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The GM338 GM398,Instant Reliable Communication to,Keep Your Mobile Team Working Efficiently. In a rapidly changing market you need a communication solution that enables you to respond. immediately to your customer requests and maximise productivity With Motorola GM338 and. GM398 conventional mobile you can now enjoy instant and reliable communication to keep your. mobile team working efficiently, Whether you are a courier service personnel where information on direction is critical or a. foreman at a construction site needing emergency backup at an accident scene or a transportation. company that wants to improve its fleet management both the GM338 GM398 mobile radios. are solutions that let you stay in touch and in control. GM338 GM398 Dual Priority Scan, Common Key Features Benefits Both GM338 GM398 support up to 16 scan lists and the scan. function can be assigned to any of the function buttons The. Advanced Signalling Capability dual priority scan feature allows frequent scanning of priority. GM338 GM398 support a comprehensive range of signalling channels. schemes such as MDC1200 Private Line Digital Private Line. Quick Call II and DTMF Remote Mount Control Head, The remote mount control head can be mounted on the. Excellent Audio Technology dash board without the radio chasis ideal when space is a. Motorola s special voice compression and low level expansion constraint. technology ensure crisper clearer and stronger audio quality. allowing you to communicate even in a noisy working Status Call Messaging. environment Up to 16 pre defined text messages can be assigned to enable. users to send frequently used messages and statuses quickly. Programmable Channel Spacing 12 5 20 25 kHz without the need to talk. Both radios allow programmable channel spacing of, 12 5 20 25kHz offering flexibility and easy migration of channel Covert Emergency Signalling.
spacing and protecting your investment should your country s Allows users to discreetly send help signals to a pre defined. regulatory channel spacing requirement change person or group of users providing added peace of mind. Large Control Buttons, The intuitive driven menu together with the large control. buttons on the front panel of the radio provide users easy. navigation of menu and exit functions,Instant Communication. With People On The Move, GM338 Versatility on the Go GM398 Features Benefits. Perfect for growing organisations the GM338 s rich feature 7 Customised Buttons. set enable it to meet your rapidly changing business needs Easy to use users can have the flexibility to assign your most. keeping users communicating at higher levels of efficiency useful operation to these specific buttons and replace them. with recognised symbols,GM338 Features Benefits,160 Channel Capacity. 4 Customised Buttons The extensive 160 channel operating capacity on the GM398. Easy to use users have the flexibility to dedicate the most mobile enables it to accommodate a vast number of users and. useful operations to these specific buttons for instant one work groups concurrently Users can program each channel. touch access individually for different power output private line PL or digital. private line DPL for privacy call as well as repeater talkaround. Optional Voice Storage and busy channel lock out to enhance communication. Through an optional voice storage board the GM338 s efficiency. capabilities can be expanded to incorporate the recording. playback of messages or personal memos for up to 120 14 Characters 4 line Alphanumeric Display. seconds The large alphanumeric display enables users to read up to. 14 characters and 4 lines of text quickly The display also. 128 Channel Capacity features icons such as radio signal strength indicator and caller. With a full 128 channel operating capacity the GM338 identification. conventional mobile allows users greater flexibility to program. each channel individually for different power output private Full Keypad. line PL Digital private line DPL for privacy call as well as The full alphanumeric keypad makes it easy to edit the list. repeater talkaround and busy channel lock out and enable quick entry of the desired channel number call list. to enhance communication efficiency address status or message number. 14 Characters 1 line Alphanumeric Display,Built in Voice Storage.
The large alphanumeric display with icons such as signal. strength indicator and caller identification makes it easy to read The built in voice storage board provides users with a. both text and icon displays paperless notepad to store and retrieve messages The radio. performance is further enhanced through recording playing. GM398 Sophistication on the Move back of important messages or personal memos for up to 120. The GM398 mobile is fully equipped for organisations that. require high levels of flexibility and functionality The GM398. mobile builds on the benefits provided by the GM338 radio. taking its users to a whole new level of communication. capability,Enhance Your Radio s Capabilities,A comprehensive range of accessories is. available so that the radios can be customised,to suit your needs Adding the proper headsets. microphones batteries chargers or carry cases,can enhance the productivity of the people who. use two way radios Motorola accessories are,built with the highest quality standards and. are specially engineered to assure maximum,performance of your radio no matter what.
profession you re in,ACCESSORIES FOR GM338 GM398,Microphone. AARMN4026 Keypad Microphone,PMMN4007 Compact Microphone. AARMN4038 Heavy Duty Microphone,Enhanced Signalling Features for. GM338 GM398,I MDC1200 Signalling Protocol,Enables the transmission of caller ID and allows. users to identify incoming callers,Selective Radio Inhibit Hands free Solution.
Should the radios be stolen or go missing the RLN4857 Push Button with Remote PTT. selective radio inhibit feature enables remote RLN4856 Foot Switch with Remote PTT. deactivation of the radios providing greater AARMN4027 Visor Microphone. for use with remote PTT accessories,Call Alert, The radio emits an alert tone to notify individual. users that someone is trying to reach,Voice Selective Call. The radio receives and sends dedicated individual,voice messages for privacy or group. voice messages for improved productivity,Remote Mount Kit. Radio Check Remote Mount Kit,This feature monitors if the radio is working or.
operating within range,Emergency Signalling,Sends help signals for added security. II Quick Call II Signalling Protocol,Call Alert,Voiceless paging with continuous alert tones that. alerts users on incoming calls,Selective Call,Paging alerts followed by a voice message. GM338 GM398 Specifications,GENERAL SPECIFICATION Low Band GM338 only VHF UHF. Frequency Range 29 7 36MHz 136 174MHz 403 470MHz,36 42MHz 450 527MHz 1 25W.
42 50MHz 450 520MHz 25 40W, Frequency Stability 30 C to 60 C 25c Ref 5ppm 2 5pm 2ppm. Channel Capacity GM338 128 Channels,GM398 160 Channels. Power Output 40 60 W 1 25W 1 25W,25 45W GM338 only 25 40W GM338 only. Power Supply 13 2Vdc 10 8 15 6 Vdc Negative Vehicle ground. Channel Spacing 12 5 20 30kHz 12 5 20 25 kHz,Dimensions L x W x H. GM338 add 9mm for volume knob 255mm x 185mm x 72mm 186mm x 179mm x 59mm. GM398 add 7mm for volume knob 188mm x 185mm x 72mm. Weight 2040gms 4 5lbs 1400gms 3 15 lbs,Operating Temperature 30 C to 60 C.
Sealing Passes rain testing to IP54, Shock and Vibration Meets MIL STD 810 c D E and TIA EIA 603. Dust Meets MIL STD 810 C D E and TIA EIA 603,Humidity Meets MIL STD 810 C D E and TIA EIA 603. Transmitter Low Band GM338 only VHF UHF,Modulation Limiting 12 5 12 5kHz 2 5kHz 12 5kHz. 5 0 20 30kHz 4 0kHz 20kHz,5 0kHz 25kHz,FM Hum Noise 40dB 12 5kHz 40dB 12 5kHz. 45dB 20 30kHz 45dB 20 25kHz, Conducted Radiated Emissions 26dB 1 GHz 36dBm 1 GHz.
30dBm 1 GHz,Adjacent Channel Power 60dB 12 5kHz 60dBm 12 5kHz. 70dB 20 30kHz 70dBm 20 25kHz,Audio Response 300 to 3000Hz 1 3dB. Audio Distortion 1000Hz 1000Hz,60 Rated Max Deviation 3. Receiver Low Band GM338 only VHF UHF,Sensitivity 12dBSINAD 0 25uV Typical 0 22uV. Intermodulation EIA 78dB Typical 78dB 25kHz 75dB 25kHz. 78dB 20kHz 75dB 20kHz,75dB 12 5kHz 75dB 12 5kHz, Adjacent Channel Selectivity 65dB 12 5kHz 80dB 25kHz 75dB 25kHz.
80dB 20 30kHz 70dB 20kHz 70dB 20kHz,65dB 12 5kHz 65dB 12 5kHz. Spirious Rejection 70dB 12 5kHz 80dB 20 25kHz 75dB 20 25kHz. 80dB 20 30kHz 75dB 12 5kHz 70dB 12 5kHz,Rated Audio 3W Internal. 7 5W 13W External,Audio Distortion rated audio 3 Typical. Hum Noise 40dB 12 5kHz 40dB 12 5kHz,45dB 20 30kHz 45dB 20 25kHz. Audio Response 300 to 3000Hz 1 3dB,Conducted Spurious Emission 57dBm 1 GHz.
per FCC part 15 47dBm 1 GHz, Availability subject to country law and regulations Radios meet applicable regulatory requirements. All specifications shown are subject to change without notice Specifications are not representative of all radios and may vary in different radios. Portable Military Standards 810 C D E,810C 810D 810E. Applicable MIL STD Methods Procedures Methods Procedures Methods Procedures. Low Pressure 500 1 1 500 2 2 500 3 2,High Temp 501 1 1 2 501 2 1 2 501 3 1 2. Low Temp 502 1 2 502 2 1 2 502 3 1 2,Temp Shock 503 1 1 503 2 1 503 3 1. Solar Radiation 505 1 1 505 2 1 505 3 1,Rain 506 1 2 506 2 2 506 3 2.
Humidity 507 1 2 507 2 2 3 507 3 3,Salt Fog 509 1 1 509 2 1 509 3 1. Dust 510 1 1 510 2 1 510 3 1,Vibration 514 2 8 10 514 3 1 514 4 1. Shock 516 2 1 2 5 516 3 1 516 4 1,Motorola Reliability Quality. Accelerated Life Testing MIL STD 810C D and E ISO 9001 Standard. Stringent Motorola Accelerated Life Testing Stamp of approval from the U S Military for use in Compliance with ISO 9001 Standard an international. simulating five years of hard use in real life rough environments quality system assurance on design development. production installation and servicing of a product. Motorola Electronics Pte Ltd,Motorola Innovation Centre Level 7. 12 Ang Mo Kio Street 64,Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 3.
Singapore 569088,www motorola com, MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are trademark of Motorola Inc. All other product or service names are property of their respective owners. 2009 Motorola All rights reserved,AC3 01 013 REV 5.

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