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The Google Calendar app helps you spend less time managing your schedule and more time enjoying it. Available on Android, iPhone and iPad.

CalendarGoogle Calendar Widget For Mac

Calendar plays a major role in helping you organize a busy day. It’s particularly useful now as our work/life balance is up for a toss in work from home era. Google Calendar is the default choice for majority out there as it’s available on every platform. Microsoft is taking a different route to make its Calendar app the default one on your device. How about we compare them to see which one is better for you?

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  2. When you create an event, check which calendar it's being added to. If it isn't being added to the Events calendar, you may not see it in the Google Calendar app or at Open the Google Calendar app. In the bottom right, tap Add. Next to the Event calendar icon, make sure it says Event.

Microsoft purchased the popular Sunrise Calendar and shut down further development. The company integrated the calendar functionality in the Outlook mail app.

As expected, both the calendar apps are feature-rich with tons of options to create a perfect meeting or task. In this post, we will compare both the calendar apps to find a suitable solution for you. The comparison covers UI, features, cross-platform availability, third-party calendar support, etc. Let’s get started.

Cross-Platform Availability

In terms of calendar apps, cross-platform availability is important. If you sync events and reminders with Gmail, then all your upcoming stuff is right there with you on every platform.

But using the same calendar app on all platforms allows you to enjoy a seamless UI/UX experience on all devices. Google Calendar is available on iOS, Android, and Web.

Outlook Calendar is accessible on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

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User Interface

Google has updated its calendar app with Material Theme 2.0 design guidelines. The interface is using lots of white background, which looks consistent with other Google apps. The calendar app also plays nice with the Android 10 dark theme.

My biggest problem with the current UI is, it’s still using a hamburger menu. And the navigation is confusing with Android 10 full-screen gestures. Sometimes it registers back gestures, and sometimes it opens the hamburger menu, which is confusing and irritating.

Outlook calendar is integrated in the Outlook app. It’s not a separate app but works as an add-on. If you were a fan of Sunrise calendar, then you will surely appreciate Microsoft’s implementation. Unlike Google Calendar, it uses a pleasing blue header with days entries below.

Scroll up or down, and you will notice a beautiful animation on the calendar icon. Nice touch. As expected, Outlook supports dark mode in Android 10 and higher.

Creating a New Event

Both the apps have covered the usual provisions to add a new event. With Outlook, you can create a new event and add details such as title, time, location, notes, and attach files. I like how Outlook has Skype integration. It makes the composing group video/voice calls seamless and easy.

With Google, the app will ask you to create event, reminder, or Goal (more on that later). Tap on the event, and the screen will offer to add title, timer location, notification timer, and event color. You can even add attachments from Google Drive and invite other members to the event.


The app also lets you create reminders. You can add them via Google Assistant too.

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Typically, one wouldn't care much about widgets while comparing apps, but they do play a vital part with calendar apps.

With Google Calendar, you can either opt for the upcoming event widget or go with a monthly one. Sadly, there isn’t a shortcut to create an event from the home screen.

As for Outlook, you can add the usual 2x3 widget or a shortcut to open the app in the Calendar menu directly. If you quickly want to create a new event, then long-press on the app icon and add a new event with relevant details.

Extra Features

Google Calendar’s Goal function is excellent. You can select which activity you want to perform daily and the duration. Quite simple to set up. It will even ask you when you usually perform such action. After setting up, the app will add it to your calendar based on your busy schedule.

As a bonus, you can sync that to Google Fit account too. Some of the examples are fitness-related activity, meditation, call friends and family, and more. It’s useful in building habits and following routines with more punctuality.

In Outlook, you can add Facebook events, Evernote reminders through the calendar apps in the settings menu. It’s useful for directly integrating your friend’s birthdays in the calendar.

Outlook also offers interesting calendars where one can add favorite TV shows, sports teams, or sports events schedule directly in the app. Although, none of them matter in 2020, right?

It supports most of the popular sports league, and in the example below, you can see the supported sports category in the Outlook calendar app.

Google Calendar App Mac

Head to Setting > Interesting Calendars and choose your option from it. Google Calendar doesn’t provide any such third-party calendar function.

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Google or Microsoft

Outlook Calendar arrives with a lot of options out of the box. Also, in terms of UI, it does seem a bit pleasing to the eyes than Google’s plain approach. Google’s goal function is something you won’t find on any Calendar app. It’s a game-changer for someone like me tracking time for events and habits. Which calendar app are you going to use and why? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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Calendar Widget For Mac

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