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3 4 5 6 15,8 9 10 11 12,Radio Calls 17,Selective Calls 17. Making a Selective Call 17,Radio Overview 3,Receiving a Selective Call 17. Radio Controls 3 Contact List 18,Programmable Buttons 3 Keypad Edit 19. Keypad Keys 7 Missed Calls 20,Keypad Lock Unlock 7 Status Calls 23. Menu Keys 8 Making a Status Call 23, Menu Navigation Chart 9 Receiving a Status Call 24.
LCD Display and Icons 10 Emergency Calls 25,Audio Signal Tones 11 DTMF 26. LED Indicators 12,Features 31,Getting Started 13,Voice Storage 31. Turning the Radio On Off 13 Voice Recorder 31,Radio On Message 13 Emergency Message 34. Adjusting the Radio s Volume 13 Public Address Mode 35. Selecting a Radio Channel 14 Car Radio Mute 36,Memory Channel 15. Sending a Call 15,Utilities 37,Receiving a Call 16.
Cancelling a Call 16 Scan 39,Ending a Call 16 Call Forward 42. Talkaround 43,External Alarm 44,Lone Worker 45,Power Level 46. Companding 47,Backlight 48,Brightness 49,Option Board 50. Voice Operated Transmit VOX 51,Stun Unstun 52,Radio Information 53. Safety Information 55,Safe and Efficient Operation 55.
Exposure to Radio Frequency Energy 55,Electromagnetic Interference. Compatibility 56,Operational Warnings 56,Potentially Explosive Atmospheres 56. Blasting Caps and Areas 56, Radio Operation and EME Exposure 57 Computer Software Copyright. Mobile Antenna Installation 57, The products described in this manual may include copyrighted computer. Control Station Operation 57 programmes stored in semiconductor memories or other media Laws in the. General Radio Care 58 United States of America and other countries preserve for Motorola Europe. and Motorola Inc certain exclusive rights for copyrighted computer. programmes including the right to copy or reproduce in any form the. copyrighted computer programme Accordingly any copyrighted computer. programmes contained in the products described in this manual may not be. copied or reproduced in any manner without the express written permission of. the holders of the rights Furthermore the purchase of these products shall not. be deemed to grant either directly or by implication estoppel or otherwise any. licence under the copyrights patents or patent applications of the holders of. the rights except for the normal non exclusive royalty free licence to use that. arises by operation of the law in the sale of the product. RADIO OVERVIEW 9 Programmable Button 2 h,RADIO OVERVIEW.
10 Edit Buttons Left Right v or w,This user guide covers the operation of the. GM360 Professional Mobile Radio 11 Programmable Button 3 i. Please read pages 55 to 58 before using this radio 12 Programmable Button 4 j. RADIO CONTROLS,MICROPHONE CONTROLS,The numbers below refer to the illustrations on. Keypad Microphone,the inside front cover,Hold the microphone 2 5 to 5 cm 1 2 inches. 1 On Off Volume Knob,from your mouth and speak clearly into it. Used to turn the radio on or off and to adjust,the radio s volume 13 Keypad.
2 LED Indicators 14 Programmable Keys,Indicates channel scan and monitor status as. 15 Push to talk PTT,well as receipt of a selective call. Press and hold down this button to talk,3 LCD Display 1 Line release it to listen. 4 Menu Exit Escape Button x PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONS, 5 Channel Selector Menu Navigation Several of your radio buttons can be. Up Down y or z programmed by Customer Programming, Used for channel scrolling When in menu Software CPS to activate the radio features.
mode used for menu navigation,The following table shows the features that can. be assigned to the P1 P4 buttons and the A B C, 6 Menu Enter Select Button c buttons P1 P4 are exchangeable for customised. icon buttons to match programming,7 Mic Jack,8 Programmable Button 1 g. Feature Description,RADIO OVERVIEW, Monitor allows user to select between signalling squelch. carrier squelch and unsquelch and to suspend scan when. Monitor Cancel landed on a channel in scan mode, Cancel allows user to cancel current incoming or outgoing.
Radio Call To make an individual or group selective call. Allows user direct access into the Missed Call List menu. Missed Call List, Contact List Allows user direct access into Contact List menu feature. Allows user direct access into Status List menu,Status List. Allows user direct access into the Channel mode The up. Channel down keys 5 are set to increment decrement the channel. To toggle between start and stop of the scan,Scan On Off. Feature Description,RADIO OVERVIEW, To delete a nuisance unwanted channel when scanning. Nuisance with exception of priority channel last channel in scan list. Delete Cancel and home channel, Voice Storage Cancel deletes messages being played back from the.
Voice Storage feature, To delete a nuisance unwanted channel when scanning. Nuisance Delete with exception of priority channel last channel in scan list. and home channel, Cancel Cancel deletes messages being played back from the. Voice Storage Voice Storage feature, To toggle the radio s transmit power level between High. Power Level, To talk directly with another radio without going through a. Talkaround On Off,system or despatcher,Activates emergency alarm sequence A pre recorded.
Emergency message using the voice storage feature may be sent to. enable the user s location or status to be determined. To identify user as a lone worker Radio enters emergency. Lone Worker sequence unless user responds when prompted by. pressing any radio button,Feature Description,RADIO OVERVIEW. To transfer calls automatically to another radio if user is. Call Forward,unable to take the call, To toggle between compression expansion of audio signal. Companding On Off,and normal audio signal,Option Board. Allows user to toggle the option board between on and off. Keypad Lock, Allows user to lock unlock menu keys and keypad keys. To place the keypad microphone into permanent DTMF. live dial mode, External Alarm To toggle the External Alarm feature on and off.
Memory Channel Allows user direct channel access on single button press. Backlight To toggle the display backlight on and off. Record Play back To record play back incoming calls emergency. Voice Recorder message or memo using voice recorder feature. KEYPAD KEYS KEYPAD LOCK UNLOCK,Keypad Microphone,RADIO OVERVIEW. On your radio there is a keypad lock feature which. allows you to lock the keypad keys and menu keys,1 2 3 to eliminate accidental key presses. Press the keypad lock button to lock the keys the, 4 5 6 display icon L will be lit and the display will show. 7 8 9 Lock Keypad,After 2 seconds the radio returns to the IDLE. Press the keypad lock button again to unlock the,keys when the icon will be extinguished and the.
display will show,Unlock Keypad,The radio will then return to the IDLE STATE. These keys are used when dialling a phone number Keypad Unlock may be performed during a call to. making a radio call or for numeric channel allow menu access to the contact list status list and. selection scan on off features,MENU KEYS Right Key w. RADIO OVERVIEW, Used as More key to provide additional information. Exit Up Select,Left Key v, x y c Used as a destructive backspace key when editing. Left Down Right,Menu Select Key c,Used to enter the Menu Mode When you are in the.
Menu Mode this key is also used to make menu,selections. Note When the radio is in the IDLE STATE,pressing any of the c x v w. menu keys causes the radio to enter the,Exit Key x. Used to move up to the next higher Menu level,When the top level menu is selected this key is. used to exit the Menu Mode,Up Down Key y z,Used to scroll when in Menu Mode.
Increment decrement channel number or scroll,address status list whichever is defined as IDLE. MENU NAVIGATION CHART,RADIO OVERVIEW,Refer to Menu Navigation guidelines c. lower left hand corner of this page, Missed Contact Status Channel Voice Utilities Radio. Calls List Storage Information,select select select select e e e. entry enter ID enter Status enter,Number Channel Call Forward.
DTMF SW Version,Backlight CP Version,SW Part No,Brightness. Emergency Voice CP Part No,Msg Recorder Scan,select select Talkaround. record record External Alarm,Menu Navigation delete delete Lone Worker. Option Board,c to enter Menu Mode,Companding,Power Level. or e to scroll through the list,c to select Menu item or e to scroll through.
x to return to previous menu level c to select sub menu item. LCD DISPLAY AND ICONS,Symbol Name and Description,RADIO OVERVIEW. Voice Recorder Indicator,F Indicates that there are stored messages or. memos in the voice recorder,Scan Indicator,H Indicates that you are scanning The dot is lit. during priority scan mode, Displays channel menu and radio status Keypad Lock Indicator. information The top screen row shows radio L On indicates that the keypad and menu keys. are locked Off indicates unlocked,status indicator symbols explained in the table.
below Option Board Indicator,N Indicates that an option board is activated. Symbol Name and Description,DTMF Indicator,D Indicates DTMF is enabled. XPAND Indicator, A Indicates that your radio has the Missed Call Indicator. companding feature activated On indicates call in list. Q Off indicates no calls in list,Power Level Indicator. L lights when your radio is configured to Flashing indicates new call in list. B transmit in Low Power H lights when your Talkaround Indicator. radio is configured to transmit in High Power J Indicates talkaround enabled. Monitor Indicator External Alarm Indicator, C On indicates carrier squelch K Indicates external alarm enabled.
Off indicates signalling squelch,Note At extremely low temperatures you may experi. ence a slight delay in displaying new information, This is normal and does not affect the function of. your radio,English 10,AUDIO SIGNAL TONES,Tone Signal Description. RADIO OVERVIEW,High pitched tone Low pitched tone,Radio receives an. Individual Call,Individual Call,Tone Signal Description.
Call Reminder of, Power up OK Radio self test OK Reminder unanswered call. Power up Fail Radio self test fail Warns of expiry of. TOT Pre Alert,time out timer,Button keypad key,menu key press not Alerts to change of. Keypad Error Monitor Alert,permitted squelch,Channel busy or not Voice Storage. Engaged Voice Storage,permitted to transmit Recording. Call Failed Call failed to connect Voice Storage,Voice Storage.
Radio must monitor,Force Monitor channel before trans Voice Storage. Voice Storage,mission permitted Full,Button Any option button Radio starts. Feature pressed to enable a Scan Start,Enable feature. Radio stops,Button Any option button Scan Stop,Feature pressed to disable a. Disable feature Priority Call Radio detects a,Decode priority call.
Radio receives a,Group Call Priority Radio landed on the. Group Call,Channel priority channel,11 English,LED INDICATORS. Tone Signal Description,RADIO OVERVIEW,Green Successful power up. Reminds lone worker Green Flashing Radio scanning,Lone Worker. to respond,Red Radio transmitting, Hardware error tone Red Flashing Channel busy when.
continues until valid receiving,Yellow Radio called or Monitor lower priority. Previous message or Yellow Flashing Radio call reminder alert. message currently,being played from,Voice Storage has. been deleted,Channel Free Indicates current,Beep channel is free. Indicates an,emergency situation,Confidence tone,when any key. Acknowledge,Incoming calls high,English French,Ringtones tones outgoing calls.
English 12,GETTING STARTED RADIO ON MESSAGE,GETTING STARTED. At power up the radio will display a message, TURNING THE RADIO ON OR OFF customised by your dealer e g. After this text has been displayed the radio,performs a self test routine On completion of a. successful self test the radio will display,This may be a number or an alias and will be the. current channel Alternatively if required the radio. ON OFF may display a message customised by your dealer. Push the On Off Push the On Off,Volume Control knob Volume Control knob.
until you hear a click until you hear a click and, the display clears Note If your radio fails the self test routine consult. your dealer,ADJUSTING THE VOLUME,Turn the On Off Volume Control knob clockwise to. increase the volume or counterclockwise to,decrease the volume.

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