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Downloaded from http www everyspec com,MIL STD 1587C USAF. 1 Thismilitarystandardis approvedfor useby allDepartments. andAgenciesof theDepartmentof Defense, 2 Beneficialcomments recommendations additions deletions and any pertinentdatawhich may be of use in. improvingthis documentshouldbe addressedto WL MLSA MaterialsDirectorate Wright PattersonAFB OH. 45433 6533 by usingtheself addressedStandardization. DocumentImprovement,Proposal DDForm1426 appearing,attheendof thisdocumentor by letter. Downloaded from http www everyspec com,MIL TD 1587C USAF. PARAGRAPH PAGE,1 1 Scope 1,1 2 Applicability 1,2 REFERENCEDDOCUMENTS 2.
2 1 Governmentdo ents 2,2 1 1 Specifkations sta,ndards and handbooka 2. 2 1 2 OtherGovernment documents andpublications 6,2 2 Otherpublications 6. 2 3 Orderofprecedence 7,3 DEFINITIONS f 8,3 1 Definitions 8. 4 GENERALREQUIREMENTS 9,4 1 Materialselection 9,4 2 Restnctedmaterials 9. 4 3 Matenalpropertiedfracture mechanics 9,4 4 Disclosureofmatexials 9.
4 5 Contractor preparedspeciflcations 9,5 DETL41LEDREQUIREIVD3NTS 11. 5 1 Metals 11,5 1 1 Minimumthicknesses 11,5 1 2 Aluminum 12. 6 1 2 1 Heattreatment 12,5 1 2 2 Fonningandstraightening 12. 6 1 3 Steel 12,5 1 3 1 Heattreatment 12,6 1 3 2 Shotpeening 12. 6 1 3 3 Hardenability 12,6 1 3 4 Formingorstraightening ofsteelparts 14.
6 1 3 6 Decarburization 14,6 1 3 6 Carburization 14. 6 1 3 7 Drilling ofhigh strength steels 14,6 1 3 8 Grinding of high strength steel 16. Downloaded from http www everyspec com,MIL STD 1587C USAF. PAHAGRAPH PAGE,5 1 3 9 Corrosion resistant steels 15. 6 1 3 9 1 Austeniticstainless steels 15, 5 1 3 9 2 Precipitationhardeningstainless steels 15.
5 1 4 Titanium 15,5 1 4 1 Forgings 15,5 1 4 2 Sheet and plate 15. 5 1 4 3 Extrusions 15,5 1 4 4 Heattreatment 15,5 1 5 Beryllium 15. 5 1 6 Othermetals 15,6 2 Nonmetallicmaterials 16,5 2 1 Composites 16. 5 2 1 1 Organicresins 16,5 2 1 2 Metalmatrices 16,5 2 1 3 Conventionalcomposites i 16. 5 2 1 4 Advancedcomposites 16,5 2 1 4 1 Materialpropertydesignallowables 17.
5 2 1 4 2 Specifications 17,6 2 1 4 2 1 Material acquisition specification 17. 5 2 1 4 2 2 Material qualificationspecii5cation 17. 5 2 1 4 2 3 Processspecification 17,6 2 1 4 2 4 Productfabricationspecification 18. 5 2 1 4 3 Joining andfastening 18,5 2 1 4 3 1 Thermal expansion 18. 5 2 1 4 3 2 Galvanicc rosion 19,6 2 1 4 4 Repairability 19. 6 2 1 4 5 Supportability 19,5 2 1 4 6 Electrical electromagnetic behavior 19.
6 2 2 Elastomericmaterials 19,6 2 2 1 Generalrequirements 19. 6 2 2 1 1 Curedelastomers 19,5 2 2 I 2 Noncuredelastomers 20. 6 2 2 1 3 Siliconeelaatomem 20,5 2 2 2 O rings 20, 6 2 2 3 Othermoldedparts sheets strips and extmdedshapes 21. 5 2 2 4 Pottingcompounds 21,6 2 2 5 Integralfieltank sealing 21. 5 2 3 Foamed plastics 21, 6 2 4 Flexibleandsemiflexiblematerials formannedaircraftinteriore 22.
6 2 41 Aircraftseats 22,5 2 5 Lubricants andworking fluids 23. Downloaded from http www everyspec com,MIL STD 1587C USAF. PARAGRAPH PAGE,5 2 6 Transparent materials 23,5 2 7 Electrical insulation 24. 5 2 8 lkpe 24,5 2 9 Hydroscopic materials 24,5 2 10 Waterdisplacing compounds 24. 5 2 11 Moisture andfungus resistance 25,6 3 Processes 5.
5 3 1 Forgingpractices 25,5 3 1 1 Forgingdesign 25. 5 3 1 2 Forgingsurfaces 25,5 3 2 Castings 25,5 3 3 Welding 25. 5 3 3 1 Weldrepair 26,5 3 4 Brazing 26,5 3 5 Adhesivebonding 26. 5 3 6 Soldering 26,5 3 7 Sandwichassemblies 26,5 3 8 Materialinspection 27. 6 NOTES 28,6 1 Intendeduse 28,6 2 IssueofDoDISS 28.
6 3 Datarequirements 28,6 4 Subjecttex keyword listing 28. 6 5 Changes fromprevious issue 29,Table I RestrictedMaterials 10. Ihble II Minimumthickness ofmaterielpennissiblefor structuralappl ications 11. Ihble HI Minimum reduction of area steels 13,Downloaded from http www everyspec com. MIL STD 1587C USAF,THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BI ANK. Downloaded from http www everyspec com,MIL STD 1587C USAF.
L1 Scope This standard establishes the requirements for materials and processes used during design. and production of aerospace weapon systems When used in conjunction with MIL STD 1 530 the other. integri program documents IVUL STQ 1783 1798 etc and MIL STD 1568 it is expected that. structurally reliable aerospace systems having a good balance between acquisition costs and life cycle. costs will result, L2 Applicability This standard is applicable for use by all Air Force procuring activities and their. respective contractor involved in the design and procurement of aerospace weapon systems Numerous. materials and processes used in propulsion and electronic subsystems and ground support equipment. I are not specifically covered by this standard,Downloaded from http www everyspec com. MIL STD 1587C USAF,2 REFERENCED DOCUMENTS,2 1 Government documents. 2 1 1 Specifications standards and handbooks Unless otherwise specified the following. specifications standards and handbooks of the issue listed in that issue of the Department of Defense. Index of Specifications and Standards DoDISS speciiied in the solicitation form a part of this standard. to the extent specified herein,SPECIFIC ONS,QQ A 367 Aluminum Alloy Forgings. ZZ R 765 Rubber Silicone General Specification,MIL W 5088 Wiring Aerospace Vehicle.
MIL P 5315 Packing Preformed Hydrocarbon Fuel Resistant. MIL P 551O Packing preformed Straight Thread Tube Fitting Boss me I. MIL H 6088 Heat I reatmentof Aluminum Noys, MIL R 855 Rubber Synthetic Sheets Strips Molded or Extruded Shapes General. Specification for,MIL W 6858 Welding Resistance Spot and Seam. MIL I 6870 Inspection Program Requirements Nondestructive for Aircraft and. Missile Materials and Parts,MIL W 6873 eldin Flash Carbon and Alloy Steel. MIL F 7190 Forging Steel forAircraft Aerospace Equipment and Special Ordnance. Applications, MIL R 7362 Rubber Synthetic Solid Sheet Strip and Fabricated Parts Synthetic. Oil Resistant, MIL C 7438 Core Material Aluminum for Sandwich Construction.
MIL B 7883 Brazing of Steels Copper CopperAJloys Nickel Alloys Aluminum and. Aluminum Alloys, MIL C 8073 Core Material Plastic Honeycomb Laminated Glass Fabric Base for. Aircrti Structural and Electronic Applications, MIL C 8087 Core Material Foamed in Place Urethane pe. MIL S 8616 Sealing Compound Polymdfide Rubber Electric Connectors and. Electric Systems Chemically Cured, MIL S 8802 Sealing Compound IkmperaturtAtesistant Integral Fuel Ibnks and. Fuel Cell Cavities High Adhesion, lWL S 9041 Sandwich Constructio Plastic Resin Glass Fabric Base Laminated. Facings and Honeycomb Core for mraft Structural and Electronic. Applications,Downloaded from http www everyspec com.
MIL STD 1587C USAF, MIL T 9046 Titanium and Titanium Alloy Sheet Strip andPlate. MIL T 9047 Titanium and Titanium Alloy Bars Rolled or Forged and Reforging. Stockj A raft Quality,MIL S 13165 Shot Peening of Metal Parts. MIIX 16923 Insulating Compound Electrical Embedding. MICi A 21180 Ah uninum Noy Castings High Strength,MIL A 22771 Aluminum Alloy Forgings Heat Treated. MIL S 23586 Sealing Compound Electrical Silicone Rubber Accelerator Required. MIL M 24041 Molding and Potting Compound Chemically C ed Polyurethane. MIL 25392 Sandwich Construction Plastic Resin Glass Fabric Base Laminated. Fac s and Urethane Foamed in Place Core for Structural. Applications, I Packing Preformed Petroleum Hydraulic Fluid Resistant Limited. MIL P 25732,Service at 275 F 132 C, MIL R 25988 Rubber Fluorosilicone Elastomer Oil and Fuel Resistant Sheets.
Strips Molded Parts and Extruded Shapes, MIL R 25988 l Rubber Fluorosilicone Elastomer Oil and Fuel Resistant O Rings. Class 1 Grade 70, MIL R 25988 2 Rubber Fluorosilicone Elastomer Oil and Fuel Resistant O Rings. MIL R 25988 3 Rubber Fluorosilicone Elastomer Oil and Fuel Resistant O Rings. Class 1 Grade 60, MIL R 2598814 Rubber Fluorosilicone Elastomer Oil and Fuel Resistant O Rings. Class 1 Grade 80, MIL C 27725 Coating Corrosion Preventive for Aircraft Integral Fuel Thnks. MLL A46106 Adhesive ealants Silicone RN One Component. MCL A46146 Adhesives ealants Silicone RN Noncorrosive for Use with. Sensitive Metals and Equipment,MIL E 47231 Electrical Components Potting of.
MIL H 81200 Heat Treatment of Titanium and Titanium Alloys. MIL I 81660 Insulating Compound Electrical Embedding Reversion Resistant. MIL T 81556 Titanium and Titanium Alloys Extruded Bars and Shapes Aimraft. ML S 81732 Sealing Compound Electrical High Strength Accelerator Required. ML F 83142 Forging Titanium Alloys Premium Quality. MIL R 83248 Rubber Fluorocarbon Elastomer High lkmperature Fluid and. Compression Set Resistant, MIL R 8324811 Rubber Fluorocarbon Elastomer High lkmperature Fluid and. Compression Set Resistant O Rings Class 1 75 Hardness. MIL R 8324W2 Rubber Fluorocarbon Elastomer High tkmperature Fluid and. Compression Set Resistant O Rings Class 2 90 Hardness. MIL R 83285 Rubber EthylenA ropylene General Purpose. Downloaded from http www everyspec com,MIL STD 1587C USAF. MIL A 83377 Adhesive Bonding Structural for Aerospace and Other Systems. Requirements for, MIL R 83397 Rubber Polyurethane Castable Humidity Resistant. MIL S 83430 Sealing Compound Integral Fuel Tanks and Fuel Cell Cavities. Intermittent Use to 360 F, MIL P 83461 Packings Preformed Petroleum Hydraulic Fluid Resistant Improved. Performance at 275 F 135 C, MIL P 83461il Packing Preformed Petroleum Hydraulic Fluid Resistant Improved.
Performance at 275 F 1 5 C Sizes and Rderances, MIL T 83483 Thread Compound ktiseize Molybdenum Disulfide Petrolatum. MU R 83485 Rubber Fluorocarbon Elastomer Improved Performance at Low. lkmperatures, AFGS 87221 Aircraft Structures General Specification for. MIL A 87244 Ationic Electronic Integrity Program Requirements Am. FED STD 191 lkxtile I t Methods,MIL STD 129 Marking for Shipment and Storage. MII STD 454 Standard General Requirements for Electronic Equipment. MUI STD 81O Environmental I t Methods and Engineering Guidelines. MIL STD 838 Lubrication of Military Equipment, MIL STD 866 Grinding of Chrome Plated Steel and Steel Parts Heat Treated to. 180 000 psi or Over,MIL STD 889 Dissimilar Metals, MIL STD 970 Standards and Specifications Order of Preference for the Selection of.
MIL STD 1523 Age Controls of AgA3ensitive Elastomeric Material for Aerospace. Applications, MIL STD 1630 Aircraft Structural Integrity Program Airplane Requirements. MIL STD 1668 Materials and Processes for Comosion Prevention and Control in. Aerospace Weapons Systems, NUL STD 1695 Qualification of Aircraft Missile and Aerospace Fusion Welders. MIL STD 1783 Engine Structural Integrity Program ENSIP. MIL STD 1798 Mechanical Equipment and Subsystems Integrity Program. MIL STD 1807 Crash Survivability of Aircraft Persomel. MIL STD 2000 Standard Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic. Assemblies, MIL STD 2175 Castings Classification and Inspection of. MIL STD 2219 Fusion Welding for Aerospace Applications. MS28776 Packing Preformed Hydraulic 275 F O Ring,Downloaded from http www everyspec com. MCL STD 1587C USA3, MS28778 Packing Preformed Straight Thread Tube Fitting Boss.
MS29512 Packing Preformed Hydrocarbon Fuel Resistant Tube Fitting O Ring. MS29513 Packing Preformed Hydrocarbon Fuel Resistant O Ring. MS29561 Packing Preformed O Ring Synthetic Lubricant Resistant. MIL ll BK z Z Metallic Materials and Elements for Aerospace Vehicle Stmctures. MIL mBK 17 Polymer Matrix Composites Guidelines, MrL HDBK 17 Polymer Matrix Composites Material Properties. MI HDBK 17 Polymer Matrix Composites Utilization of Data. MIL HDBK 275 GuideforSelection ofLubricant Fluids and Compounds forUseinFlight. Vehicles and Components, Unless otherwise indicated copies offederal and military specifications standards and handbooks are. available from theStandardization Docume nta Order Desk Building 4D 700 Robbins Avenue. Philadelphia PA19111 5094, 2 1 2 Other Government documents and publications The following other Government. documents and publications form a part of this standard to the extent specified herein. PUBLICA ONS,DEP TMENT OF THE b FORCE,AFSC DH 1 2 General Design Factors. AFSC DH 1T7 Aerospace Materiala,AI SC DH 2 1 Airf ne.
Copies of speciikations standards drawings and publications required by contractors in comection. with specific procurement fimctions should be obtained ikom the procuring activity or as directed by the. contracting oiiicer,AIR FORCE WRIGHT LABORATORIES WI J. ADD436124L DOD NASA Structural Composites Fabrication Guide Vol I. ADD436125L DOD NASA Structural Composites Fabrication Guide Vol II. DOD NASA Advanced Composites Design Guide Vol I Vol IV. ADB077732L Advanced Composite Repair Guide AFWAL TR 83 3092. Application for copies should be addressed to the Defense lkchnical Information Center Defense. Logistics Agency Cameron Station Alexandria VA 22314. Downloaded from http www everyspec com,MIL STD 1587C USAF. FEDERAL AIR REGULATION FAR,FAR 25 853 Compartment Interior. FAR 25 853 Amendment 25 59 Appendix F Part H Flammability of Seat Cushions. Application for copies should be addressed to the Flight Standards Service Federal Aviation. Administration 800 Independence Avenue SW Washington DC 20591. 2 2 Other publications The following documents form apart of this standard to the extent specified. Ii r in Unless otherwise specitled the issues of the documents which are DoD adopted h dl be th. listed in the solicitation The issues of documents which have not been adopted shall be those in effect. on the date of the cited DoDISS,PUBLICATIONS,AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIALS ASTM. ASTME162 Standard Z t Method for Surface Flammability of Materials Using a. Radiant Heat Energy Source DoD adopted, Application for copies should be addressed to American Society for lksting and Materials 1916 Race.
Street Philadelphia PA 19103 1187,SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS SAE. AS 568 Aerospace Size Standard for O Rings DoD adopted. AMS 2300 Premium Aimra Quality Steel Cleanliness Magnetic Particle. Inspection Procedure DoD adopted, AMS 2301 Aircraft Quality Steel Cleanliness Magnetic Particle Inspection. AMS 2303 Aircraft Quali Steel Cleanliness Martensitic Corrosion Resistant. Steels Magnetic Particle Inspection Procedure DoD adopted. AMS 2750 Pyrometry DoD adopted, AMS 2759 Heat lkeatment Steel Parts General Requirements. AMS 2770 Heat Treatment of Wrought Aluminum Alloy Parts DoD adopted. AMs 3100 Adhesion Promoter for Polysulfide Sealing Compounds. AMS 3856 Cloth Upholstery Flame Resistant, AMs 5343 Steel Castings Investment Corrosion Resistant 16CR 4 ONi 0 28. Cb TIO 3 1 Cu Homogenization Solution and Precipitation Heat. Treated 150 000 psi 1035 MPa lknsile Strength DoD adopted. Applicationforcopies should beaddressedto Society ofAutomotiveEngineers Inc 400 Commonwealth. Drive Warrendale PA 150964001,Downloaded from http www everyspec com.
MXL STD 1587C USAF,1 METALS AND CERAMICS INFORMATION CENTER MCIC. MCIC HB 01 Damage tblerant Design Handbook, Application for copies shotid be addressed to National lkchnical Information Service NTIS U S. I Department of Commerce Springfield VA 22161 0001. AMERICAN WELDING SOCIETY AWS, AWS D1 1 90 Structural Welding Code Steel Twelfth Edition DoD adopted. AWS D1 2 83 Structural Welding Code Aluminum DoD adopted. Application for copies should be addressed to the American Welding Society Inc 550 NW LeJeune. Road P O Box 351040 Miami FL 33135 0440,NATIONAL AEROSPACE ST ARM NAS. NAS 1514 RadiographicStandardfor Classiilcation of Fusion Weld Discontinuities. DoD adopted, Applicationfor copies should be addressed to the National Aerospace Standards Association Aerospace.
Industries Association of America Inc 1250 I Street NW Washington DC 20005 3922. Industry association standards are generally available for reference horn libraries They are also. distributed among technical groups and using Federal agencies. 2 3 Order of precedence In the event of a conflict between the text of this standard and the. references cited herein the text of this standard shall take precedence. Downloaded from http www everyspec com,MIL STD 1587C USAl. 3 DEFINITIONS, 3 1 Definitions Definitions will be in accordance with the documents listed in section 2 and as. specified herein,Downloaded from http www everyspec com. MIL STD 1587C USAF,4 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS, 4 1 Material selection The selection of materials and procesws shall be the result of design studies. which shall be performed for eachs ystem These studies shall include all the relevant parameters such. as operational environments performance manufacturing capabilities safety of fight structure life. cycle costs and reliability and maintainability requirements as specified by the contract These studies. shall determine the acceptable initi flaw sizes defects and tolerances associated with the. manufacturing processes fabrication and assembly Inspection shall be capable of ensuring that the. initial manufactured qwzdity of the design meets the fatigue and damage tolerance requirements. specified in the contract Materials related considerations that shall form a part of the trade studies. include mechanical properties as identified in MIIAIDBK 5 oiother acceptable sources stability under. environmental conditions corrosion susceptibility fracture toughness and crack gro h da cIn under. the service stresses The service experience of established materials in similar applications shall also. be considered, 4 2 Restricted materials The materials listed in table I are restnctedfrom use on Air Force weapons.
4 3 Materialpropertiesdficturemechanics The contractor shall usetheDamage IblerantDesign. Handbook MCIC HB 01 as a guide for establishing material properties when conducting fracture. mechanics analysis as required by 1 530 1783 1798 MKL A 87244 orothersuchcontractual. 4 4 Disclosure of materials Proposed materials and processes to the extent possible shall be. submitted as a part of the technical proposal The technical proposal shall include information. identi ing the operating envirmunent and loading conditions as well as rationale for the materials and. processes selection Selection of Standards and Specifications shall be in accordance with. MIL STD 970 A complete list ofmaterials and processes shall be submitted when final selection has. 4 5 Conlmactorprepared specii5cations Ifthe contractor proposes to use a material or process not. covered by an existing militaqy or non Government standards body AMS etc specification the. rationale including appropriate test data shall be provided to the Acquisition Agency DI E 3130.

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