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Yamauchi is the director of the Gran Turismo series, including Gran Turismo 3 A-spec, due in late-March/early-April and widely regarded as the first big PlayStation 2 game to get excited about. He's here for the unveiling of Mazda's sleek RX-8. It's the most recent car Yamauchi added to the game. GT Sport Information The 'FIA GT Championships 2020' Series Reaches Its Climax with the Online Regional Finals and Online World Finals!; GT Sport Information Opening of the Extra Stage Time Trial, Your Last Chance to Participate in the 'FIA Gran Turismo Championships' 2020 Series; GT Sport Information 'FIA GT Championships 2020' Series Overview Update Notice.

  • Gran Turismo (GT) is a series of racing simulation video games developed by Polyphony Digital.Developed for PlayStation systems, Gran Turismo games are intended to emulate the appearance and performance of a large selection of vehicles, most of which are licensed reproductions of real-world automobiles. Since the franchise's debut in 1997, over 80 million units have been sold worldwide for.
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  • 38 Games Like Gran Turismo 6 for Mac. The sixth major game release of the Gran Turismo simulation series brings new tyre and suspension physics, offers over 30 tracks and over 1200 cars to drive in. New special events and features were added to this game, such as Vision GT, where car manufacturers cooperate with Polyphony Digital, virtually.

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Gran Turismo is back and there is a huge variety of cars, including the Model T Ford, Jay Leno's Tank Car, and some of the famous Le Mans cars from down the years. GT4 has brand new tracks, including the famous Nürburgring, and tracks set in famous locations such as Paris, the Grand Canyon, and many more. There is a new Photo mode in GT4 where you can take photographs of a saved replays or in photo mode, and save them to your memory card, or a USB storage device. There is also a new B-Spec mode where become race manager, in other words you let the computer do the work, so it's useful if your doing a endurance race.