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Growtopia Hack Gems

Trainer is a kind of cheat who was made simple so that we only need to use hotkeys (F1-F12) to use, but there are some like the picture above we need to choose it first. Trainer above can only be used on a PC, and for the android can not. With the trainer above we can easily get World lock, token scam world mainly because we could use the Lava Walk (do not die when we walk in lava, like walking at dirt) Here trainer explanation above:
Antibounce X: Anti reflection of the horizontal direction (Pinball)
Antibounce Y: Anti reflection of the vertical direction (Pinball)
Antipunch: We can not punched (like using jammer )
Elevator: Honestly we dont know what is the point, try yourself if u curious :v
Growsz Speed: Making us run like naruto :v
Anti respawn: i never tried it: v ( i think we can't die if we use this )
Mod no clip: Make we can penetrate the wall (like moderators )
Zoom, Inv. mods, Longplace: Make us like mods (can place block from far far away )

Growtopia Hack Client

If the visual part, you guys know right?
SpeedGrowtopia Speed Hack Mac
Antiban: Make we can not ban the use of anti bounce
Move while dead: Make us when death could still move
Float / No Fall Down: Make we can not fall (standing on the wind)
Time machine, Moonwalk, Reverse Walk: It seems less useful so i never use it :v
Lava Walk: Walk over the lava without dead (like walking on dirt )
Glitch jump: When the jump is not falling-down (as worn many hackers)
Huge bounce: Make us strong as using his fist dragon

Growtopia Hacks For Pc

Here's a video of my own, here not shown everything but there are several: v