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Aurees Git Client is easy, fast and productive Git client for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is a fully Free, comes bundled with an attractive interface and powerful editable Diff for helping users manage Git repositories with minimal effort. Gitbox is offered on both Mac App Store and with an old-school license. Both builds are the same and distributed on the same conditions: the license is for personal use, on any number of machines. Just like Github desktop, GitKraken is another one best GUI Git client that comes with great UI, features, and themes. It looks exciting and comes with a lot of features when compared with any other GUI Git client that you might find today. This supports VCS, such as GitHub, Bitbucket, Gitlab and GitHub Enterprise.

Learning how and why to use version control can be rough. Just as those of you transitioning from a graphical user interface (GUI) statistical software like Stata or SPSS will discover, adapting to a command line interface is difficult. Using a GUI interface, rather than the command line, will be extremely helpful when getting started. Essentially, this is a helper client because it helps you interface with Git and GitHub but still uses the same underlying Git commands.

Git and a Git client are not the same thing, just like R and RStudio are not the same thing. A Git client and the RStudio IDE are not necessary to use Git or R, but they make the experience more pleasant by reducing the steep learning curve.

RStudio incorporates a basic Git client. For simple operations such as committing and pushing changes to GitHub, this will be sufficient. Once you start collaborating with other users, managing multiple branches in the same project, and performing complex merges, you will want another, more powerful Git client.

It is helpful, and sometimes still necessary, to know how to use the command line. But the more powerful your Git client, the less often this will happen.

Because all Git clients are just forming and executing Git commands on your behalf, you don’t have to pick a specific one. You can literally do one operation from the command line, do another from RStudio, and another from your Git client, one after the other, and it just works. Very rarely, both clients will scan the repo at the same time and you’ll get an error message about .git/index.lock. Try the operation again at least once before doing any further troubleshooting.

Recommendations for Git clients

I admit that until recently I relied on the free GitHub client for Windows and Mac. However in researching recommended Git clients, I have heardnegativereviews about this client. Specifically, the GitHub client offers lots of hand-holding. Perhaps too much. It also cannot handle complex Git operations, and installation of the GitHub client also includes a version of Git that does not play nicely with default settings. In addition, because it is intended to work with Git repositories hosted on GitHub, if you ever decide to share your repositories using an alternative hoster the GitHub client does not play nicely with outsiders.


If you want to use a Git client, here are a couple of recommendations I’ve found online.

  • SourceTree - the pros are that it is free, multi-platform (Mac and Windows only, sorry Linux), powerful, and has a great GUI design. Some would complain that it is perhaps too powerful and its interface is overly complicated.
  • GitKraken - this is the Git client to which I am transitioning. Like SourceTree, GitKraken is free, powerful, and gets kudos for a great GUI layout. Unlike SourceTree, GitKraken is available across all major operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

Other Git clients

  • TortoiseGit (Windows)
  • SmartGit (Windows, Mac, and Linux - free for non-commercial use only)
  • GitUp (Mac only)


  • This page is derived in part from “UBC STAT 545A and 547M”, licensed under the CC BY-NC 3.0 Creative Commons License.

One-click commit, push and pull. Unique search in history and undo for Git commands.
Powerful commands like rebase, branch reset and cherry picking.
And now it works with submodules.



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Gitbox integrates with popular diff tools such as Xcode FileMerge, Kaleidoscope, Changes, DiffMerge.

Use keyboard for ultimate efficiency. Use arrow keys to jump between all the panes and lists.

To stage all files, hit Cmd+Shift+Return. To stage/unstage selected files, use 'S' shortcut.

Git Ui Client For Mac

To pull and push, use 'U' and 'P' shortcuts. Press Option key to perform fetch. Press Cmd+Shift to force push or rebase.

Right click menus contain all the advanced features you might need. For instance, to reset a branch, cherry pick a commit or revert a file.

To amend a commit, simply undo it (cmd+Z). You can also undo merge, pull and even push.

To find a bug, use color labels. Check out a commit, test it and mark if it works or not. This is a much better and visual approach than git-bisect.

“Version control outside the Terminal is usually a clusterfuck. Gitbox looks the most straightforward that I've seen thus far.”

Mark Otto, UI designer at Twitter.

“I’ve started really, really liking Git since getting Gitbox. Nice, clean, simple, works.”

Wil Shipley, Cocoa Legend.

“Finally a glorious Mac app for managing Git repositories. Thank the lord!”

Brennan Novak, designer, musician, developer.

“[Gitbox isEqualTo:Awesome];”


Calvin W. Stephens IV, software developer and designer.


Mac with 64-bit processor.

OS X Lion or Snow Leopard.


For Snow Leopard users: libcurl 7.0.0 or later (must be in /usr/lib).

To open diffs with FileMerge do the following:
1. Install the latest Xcode from App Store.
2. In Xcode Preferences: download and install Command Line Tools.
3. In Terminal: sudo /usr/bin/xcode-select -switch /Applications/

Git Gui Client For Mac

How to buy

Gitbox is offered on both Mac App Store and with an old-school license. Both builds are the same and distributed on the same conditions: the license is for personal use, on any number of machines. Updates are free.

Students are offered 50% discount coupon (a scan of student ID required).

There is a discount for volume purchases. Drop us a line for details.

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Ask a question by email [email protected] or using twitter @gitboxapp.

Gitbox is designed by Oleg Andreev, a software designer from Paris, France.

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