How To Download Umbrello For Mac

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  2. How To Download Umbrello For Mac Pro
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  4. How To Download Umbrello For Mac
  1. To install UML Designer, it is possible to: download a bundle, in this case UML designer is already installed, just unzip and run the umldesigner executable.; get UML Designer in an existing Eclipse from the marketplace or from an update-site.If you decide to install this way, during the installation if you get the security warning saying that the authenticity or validity of the software can.
  2. Umbrello comes with KDE releases, included with every Linux distribution and available through your package manager and as installer for Windows and Mac OS X. See Installation to install Umbrello. For user support join the Umbrello mailing list. Download Umbrello latest release for Windows.


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Install as Part of KDE Software Compilation

Umbrello is a fairly comprehensive UML modelling tool. Perhaps unfortunately, it runs on Linux. However I have used it in a Windows environment by running in in a Linux Virtual Machine. At the KDE 4.0 Release Event Umbrello was spotted running on both Windows and Mac OS X. These ports of KDE apps are not yet stable but you can follow progress on and KDE on Mac wiki page. See the screenshots.

Umbrello is part of KDE Software Compilation which means it comes with all GNU/Linux distributions. You will be able to install it using your normal software installation app (Muon, Software Centre, Yast etc) or command line package manager (yum, up2date, yast, zypper, apt-get, emerge etc).


The package will be called umbrello, some older distros will package it as kdesdk.


At least on fedora 20 it is also required to install the package oxygen-icon-theme, otherwise umbrello will not show any icons.


Umbrello is available from FreeBSD ports.

Linux as snap package

Umbrello is available on Linux as snap package.



Umbrello installer and portable packages for 32bit and 64 bit Windows are available at the KDE download mirror network.

Umbrello on Windows is also part of the KDE on Windows distribution installed with the KDE-Installer.Please note that the KDE on Windows distribution does not contain the latest umbrello releases.

Mac OS X

Umbrello is available for Mac OS X on MacPorts.

Source Code on Linux like operating systems

The program has no platform specific code code, so should compile on any system with KDE.

Here are the packages required for building Umbrello:

  • GNU make
  • GNU C++ compiler (g++)
  • libxslt, libxml2
  • Qt5/KF5
    • Qt >= 5.4, including development package
    • KDE frameworks development package 5.x
    On openSUSE Leap 15.1 use the following command to install required packages:
  • KDE4
    • Qt >= 4.7, including development package
    • kdelibs development package 4.8 or newer

To install from source out of git, enter the following commands in a shell:

for building with Qt5/KF5 run:

and on building for KDE4

Check the cmake output for missing build requirements and install them

Running the program from local installation

Qt5/KF5 builds in a KF5 environment

How To Download Umbrello For mac

running umbrello KF5 build in a KF5 environment requires to use the following commands.

If someone wants to add a desktop entry:

How To Download Umbrello For Macbook Pro

  1. Open a terminal on your desktop
  2. Create a file named umbrello.desktop
  3. Edit, paste and save
How To Download Umbrello For Mac

Qt5/KF5 builds in a KDE4 environment

running umbrello KF5 build in a KDE4 environment requires to use the following commands.

under a KDE4 environment

Before running umbrello, you need set the KDEDIRS environment variable with:

Run the following command from a shell:

You may add the following commands to your .bashrc or similar login shell config file to have umbrello in the users system path:

With that you can run umbrello simply by typing:

How To Download Umbrello For Mac Pro

Note: There are reports that there may be no tool bar icons after installing umbrello/KDE4 in a non default location.If this happens to you, please install an official umbrello/KDE4 version with your package manager;then start you just created umbrello.

Source Code on Windows

Umbrello could be build on windows from source with the emerge build system.

Cross compile Umbrello for Windows

How To Download Umbrello For Mac Os

Umbrello could be cross compiled for Windows from source with the help of the openSUSE Build Service (OBS) provided by the package mingw32-umbrello for 32bit builds and mingw64-umbrello for 64bit builds.

How To Download Umbrello For Mac

Windows installer and portable packages are provided with mingw32-umbrello-installerand mingw64-umbrello-installer.

The mentioned obs packages provide remote builds by default. Local builds are possible on any Linux system with the help of the OpenSuse command line build client and are useful to inspect and fix hidden issues happening with remote builds like non visible compiler or linker errors.