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The Arrangement of Parts of the Ph D Synopsis,1 Cover Page Facing Page. The title of the thesis author department month and year of submission along with the. emblem of NICHE should be included on the cover page The cover page may be made in. special quality paper like plastic coated paper see the sample given below in Annexure I. 2 Inner Cover, The inner cover contents shall be same as that of the cover page but printed on ordinary A4. size bond paper,3 Contents of Synopsis, Layout The following guidelines may be followed in the preparation of Ph D synopsis The. synopsis should give an overall outline of the thesis being prepared The layout of the Ph D. synopsis shall contain the following, i Introduction The Introduction should at the best occupy one page It shall justify and. highlight the problem poser and define the topic and the aim and scope of the work. presented in the synopsis It may also highlight the significant contributions from the. investigation,For Example,1 Introduction, Study of carrier kinetics is very important for characterising semiconductors and other.
materials for the development of devices Several techniques are available for studying the. transport properties of these materials A few of them are given below. Resistivity Linear Four Probe Method Van Der Pauw Method. Carrier Density and Carrier Mobility DC Hall Effect. Carrier Lifetime Steady State Photoconductivity Decay. The above mentioned techniques require ohmic contacts which invariably introduce. impurities So it is better to have a technique that is non contact and non destructive in. nature For non destructive evaluation of the Hall mobility one can use the microwave Hall. effect technique In this technique the charge carrier kinetics is analysed in a region where a. static magnetic field is applied perpendicular to the oscillating electric field which generates. current in the sample The observation of this current using the cavity technique gives the. measure of mobility,1 1 Objectives and Scope of the Work. Non contact and non destructive experimental techniques are very important for current. research scientific and industrial applications The study of electrical properties on. semiconductor materials using these techniques is useful for in situ applications and device. fabrication Microwave Hall effect is one such important technique which gives information. regarding the electrical properties of semiconductor materials This technique is an invaluable. tool to study the interesting properties such as the quantization of confined carrier motion in. heterostructures The main objectives of the present work are. To develop the microwave Hall effect arrangement using the bimodal cavities at X. band 8 12GHz and P band 12 18GHz frequency regions. Microwave Hall effect studies on semiconductors and their heterostructures. Microwave Hall effect studies on polymer metal oxide composite films. 1 1 1 State of art, The title of the synopsis should be as concise as possible It must occur consistently in every. respect including punctuation capitalization and hyphenation on the abstract and approval. forms On the title page the identical title must appear in all capital letters with each line. centered on the page The month in which the synopsis is submitted e g May August or. January is to be printed at the bottom of the page The title page is not numbered but it is. ii Problem Statement State of Art Motivation The state of art should be from the area of. research and not exceed one page Trace to the pint the developments in the area to. emphasize the current status and importance of the research problem identified. iii Brief Review of Earlier Work in the Same Field Review of Literature shall present a. critical appraisal of the previous work published in the literature pertaining to the topic of. the investigation The extent and emphasis of the Literature shall depend on the nature. of the investigation,For Example, Several researchers attempted to develop mathematical models to simulate the activated. sludge process Some of these models simulate the organic removal mechanisms in. wastewater treatment field which were included in Jorgensen and Gromiec 1985 Henze. 1986 Henze et al 1987a Tang et al 1987 and Van Niekerk et al 1988 The oxygen. transfer mechanism has an important place in the activated sludge process An estimation. technique for the oxygen transfer capacity is investigated by Stenstrom et al 1989. iv Overview of Ph D Thesis Outline, Brief details regarding the research problem the solution the solution methodologies. adopted the experiments conducted and the interpretation of the results. The text must be divided into a logical scheme that is followed consistently throughout the. document The larger divisions and more important minor divisions are indicated by suitable. consistent headings Chapter organization as practiced by the discipline should be followed. Specific requirements for text presentation follow. Headings and Subheadings, The scholar may use headings and subheadings to subdivide chapters or sections but a.
consistent sequence of headings as identified in the style guide selected must be followed. Once the sequence is chosen it must be followed consistently throughout the synopsis. Sections and sub sections can be numbered using decimal points e g 1 2 1 2 1 Use only. Arabic Numerals with decimals Section numbering should be left justified using large bold. print Sub section numbering should be left justified using large bold print. Tables Figures and Equations Format, The term Table refers to a columnar arrangement of information often data sets organized. to save space and convey relationships at a glance The term Figure refers to graphs. drawings diagrams charts maps or photographs All such details should be inserted in the. text near where they are first mentioned A table or figure may appear on the same page as. the text that refers to it or on a separate page Each figure or table must be numbered and. have a caption Captions are placed below figures and pictures and above tables As far as. possible tables and figures should be presented in portrait style Small size table and figures. less than half of writing area of a page should be incorporated within the text while larger. ones may be presented in separate pages Table and figures shall be numbered For example. Figure 1 Table 1 Table number and title will be placed above the table while the figure. number and caption will be located below the figure Reference for Table and Figures. reproduced from elsewhere shall be cited in the last and separate line in the table and figure. caption e g after McGregor 12, All the equations should be typed in equation editor and should be properly numbered. For Example, Figure 1 Pseudo Second Order Plot for Copper and Lead on RRH and RHA. Table 1 Desorption Study,v Result and Discussion, This shall form the penultimate the synopsis and shall include a thorough evaluation of the. investigation carried out and bring out the contributions from the study The discussion shall. logically lead to inferences and conclusions as well as scope for possible further future work. For Example,5 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION, The research work is summarized in three different sections below The first section discusses.
about the details of the microwave Hall effect experimental arrangement The second section. gives the results on the semiconductor samples and hetero structures The third section. presents the results on polymer metal oxide composite samples. 5 1 Microwave Hall Effect Experimental Arrangement. The experimental arrangement for the microwave Hall technique is shown in Figure 1 This. consists of a microwave vector network analyzer N5230A bimodal cavity and canceling. channel configuration is shown in Table 1 The canceling channel consists of Agilent 87300B. 10dB coaxial directional couplers Agilent 8495B 0 70dB and 8494B 0 11dB coaxial. step attenuators and a Spectrum Elecktrotechnik GmbH LS M018 2121 coaxial phase shifter. The canceling channel is necessary to remove the non ideal mode coupling. 5 1 1 Design and fabrication of bimodal cavities, A bimodal cavity is a resonant cavity that consists of two orthogonal modes oscillating at the. same frequency The two modes have electric fields perpendicular to each other and are. called primary and secondary mode While the primary mode is used to couple the. microwave energy to the sample the secondary mode is used to couple the microwave power. to the detection system In this thesis work cubical cylindrical and rectangular with square. and rectangular cross sections bimodal cavities were designed and fabricated. Typical schematic of the cubical and cylindrical bimodal cavities are shown in Figure. 2 a and Figure 2 b The basic characteristics of the constructed bimodal cavities are given. in Table 1 and Table 2, vi Summary and Conclusions Arrived out of the Dissertation. A brief report of the work carried out shall form the first part of the Summary and. Conclusions Conclusions derived from the logical analysis presented in the Results and. Discussions shall be presented and clearly enumerated each point stated separately Scope. for future work should be stated lucidly in the last part of the Summary and Conclusions. vii Important References Limited to 15 20 as per the Citation. References should be numbered as per international standards and reference list has to be. prepared accordingly Only those references which are cited in the synopsis need to be given. in the list of references In any case the synopsis should be self contained to the extent. possible even if efforts are to be made to make it as brief as possible. References References to journal conference books book chapter proceedings thesis papers. shall be made strictly confirming to international format The reference list should contain the. complete details like name of the author s title of the paper name of the journal volume. number issue number page numbers and year of publication Similarly conference papers. should have the name of author s title of the paper name of the conference place in which. the conference was held month and year of the conference along with the page numbers of. the paper in the conference proceedings if available References to books should contain. name of the author s title of the book name of the publisher edition number year and place. of publication,For Example,Journal Article, 1 C D Scott and R E Smalley Diagnostic Ultrasound Principles and Instruments. Journal of Nanosci Nanotechnology Vol 3 No 2 2003 pp 75 80. 2 H S Nalwa Editor Magnetic Nanostructures 17th Edition American Scientific. Publishers Los Angeles 2003,Chapter in a Book, 3 H V Jansen N R Tas and J W Berenschot Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and. Nanotechnology Edited H S Nalwa American Scientific Publishers Los Angeles Vol. 5 2004 pp 163 275,Conference Proceedings, 4 J Kimura and H Shibasaki Recent Advances in Clinical Neurophysiology.
Proceedings of the 10th International Congress of EMG and Clinical Neurophysiology. Kyoto Japan 1995 October 15 19, 5 C E Larsen R Trip and C R Johnson Methods for Procedures Related to the. Electrophysiology of the Heart U S Patent 5 529 067 1995 June 25. 6 J L Johnson Densification Microstructural Evolution and Thermal Properties of. Liquid Phase Sintered Composites Ph D Thesis The Pennsylvania State University. University Park PA USA 1994,Technical Reports, 7 E G Zukas P S Z Rogers and R S Rogers Experimental Evidence for Spheroid. Growth Mechanisms in the Liquid Phase Sintered Tungsten Based Composites Informal. Report Los Alamos Scientific laboratory USA 1976 pp 1 35. Do not use the phrases et al and ibid in the reference section Instead the names of all. authors in a reference must be listed,1 For Papers by Single Author. 1 C D Scott Diagnostic Ultrasound Principles and Instruments Journal of Nanosci. Nanotechnology Vol 3 No 2 2003 pp 75 80,2 For Papers by Two Authors. 2 C D Scott and R E Smalley Diagnostic Ultrasound Principles and Instruments. Journal of Nanosci Nanotechnology Vol 3 No 2 2003 pp 75 80. 3 For Papers by More Than Two Author, 3 Capodaglio A G H V Jones C D Scott and R E Smalley Diagnostic Ultrasound.
Principles and Instruments Journal of Nano science Nanotechnology Vol 3 No 2. 2003 pp 75 80, viii Proposed Contents of the Thesis In synopsis thesis outline must be added at the end. In thesis outline include only chapter and section titles Maximum one page only could. be allotted for this section of the synopsis,For Example. CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION,1 1 General,1 2 Objectives,CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW. 2 1 Membrane,2 2 Membrane Separation Technology,2 3 Types of Membranes. 2 4 Membrane Separation Process,2 5 Liquid Emulsion Membrane.
2 6 Types of Extraction Mechanism,CHAPTER 3 METHODOLOGIES. 3 1 Materials,3 1 1 Span 80,3 1 2 n Hexane,3 1 3 Sodium hydroxide. 3 2 Experimental Procedure,3 2 1 Emulsion preparation. 3 2 2 Extraction process,3 3 Operating Conditions,CHAPTER 4 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION. 4 1 General,4 2 Effect of Span 80,4 3 Effect of NaOH Concentration.
4 4 Effect of n Hexane,4 5 Effect of Stirring Speed during Extraction. 4 6 Effect of Feed Concentration,CHAPTER 5 SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION. 5 1 Summary,5 2 Conclusions,5 3 Scope for Future Work. REFERENCES, ix List of Publications Out of the Ph D Work Journal and Conference Papers. Separately, List of publications At the end of the synopsis a list the publications from the research.
work shall be provided Only published or accepted papers need be listed indicating title. of the paper name of the journal conference volume and page numbers month and year. etc Under preparation communicated manuscripts are not allowed. Format The general format of the Ph D synopsis should be similar to that of the thesis refer. the format for preparation of Ph D thesis except that detailed nomenclature figures tables. etc may not be essential in the synopsis,4 Number of Copies. Two copies of the synopsis are to be submitted to the University. 5 Size of Synopsis, Length The synopsis is considered as an extended summary of the work with important. results highlighting the original contributions in the thesis to be submitted It shall be limited. to 15 20 pages including title page typed in 1 spacing with font Times New Roman size. 12 on A4 size bond paper For the synopsis submission edge should be covered with a. BLACK tape,6 Paper Specification, Use high quality acid free A4 size 297 mm x 210 mm executive bond paper. 7 Text Font Spacing, Font Letter Size Font Times New Roman Font size of the Ph D synopsis materials shall. be 12 with bold for section headings Latex or any other equation editor should be used for. preparing the equations The thesis or report must be 1 5 spaced. Left 4 cm top bottom and right 2 5 cm These are necessary to allow for binding and. 9 Binding Specifications, Two copies of synopsis should be bound with black calico cloth using flexible cover of thick.
white art paper The cover should be printed in black letters and the text for printing should. be identical to what has been prescribed for the title page Soft copy of the synopsis. with without front page pdf and doc files in CD form one No with proper labeling should. be submitted along with the hard copy of the synopsis. Requirements It is expected that at the time of submission of the synopsis no work is yet to. be completed except writing the thesis and all other academic requirements such as course. work comprehensive examinations open seminars and all the suggestions by members of the. DC have been incorporated,10 Submission of Synopsis. The submission of Ph D synopsis to the research section should as per the forwarding note or. check list Sample Attached,NOORUL ISLAM CENTRE FOR HIGHER EDUCATION. Declared as Deemed to be University under Section 3 of the U G C Act 1956. Accredited by NAAC with A Grade, Kumaracoil 629180 Kanyakumari District Tamil Nadu India. BOARD OF RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANCY BRDC, Phone 91 4651 250462 Website www niuniv com E mail dir research niuniv com. Check List for Submitting Ph D Synopsis,Synopsis Submission Form.
Declaration of the Research Scholar,Declaration of the Supervisor. Director Research Forward Form Note for Synopsis of Ph D Thesis. Copy of Course Work Mark Grade Statement s, Copy of Comprehensive Exam Completion in Which Your Exam Details Appeared. All Half Yearly Six Month Progress Reports,Pre Ph D Viva Presentation Details. a Circular b Minutes c Attendance, Copy of Hard Soft List of Publications with Indexed Details pdf or doc. A Copy of Your Published Papers Journal Conference. Indexing Details of Journals Affix Separately for Each Journal Author Proof. a SCI SCIe b IF TR c SCOPUS d Others,Copy of DC Meeting for the Approval of Synopsis.
Title of the Thesis Change Form If Proposed Title and Final Title is Differs. Synopsis Fees Paid Receipt, If Special DC was Conducted Affix Fees Paid Details. A Photocopy of Your Last Qualified PG Degree Certificate To Confirm the correctness of. the Name Which will be Printed in Your Degree Certificate. A Soft Copy of Latest Formal Passport Size Photo in jpg file Format for Printing the Same. in Your Degree Certificate File Name Should be Registration Number. 2 Copies of Synopsis, 1 Soft Copy of the Synopsis With Without Title Page pdf or doc in CD Rom. The CD DVD shall be invariably Marked with the Details Using Permanent Marker Such as Name of the. Scholar Registration Number Title of Thesis Department Date of Joining and Date of Submission. Verification of Records, The records were verified and found to be in order. Date Director Research,ANNEXURE I,SYNOPSIS OF THESIS. Font Style Times New Roman,INDUCTION MOTOR SPEED CONTROL USING.
SPACE VECTOR PULSE WIDTH MODULATION,Font Size 18 1 5 line spacing. A SYNOPSIS,Font Size 14,Submitted by,Font Size 14 Italic. Font Size 16,Registration Number,Font Size 14 Italic. in partial fulfilment for the award of the degree of. Font Size 14 Italic 1 5 line spacing,DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY. Font Size 16,Under the Supervision of,Name of the Supervisor.
Font Size 16,DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS,ENGINEERING Font Size 16 1 5 line spacing. NOORUL ISLAM CENTRE FOR HIGHER EDUCATION,Font Size 16 1 5 line spacing. Deemed to be University under section 3 of U G C Act 1956. Accredited by NAAC with A Grade,Font Size 12,KUMARACOIL KANYAKUMARI DISTRICT. TAMILNADU INDIA 629 180,Font Size 14 1 5 line spacing.

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