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Gajendra moksham lyricsThis is another poem from the epic of “Gajendramoksham”. When I was a kid, I couldn’t get the emotions behind this poem, but later on when I started thinking on my own, my eyes filled with tears whenever I read or heard this padyam. Of course I admit I am very emotional but I believe this poem will cause everyone a tinge of sorrow in their hearts at the plight of the elephant king and at the same filled with utmost devotion to the Ultimate Liberator, Sri Maha Vishnu.
The whole story of Gajendra Moksham is how the Elephant King gets “moksham

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”, the Telugu/Sanskrit word, the closest equivalent in English I can think of is absolute Liberation. The scene starts with the Elephant King leading his herd and moving across the thick forest towards the river for quenching their thirst. It is described very graciously that, as the herd moved, the Elephant King glowed with pride, and all the animals in the jungle get scared, as if the Earth shook during Pralaya, destruction of Universe. This is to show that the Elephant King was no mean guy, very strong, majestic, in his prime and proud too. When they start having water from the river, a crocodile gets a hold of the leg of the Gajendra. Even after a rough battle with it, Gajendra starts succumbing to the strong crocodile. Then he prays to Vishnu who saves him ultimately.
What Pothana (and Veda Vyasa) have depicted in this allegory, as far as my little mind could think of, is even such an individual, who lived with pride and did not care anyone, in times of distress, if prays to the God Vishnu, just by taking any of His thousand names, He will come to the rescue without a second thought. It is very well known according to many accounts, that Vishnu is a devotee lover. Only thing that can “affect” Vishnu who is generally calm and unperturbed is the

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puredevotion. As they say, surrender to Vishnu and He will surrender to you.

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My Translation:
“There is not an ounce of strength remaining in my muscles. All the courage I vested has drained off. Living tissues across my limbs, arms, are all dying. I am about to faint. My body is tired. It is demanding me to put excessive efforts to sustain further. There is no one for me; You are the only One I have! I surrender totally unto You! Please have mercy on this weakling of me! O Vishnu, the Savior of distressed! Is it not time yet for You to come? Will not You save me, my Lord? O Protector of all beings, kindly come and rescue me with Your Divine grace!! ”

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Nov 4, 2007