone data to PC completely. Apart from these, you are allowed to add, delete or edit files on computer by running this HTC PC Suite. In addition, this HTC PC Suite is very user-friendly. As a file manager, it ought to be launched to help manage HTC phone files on computer in the easiest way. If you have worked this program before, you should have known that it can enable you to backup or synchronize your HTC phone files within clicks, which is quite convenient.

Besides, one important thing is that as this HTC PC Suite provides us with the complete access to HTC phone data, including contacts, text messages, media files, etc, I suggest you to form the habit of backing up precious files to PC in case of losing them accidentally. As this program allows you to add files to HTC cell phone on computer, you will be able to recover lost files to your phone with the backup file after deleting your phone data mistakenly or getting your device lost in future. If you own a HTC smart phone, you can't miss it.

You can Get the Free Trial Here:

Android Mobile Manager


Android Mobile Manager enables you to backup everything on Android smart phone to the computer with simple operations. You can't miss it.

Guide: How to Control HTC Files on Computer with HTC PC Suite

1Connect HTC to PC and Open the Program

To begin with, connect your HTC mobile phone to computer via USB. Then after downloading and installing this HTC Sync Manager alternative on PC successfully, launch it with double click. Soon this program will show an interface to remind you to enable USB debugging on your HTC device( as shown). After this, touch 'USB debugging opened' and 'Next', the software will detect your phone and start to install USB driver on computer. This process will last for a few minutes, please wait patiently.

Htc Manager For Mac

2Scan and Preview HTC Files

Samsung Manager For Mac

In this step, this program will scan your phone data, so that you will be able to preview the whole HTC files on computer. Look at the menu below, some detailed info are displayed one by one, and all files are divided into several folders, including Apps, Music, Photo, Video, Book, Contacts, Tasks, and so on.

3Freely Synchronize HTC Files

Now you can manage your HTC phone at will. For example, if you want to synchronize contacts from HTC phone to computer, you should enter the 'Contacts' folder first. Then click 'All contacts' to preview the whole contacts list. Select your needed contacts or directly choose all, at last, touch the 'Backup' button, you will achieve to save contacts to computer in a short time. In this way, you can backup everything on your HTC mobile phone to PC. What's more, there are more options available on the panel, you can add, delete or modify contacts as you like.

Write in the End:

Htc Sync Manager Macos

According to the above guide, you can see that this Vibosoft HTC PC Suite has a clear interface, so that you are able to preview and manage your HTC mobile phone files on computer without any specialized skills. In addition to those features that I've mentioned before, this program also enables you to send text messages to any phone number on computer, which is indeed helpful. Moreover, this HTC PC Suite can be perfectly compatible with all Android phones. So if you own a Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola or any Android mobile phone, this program is always effective. What are you waiting for? Just download it and have a try by yourself.

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As the most important data on the HTC mobile phone, contacts could be swelled and become messy after a period of time. So in most situations, you are obliged to do the tedious work on the device by yourself! After editing a hundred of contacts on your HTC phone with the touch-screen keyboard, you may feel vertigo, dizziness, or hand acid. Then how about the next hundreds of numbers? Headache issue, right? Or you have a lengthy contacts list need to be added into your new purchased HTC One X, then what will you do here? Type them manually one by one? Obviously, you'll never wish to do it at the suggestion. Under this situation, almost all of you hope there's a Contacts Manager software for HTC phone to help you deal with the issue on your desktop PC or Mac, right? If so, you've come to right place.

We all know that contacts are always saved in the phone's internal memory, and are forbidden to be accessed on the desktop computer while your HTC phone is connected to the computer by USB cable. Hence, if you wish to manage HTC contacts on Mac or PC directly, you'd better to find a tool to give you the ability to the phone's internal flash card, and then you can export or edit them on the PC easily. Here, we kindly recommend MobiKin HTC Contacts Managerto you, that empowers you to see, edit or backup the HTC contacts list in the program directly. Or you can export and save contacts to CSV format on the local disk for viewing, editing or sharing anytime as you like. What's more, MobiKin also developed HTC Contacts Manager for Mac to help Mac users manage HTC contacts on Mac easily.

Now, just according to the operating system of your personal computer, and click the below icon to get the right assistant tool for your HTC One, HTC Desire, HTC Inspire, HTC Sensation, and other phones.

Clicks to Manage or Edit HTC Contacts (Name, Phone Number) on PC/Mac

Even though the Windows and Mac version are all available here, but in order to save the time for all of you, here we'll only take the Windows version as an example. If you want to know how to perform the Mac program, you can click here.

First of all, make the program recognize your phone.

Assume that your HTC mobile phone is linked to the computer, and then don't hesitate to run the program after its installation. Here, you'll see an interface like below and you're required to enable USB debugging on the device. If you have done it, you can directly select 'USB debugging opened' and click 'Next' button to install USB driver to your local disk. Otherwise, you need to open USB debugging on your phone at first.

1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter 'Settings' < Click 'Applications' < Click 'Development' < Check 'USB debugging'.
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter 'Settings' < Click 'Developer options' < Check 'USB debugging'.
3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter 'Settings' < Click 'About Phone' < Tap 'Build number' for several times until getting a note 'You are under developer mode' < Back to 'Settings' < Click 'Developer options' < Check 'USB debugging'.

When the phone is recognized by the program, an interface like below will appear on your computer:

Htc Sync Manager For Mac Download

Secondly, edit HTC contacts info in the program directly

On the top of the panel, you can see lots of options like Apps, Contacts, Music, Photo, etc., just select Contacts option and you can see the whole contacts list including name, phone number, etc. in the program clearly. If you want to change the contact info, add or delete contacts on your device, you can directly click 'Modify', 'Delete ', etc. button in the program to achieve your goal directly. Furthermore, if you'd like to edit them on your computer in an editable file, you also can click 'Backup Contacts' button to export HTC contacts to computer as CSV format. And you can edit them freely.

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