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APIC, Implementation Guide to Hand Hygiene Programs for Infection Prevention. APIC Text subscription required 27 Hand Hygiene, AJIC Hand Hygiene Article Collection subscription required . 2017 Film Festival Winners videos , New 2018 Film Festival Winners. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC , CDC Guideline for Hand Hygiene in Health Care Settings 2002 . Posters Handwashing CDC, Course Launch CDC Hand Hygiene Interactive Education This free 10 15 minute interactive.
web course reviews hand hygiene and standard precautions includes short video and test. questions throughout could be used for staff competency learning . Supplemental course Hand Hygiene Glove Use and Preventing Transmission of C difficile. Video Clean Hands Count YouTube or alternate link. Order free or download Clean Hands Count print materials here. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services CMS , New What CMS Surveyors are Looking For Perform a self assessment using the same tool CMS. surveyors use when evaluating hand hygiene practices. Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment CDPHE . Hand Hygiene 60 Second Check, Posters Hand hygiene and glove use. Competency Hand hygiene gloving, New Electronic Hand Hygiene Monitoring. Stanley Healthcare Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring Solution This solution features. electronic devices embedded in a facility s soap or hand sanitizer dispensers that wirelessly. connect with radio frequency identification badges worn by staff members. HyGreen The HyGreen Hand Hygiene Recording and Reminding System is a comprehensive. tool to monitor hand hygiene protocol adherence, SwipeSense Platform SwipeSense Platform is designed to monitor core hand hygiene metrics. in one centralized location, Fluorescent Markers for Assessing Hand Hygiene Environmental Cleaning.
Brevis Corporation a k a GlitterBug , o GlitterBug fluorescent products. o Posters Stickers etc inexpensive click on signage and communication . o GlitterBug Handwash Timer app, DAZO Ecolab , o Fluorescent Marking Gel. GermJuice , o GermJuice fluorescent products, Glo Germ . o Glo Germ fluorescent products, New Guidelines and Strategies. CDC Guideline for Hand Hygiene in Healthcare Settings 2002. WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care 2009. o Full Guidelines, o Summary of Guidelines, SHEA Strategies to Prevent Healthcare Associated Infections through Hand Hygiene 2014.
This award winning video tracks all, New the people and surfaces health. care personnel touch in one day Stop the Spread of Infection. from the hand s point of view It s in Our Hands, Wake Forest Baptist Health. Institute for Healthcare Improvement IHI , How to Guide Improving Hand Hygiene This guide provides a framework for projects aimed. at improving hand hygiene and the use of gloves among health care workers developed in. collaboration with CDC APIC and SHEA and includes monitoring forms. o Note You will need to register for a free account to access . Improving Hand Hygiene Practice with Six Sigma storyboard account of one system s success. The Sound of Two Hands Washing Improving Hand Hygiene Explores several facilities . innovative approaches to improving hand hygiene including the concept of random auditing. New Hand Hygiene Knowledge Assessment Questionnaire This questionnaire may be used to. survey clinical staff about their knowledge of key hand hygiene information included in the. Institute for Healthcare Improvement s How to Guide Improving Hand Hygiene . New Checklist for the Availability of Alcohol Based Hand Rub and Clean Gloves May be used to. assess the availability of alcohol based hand rub and clean gloves in patient care areas . included in Institute for Healthcare Improvement s How to Guide Improving Hand Hygiene . New Hand Hygiene and Glove Use Monitoring Form May be used to assess adherence to hand. hygiene guidelines included in Institute for Healthcare Improvement s How to Guide . Improving Hand Hygiene , John s Hopkins Medicine, Tools Resources Posters. Joint Commission, Measuring Hand Hygiene Adherence Overcoming the Challenges This monograph provides.
a framework to help health care workers make necessary decisions about what when why . and how they will measure hand hygiene performance also includes resources to help. organizations select the measurement approaches that will best fit their needs. Targeted Solutions Tool for Hand Hygiene The Center for Transforming Healthcare . Innovative application that guides health care organizations through a step by step process to. accurately measure their organization s actual performance identify their barriers to excellent. performance and direct them to proven solutions that are customized to address their. particular barriers, New o Now available as a mobile app. Sustaining and Spreading Improvement in Hand Hygiene Compliance. Video snippet Speak Up Prevent the Spread of infection Joint Commission. Joint Commission cont d , A Multifaceted Approach to Education Observation and Feedback in a Successful Hand. Hygiene Campaign you do not need to be accredited you can register for a free account to. download this resource ,New National Patient Safety Goal NPSG 07 01 01. Minnesota Department of Health,New Posters fact sheets and more. National Institute of Health NIH , Illustrated hand washing materials in multiple languages.
Systematic review of hand hygiene improvement strategies a behavioral approach. Oklahoma State Department of Health, Clever posters with famous author tie ins. o Mark Twain, o Robert Louis Stevenson, o Margaret Mitchell. o Herman Melville, o Arthur Conan Doyle, o Charles Dickens. o Judy Blum, o L Frank Baum, o Jane Austen, Sepsis Resources. Colorado Hospital Association CHA Sepsis, Resource Page.
o 2017 CHA Sepsis Awareness Month Toolkit, o Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines. Sepsis Alliance, o Sepsis and Information Guides, WHO How to Prevent Sepsis Infographic. Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America SHEA . Strategies to Prevent Healthcare Associated Infection through Hand Hygiene. Healthcare Associated Infections GUIDELINES pocket card. U S Department of Veterans Affairs, Hand Hygiene Posters. Various tools and resources, Vendor Sources, GOJO Industries. o Soap The science behind it the changing regulatory landscape ahead and tools and tips. for selecting a soap that s right for your facility retrieved from APIC Industry. Perspectives , Henry Schein Medical, o Fun Facts Poster.
World Health Organization WHO , WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care 2009 . o Full version, o Summary, A Guide to the Implementation of the WHO Multimodal Hand Hygiene Improvement Strategy. Developed to assist healthcare facilities implement the WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene. The Hand Hygiene Self Assessment Framework is a systematic tool with which to obtain a. situation analysis of hand hygiene promotion and practices within an individual health care. facility, Systematic Literature Review Evidence of hand hygiene to reduce transmission and. infections by multi drug resistant organisms in health care settings. 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene, o Brochure Hand Hygiene Why How When Includes examples of the 5 Moments for. Hand Hygiene, Posters , o Hand Hygiene and the Surgical Patient Journey.
o Focus on caring for a patient with a post op wound. o Focus on caring for a patient with a central venous catheter. o Focus on caring for a patient with a peripheral venous catheter. o Focus on caring for a patient with an endotracheal tube. o Focus on caring for a patient with a urinary catheter. o Various posters focused on each moment for hand hygiene. HH Observation Tool download tool , Infographic How to Handwash. New Hand Hygiene Technical Reference Manual Presents detailed hand hygiene information and. is aimed at health care workers trainers and observers focuses on understanding practicing. and teaching hand hygiene concepts, Hand Hygiene Why How and When Brochure Summarizes why how and when to perform. hand hygiene for health care workers, New Glove Use Information Leaflet Discusses the appropriate use of gloves with respect to hand. hygiene, Fun Stuff , YouTube com musical parodies and other videos Excellent for having fun and promoting. hand hygiene with staff It might inspire your hospital to do something similar Some may just. be for your amusement , o Stayin Alive Saving Lives.
o Jimmy Kimmel Clip OneRepublic wrote this hand washing song for the show . o Jimmy Kimmel Clip ID Doc teaches Jimmy and Guillermo to Wash Their Hands black. light demo , o Let It Foam, o Hand Washing Boot Camp. New o We re All About Those Hands, o Wash Me, o I Saw the Sign. o Hand Washing with Soapy the Germinator clip for kids . o Seinfeld Hand Washing Fail, o I Wash My Hands for You. o Hand Hygiene It s Safety and I Know it, New o Handwashing Gangnam Style. Puppy Poster And you didn t clean your hands why . Bear Poster This is my I can t believe you didn t clean your hands stare . Cat Poster I saw that Now go back and wash your paws . Kitten Poster Clean your paws before you eat , Doctor Poster I care about your health It s ok to ask if I ve cleaned my hands .
Kitten Poster O baby you know how I have those clean paws . Giraffe Just looking in Please disinfect your hands on the way out . Monkey Happiness is people who clean their hands .

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