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WBloggar is a free app that has a few neat features like importing data, posting to multiple blogs, and even set up your FTP to upload images and more. You can even edit in HTML mode so that you can. ‎Tot is an elegant, simple way to collect & edit text across your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It’s your tiny text companion! ⁕ Less Is More Tot’s single window design and simple formatting controls mean no more hunting for that chunk of text. Seven color-coded dots let you organize your notes while keepi.


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We have all face the same problem while writing. Even if its blogging, books or assignment, internet distract us. We go on the internet because that’s where you can find great writing tools, but we end up watching something on YouTube. So that is why we have put together a list of the best blogging app for Mac user.

Now when you have offline writing tool, you can write without getting distracted. Even if that tool uses the internet, you are still away from the browser. You need a clean design but tools also to edit. You need everything which is used to publish a great content. Here is the list of Best Blogging Apps for Mac Users in 2018.

  • Blogo

This offline tool could be the top of the chart. What makes it good? The simplicity of it. when you write, you need a clean environment, yes you need tools but too many tools could make all worse. This one is a great way to write offline. You can use it for your WordPress blog, medium, and blogger. It can be sync with Evernote and you can use it offline on your iPhone device as well. Blogo app will be the best tool right now.

  • Desk App

Free Blog Apps For mac

Desk app

This app is also as good as Blogo and has some of the best features which you can use for your daily writing. Desk app is application specially designed for Mac user to enhance their writing experience. You can use WYSIWYG editor in it which is exactly the way it will be printed. You can save it on I cloud also and it has quick publishing for better speed.

  • Snag It

Every blogger needs images, sometimes they need to take a screenshot as well. To edit a screenshot image and make it perfect for your blog or website is a hard task. Snag it simplified it by screen capturing and editing offline tool. This app is just for the mac user and it will end all your hustle of screenshot editing.

Free Blog Apps For Mac
  • Camtasia

Free Blog Apps For Mac Os

To make your blog more useful and let people to how to do stuff, you really need a video to show them. You can use screenshot but its hard to manage for you and even harder to understand for your reader. Best way to do it will be by screen recording and that’s what Camtasia do. It helps you create a video which is basically you are doing on your mac. To become clearer and deliver the right kind of information which doesn’t confuse. The video is a great way to make the content more beautiful too. Presentation, marketing videos now become easy with this tool.

  • Integrity

Integrity app

If you have a website or blog, you often heard the complaint about broken links, which is really bad, to not make that mistake again this tool will help you. Integrity is broken link finder for mac. WordPress has something similar to it but if you are handling a big website than you need this kind of tool. It will improve your website quality and search engine credibility.

  • WordPress app for Mac

Free Blog Apps For Mac Computer

WordPress is now on the mac and its become easy to post and edit all your WordPress blogs. Its similar to the window version but now you can write and edit everything by the offline too right on your desktop. That makes it much easier than doing the same on the website.

All of these are an important tool which can help you do everything, there are few other which can help you as well.

Free Blog Software For Mac

  • Evernote: this app is widely popular for saving your quick thoughts on the go.
  • Ulysses: this is one of the offline editors like blog and desk.
  • Ia writer: for more cleaner and undistracted writing experience for Mac and iPhone

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Every single tool has its own purpose and way to make your writing much more comfortable. Our list contains some of the writing editor and image editor which might help you create a beautiful content