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Final Exam- 25%: The Final Exam will consist of short answer questions, primary source analysis and an essay. The second exam is not cumulative and will only cover material assigned after the first exam. The essay portion will be given as a take-home assignment and will be given to students one week in advance. The essay must be submitted to ...

Brisson Jim D Civil Government Was Crumbling Around Me The Kirk Holden War of 1870. The North Carolina Historical Review Vol 88 No 2 April 2011 123 163. Carlson Shirley J Black Ideals of Womanhood in the Late Victorian Era Journal of Negro. History Vol 77 No 2 Spring 1992 61 73, Gershenhorn Jerry Double V in North Carolina The Carolina Times and the Struggle for Racial. Equality during World War II Journalism History Fall 2006 156 167. Oakley Christopher Arris When Carolina Indians Went on the Warpath The Media the Klan. and the Lumbees of North Carolina Southern Cultures Vol 14 No 4 Winter 2008. Perez Louis A Jr The Pursuit of Pacification Banditry and the United States Occupation of. Cuba 1889 1902 Journal of Latin American Studies Vol 18 No 2 November 1986. Course Schedule Instructor reserves the right to change with notification. Date Topic Assigned Readings, August 21 First Day of Class What is History Becker Article PDF on. August 26 Seven Themes of American History Defining America PDF. August 28 Reconstruction AP Chapter 16,September 2 Labor Day NO CLASS. September 4 Reconstruction Document Focus Congressional GTTS Chapter 1 pg 1 8. Hearings and Reports,September 9 Reconstruction Brisson Article. September 11 The Contested West AP Chapter 17 GTTS. Chapter 2 pg 29 36, September 16 The Gilded Age Project Topics Due AP Chapter 18.
September 18 The Gilded Age Document Focus Newspapers GTTS Chapter 3 pg 58. September 23 Labor in the Late 19th Century AP Chapter 19. September 25 Immigration Document Focus Autobiographies GTTS Chapter 4 pg 78. September 30 The Turn of the Century and Progressivism AP Chapter 20 Carlson. Article OR Perez Article,Student Choice, October 2 The Turn of the Century and Progressivism Document AP Chapter 21. Focus Advertisements GTTS Chapter 5 pg 100,October 7 America in WWI AP Chapter 22. October 9 America in WWI Document Focus Diaries GTTS Chapter 6 pg 123. October 14 The Roaring 20s and the Great Depression AP Chapter 23 Baker. October 16 The New Deal Document Focus Folk Music and AP Chapter 24 GTTS. Literature Chapter 7 148 155, October 21 Midterm Exam Essays need to be submitted via. Google Docs by the beginning of class,October 23 America in WWII AP Chapter 25. October 28 America in WWII Gershenhorn Article, October 30 America in WWII Document Focus Court Records GTTS Chapter 9 pg 197.
November 4 The Cold War Preliminary Project Annotated AP Chapter 26. Bibliography Due, November 6 The Cold War Document Focus Tapes Preliminary GTTS Chapter 10 219. Project Bibliographies Due 227, November 11 America in the 1950s AP Chapter 27 Oakley. November 13 Civil Rights Dissent and Protest in America During the AP Chapter 28. 60s and 70s, November 18 Civil Rights Document Focus Speeches GTTS Chapter 11 pg 243. November 20 The End of the Cold War Consensus AP Chapter 29. November 25 American Conservatism AP Chapter 30,November 27 Thanksgiving NO CLASS. December 2 American Conservatism Document Focus Political GTTS Chapter 13 pg 289. Cartoons 296,December 4 Project Day NO CLASS, December 6 Projects Submitted via Google Docs by 11 59pm NO.
Final Exam Essays need to be submitted via Google,Docs by the beginning of the exam period. o Section 002 Friday 12 13 8 00,11 00 am at 214 Poe Hall. o Section 003 1 00 4 00 pm at 316,Leazar Hall,Assignments. Participation 20 You will be graded not only by how frequently you attend class but also by. the quality of your participation in class Therefore just showing up is not enough to receive full. participation credit You must actively engage with the class The following are the criteria used. to determine your participation grade, A Student is well prepared attentive always responds when called upon and. volunteers often with pertinent answers or questions. B Student is usually prepared responds when called on and volunteers on occasion. C Student shows evidence of being unprepared on occasion has trouble when called on. and does not volunteer often, D Student is unprepared inattentive never volunteers or comes to class late.
F Student exhibits a lack of concern for the class sleeps in class or disturbs the class. Pop quizzes will occasionally be given without warning They will be considered and factored in. as part of the participation grade, Midterm Exam 25 The Midterm exam will consist of short answer questions primary source. analysis and one essay The essay portion will be given as a take home assignment and will be. given to students one week in advance The essay must be submitted to the instructor prior to. the beginning of the exam Students may create and use a cheat sheet on this exam It must. be on an 8 5 x 11 sheet of paper with anything written on one side of it Your name must be. on the other side It must be turned in with your exam Students will need to bring a big blue. book to class for the exam, Final Exam 25 The Final Exam will consist of short answer questions primary source analysis. and an essay The second exam is not cumulative and will only cover material assigned after the. first exam The essay portion will be given as a take home assignment and will be given to. students one week in advance The essay must be submitted to the instructor prior to the. beginning of the exam Students may create and use a cheat sheet on this exam It must be. on an 8 5 x 11 sheet of paper with anything written on one side of it Your name must be on. the other side It must be turned in with your exam Students will need to bring a big blue book. to class for the exam, Project 20 Students are to select a contemporary issue topic organization etc and trace its. history from the 19th 20th century to the present Students will then create a product that. illustrates or narrates that history Students will choose one of the following options. 1 Research Paper A 5 8 page research paper on the chosen topic The paper should. attempt to answer a historical question have a clear thesis statement a well developed. argument and supporting evidence, 2 Interpretive Exhibit Plan Design an interpretive exhibit on the chosen topic Your. exhibit should attempt to answer a historical question You must include a list and. explanation of the educational goals you want to meet with your exhibit You will need. to identify at least 15 objects for display listing each on a separate page that includes an. image occupying no more than half of the page and interpretive label text for the. object Label text must reflect original scholarship in both primary sources and. secondary research, 3 Design Your Own Project Have another idea for a project podcast crash course video.
song etc that you are passionate about You can design your own project by creating a. contract with the instructor found on the Moodle Page submitted to the instructor via. Google Docs using whatever approved medium you choose Project parameters must. be approved by the instructor before proceeding with the project. The research used for the project must include at least five 5 primary sources and at least 5. secondary sources Tertiary sources are not acceptable Students must also turn in an. annotated bibliography with their project no matter which option they choose. Article Reviews 10 Each student must submit two 2 article reviews of the assigned course. articles The reviews should be submitted to the instructor via Google Docs before class on the. date the article is assigned in the syllabus see Course Schedule Students should write a 2 3. page review that does the following, 1 Discuss the scope and general content of the article Explain the author s purpose in. writing the article What is the main thesis or theme of the article The thesis is the. author s main point it answers the historical question asked This is often but not. always found in the introduction, 2 How well does the author achieve his her stated purpose or prove his her thesis What. major points does the author make to support their thesis What types of primary. source evidence does the author examine Are these quality sources. 3 In your opinion what are the strengths and weaknesses of the article Is it well argued. Is it readable Who is the intended audience Would you recommend it to other. students in the field Why or why not, 4 Direct quotations should be kept to a minimum Quote directly from the article only. when there is a good reason to do so and keep it brief Direct quotations should be. followed by the page number they were taken from in parenthesis after the sentence. 5 Be sure to proofread your papers It should not have any spelling typographical or. grammatical errors Papers with these will be graded down. 6 Plagiarism or using someone else s words or ideas without attributing credit to them. will not be tolerated These papers should be your own work and scholarship. Grading Scale,A 98 100 C 77 79,A 93 97 C 73 76,A 90 92 C 70 72. B 87 89 D 67 69,B 83 86 D 63 66,B 80 82 D 60 62,F Below 60.
Submitting Assignments, All assignments should be submitted to the instructor wclaws ncsu edu via Google Docs. using the student s NC State account For exam essays the essays need to be submitted by the. start of the class when the exam is given Late submissions will not be accepted. Attendance, Attendance is mandatory You may accumulate three 3 unexcused absences without penalty. Should you miss a class you must inform the instructor within one week of each absence with. appropriate documentation to warrant an excused absence Excusable absences fall into four. categories, 1 Absences for representing the University in an official capacity such as attending a. professional meeting or serving as a member of an athletic team. 2 For court attendance provide certified documentation from the Clerk of Court. 3 For short term illness colds or injury provide a doctor s note that includes the date. of your absence s, 4 For death in family funeral attendance serious illness and or religious observance. take appropriate documentation to the Division of Academic and Student Affairs. 300 Clark Hall 515 2963 The DASA will work with you to verify the absence and. report back to me It is your responsibility to make sure that this is completed in a. timely manner, Each unexcused absence beyond the third one will result in a one increment deduction from.
your final grade i e from A to B If an excused absence results in a missed exam it is the. responsibility of the student to make arrangements to make up the work within one week in. consultation with the instructor Accumulation of eight 8 unexcused absences will result in. an automatic failure of the course More information about the University Attendance. Regulation is available at,http policies ncsu edu regulation reg 02 20 03. Academic Dishonesty Policy, Students are required to comply with the university policy on academic integrity found in the. Code of Student Conduct found at http policies ncsu edu policy pol 11 35 01 Severe. penalties attend your using other people s words without attribution See campus policies for. the implications http www fis ncsu edu ncsulegal codeof htm and the History Department s. policy at http history ncsu edu ug resources plagiarism honor code Your signature e name. on an assignment or examination represents that you have conformed to the Honor Pledge I. have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this test or assignment. Incomplete Grade Policy, An incomplete will be given for this course ONLY with thorough documentation of a medical or. family emergency that reasonably prohibits completion of work Stress or poor time. management do not meet the standards for requesting an incomplete grade If an extended. deadline is not authorized by the instructor an unfinished incomplete grade will automatically. change to an F after either a the end of the next regular semester in which the student is. enrolled not including summer sessions or b the end of 12 months if the student is not. enrolled whichever is shorter Incompletes that change to F will count as an attempted course. on transcripts The burden of fulfilling an incomplete grade is the responsibility of the student. The university policy on incomplete grades is located at. http policies ncsu edu regulation reg 02 50 3,Late Assignment Policy. It is the instructor s expectation that all class assignments are turned in on time Late. assignments will not be accepted and the student will receive an F for the assignment. Assignments will only be accepted late in instances of extremely extenuating circumstances. and will be evaluate on a case by case basis It is the student s responsibility to communicate. with the instructor about late assignments,Policy for Students with Disabilities.
Reasonable accommodations will be made for students with verifiable disabilities In order to. take advantage of available accommodations student must register with the Disability Services. Office http www ncsu edu dso 919 515 7653 For more information on NC State s policy on. working with students with disabilities please see the Academic Accommodations for Students. with Disabilities Regulation at http policies ncsu edu regulation reg 02 20 01. Technology Policy, The use of laptops and tablets in this course is by the permission of the instructor They may be. used solely for note taking or in class assignments Any other use may result in forfeiture of the. right to use them in class All cellphones devices must be turned off and put away at all times. Unauthorized use of these devices will result in the student being marked absent for the day. NO ONE may record any lecture without my permission. Writing Policy, All papers must be neatly typed in a regular sized font Times New Roman or Calibri 11 or 12. point is preferred and double spaced All margins must be either 1 or 1 inches YOU CANNOT. OVERCITE YOUR SOURCES All citations must conform to the style found in Kate Turabian A. Manual for Writers of Term Papers Points will be deducted for errors in grammar and. mechanics Failure to cite sources will result in an F for the assignment.

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