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Engine Speciations Deconstruction Instructions,Model TX200S. Engine type 4 stroke 25 inclined single,Bore Stroke 68mm 45mm. Displacement 196cc,Compression 8 5 1,Horsepower 6 5HP 3600rpm. Max Torque 13Nm 2500rpm,Ignition Non contact transistorized. ignition TCI,Starter Recoil hand operated Step 1,Unboxing the engine.
Air cleaner Semi dry oil bath dual double, silent cyclone 1 Carefully open the box to take out the engine. Fuel tank 3 6 L 2 Take the engine out of the box and take off the. capacity cover,Fuel 290g HP hour, Consumption 3 Set your engine down on your work table. Engine oil 0 6 L,Deconstruction of the air filter and carburetor. Dimensions L 12 3 4 W 11 0 H 14 3 4, Crankshaft 3 4 x 2 7 16 Step one carefully take off the gas tank with a SAE. Dry weight 35 lbs 5 16 or 8MM and SAE 3 8 or 10MM socket and a. 3 8 ratchet Standard American Edition The gas, tank is attached to engine with 3 bolts The front 2.
bolts require you to use the 3 8 socket and the rear. bolt requires you to use the 5 16 socket Lift up the. gas tank and set it aside for now, Step two take off the wing nut on top of the air filter. Next lift up the air cleaner cover then loosen the. second wing nut and remove the foam filter The last. step is to remove the gasket and the grid cover, GokartsUSA com HPO High Performance Option Installation Honda GX Titan TX200S 2. Step 1 Diagram,3 8 Socket Lift up the gas tank and set. it aside for now,Step 2 Diagram, GokartsUSA com HPO High Performance Option Installation Honda GX Titan TX200S 3. Step 3 Step 4,Choke cover removal Throttle lever removal.
Step three using the 3 8 socket and ratchet Step four now it s time to take off the throttle. remove the fuel lever and choke lever cover lever arm The lever is attached to the engine. After the bolts have been loosened move the fuel with 2 5 16 bolts Remove the spring and lift up. lever and choke lever all the left so that both of the lever make sure that you do not remove the. them are in the off position governor or it will drop down into your engine. socket with a,3 8 ratchet,Throttle lever arm,Carburetor removal. Step five after the throttle lever has been,removed you can now remove the carburetor. and set it aside for now Now you see that there,You will need. are two 4 5 bolts To remove them use a pair of,to remove this. bolt in order to vice grips Clamp down on the bolt with vice grip. take the cover make sure that the vice grip is clamped on the. off bolt at 1 5 in Start applying pressure to remove. the bolt Repeat the same process on the other,Fuel lever.
Pull forward upon the Twist to the left, GokartsUSA com HPO High Performance Option Installation Honda GX Titan TX200S 4. Installing the Mikuni Carburetor and Step 2 Diagram. Exhaust Pipe, Now that you have removed the exhaust and the carburetor. it is time to install the HPO kit on your engine,Installing the exhaust pipe. Step one attach your Stinger or Fatty exhaust to,the engine block and start to tighten the 1 5 nut. on to the exhaust Stop tightening it when you Installing the exhaust pipe. feel the nut is snug on the bolt Step three now it s time to install the throttle. cable to your carburetor To attach the throttle,cable make sure that the cable is already set.
place on your bike Now unscrew the cap on the,carb and take out the spring Now that you have. removed the cap and the spring you will be able,to see the slide inside the carburetor Reach in. with your index finger and pull out the slide,Carburetor Cap. Installing the exhaust pipe,Now push the needle jet out threw the slide. Step two now it is time install your new Mikuni Notice that there are five notches at the top of. carburetor First install the exhaust manifold to the needle where the clip can be adjusted You. the intake Use two 3 8 bolts to attach the can adjust the clip by putting it on the desired. manifold to the intake tighten until you feel it is setting The bottom notch would be the richest. snug air to fuel ratio and the top notch would be the. leanest setting But for the base line test adjust,the clip to its center notch.
GokartsUSA com HPO High Performance Option Installation Honda GX Titan TX200S 5. Needle Jet,Finish building the carburetor,Step four now thread the throttle cable through. the top of your cap and out through the slide The,slide will have an opening at the bottom Once. the cable is through the slide grab your wire stop. and thread the cable through the wire stop and,then adjust the tightness of the cable with the. screw on top of the wire stop Now it s time to,thread the spring in threw your wire cable To do. this take the end piece of the spring and open it, slightly so that you can twist on the spring on to.
GokartsUSA com HPO High Performance Option Installation Honda GX Titan TX200S 6. Step 5 Step 6,Installing the carburetor Installing the gas tank. Step five screw the cab back on to the Step 6 now that you have attached the. carburetor Now you can attach the carb to the carburetor and the exhaust pipe it s time to install. the gas tank again Cut the piece of fuel line to,manifold You will need two 3 8 bolts and two. the correct length and attach it to the fuel tank, 3 8 nuts Now attach the air filter to carb with the with two hose clamps Now you can finally install. hose clamp Stop once you feel the hose clamp is the fuel tank on to the engine Bolt back the nuts. to the engine,snug on the carb,Congratulation you have successfully. installed your HPO kit on to your,TitanTX200S, GokartsUSA com HPO High Performance Option Installation Honda GX Titan TX200S 7.

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