Fun In Icthome

Throughout this blog I will be building, using and investigating technology to build a home intelligent heating (and AC) system. My goal is to save money, generate some of my own electricity and generally having fun doing it.

This blog is also dedicated to:

  1. Home-brew electronics for your home
  2. Open source technologies such as, but not limited to: Arduino, Raspberry PI, HTSQL, Wiring
  3. Home-brew Thermostats
  4. Green home -generated electricity
  5. Home automation
  6. Embedded systems
  7. Showing you don’t have spend money with the big companies to get the same and better results.
Fun in ict home improvement

Fun In Ict Home Learning

Women in ICT has been birthed by, Founder and Chairperson of On The Ball Foundation, Kim Palmer, who is a successful female entrepreneur whose IT training college called On The Ball College, has been running for almost two decades. These are suggested activities which could be easily completed if anyone is stuck for things to do at home. They are simple ideas which are suitable for Key Stage 2 and could be adapted to suit the child.


1. Introduction

Fun In Ict Home Design


Everyone likes to do something other than work or study all the time.

And a very popular activity is 'computer gaming'.

Fun In Ict Home Plans

Almost as soon as the first home computers came along, there were enthusiastic people developing and coding games to run on them.

Mostly unpaid amateurs to begin with who simply enjoyed creating them, but it soon developed into a proper profession.

Today computer gaming is a truly multi-billion pound industry - did you know that it dwarfs cinema and the music industry combined!

This mini-web takes you through computer gaming and the things you need to know about it for your GCSE.