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Return to Library,Return to Library,SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS, Safety precautions relating to the CNC unit in the remainder of this manual referred to simply as. the NC unit that is provided in this machine are explained below Not only the persons who. create programs but also those who operate the machine must thoroughly understand the. contents of this manual to ensure safe operation of the machine. Read all these safety precautions even if your NC model does not have the corresponding. functions or optional units and a part of the precautions do not apply. 1 This section contains the precautions to be observed as to the working methods and states. usually expected Of course however unexpected operations and or unexpected working. states may take place at the user site, During daily operation of the machine therefore the user must pay extra careful attention to. its own working safety as well as to observe the precautions described below. 2 The meanings of our safety precautions to DANGER WARNING and CAUTION are as. Failure to follow these instructions could result in loss of life. Failure to observe these instructions could result in serious harm to a human. life or body, Failure to observe these instructions could result in minor injuries or serious. machine damage,HGENPA0022E S 1,Return to Library,SAFETY PRECAUTIONS.
l After turning power on keep hands away from the keys buttons or switches of the. operating panel until an initial display has been made. l Before proceeding to the next operations fully check that correct data has been entered. and or set If the operator performs operations without being aware of data errors. unexpected operation of the machine will result, l Before machining workpieces perform operational tests and make sure that the machine. operates correctly No workpieces must be machined without confirmation of normal. operation Closely check the accuracy of programs by executing override single block and. other functions or by operating the machine at no load Also fully utilize tool path check. solid check and other functions if provided, l Make sure that the appropriate feed rate and rotational speed are designated for the. particular machining requirements Always understand that since the maximum usable feed. rate and rotational speed are determined by the specifications of the tool to be used those. of the workpiece to be machined and various other factors actual capabilities differ from. the machine specifications listed in this manual If an inappropriate feed rate or rotational. speed is designated the workpiece or the tool may abruptly move out from the machine. l Before executing correction functions fully check that the direction and amount of. correction are correct Unexpected operation of the machine will result if a correction. function is executed without its thorough understanding. l Parameters are set to the optimum standard machining conditions prior to shipping of the. machine from the factory In principle these settings should not be modified If it becomes. absolutely necessary to modify the settings perform modifications only after thoroughly. understanding the functions of the corresponding parameters Modifications usually affect. any program Unexpected operation of the machine will result if the settings are modified. without a thorough understanding, Remarks on the cutting conditions recommended by the NC. l Before using the following cutting conditions, Cutting conditions that are the result of the MAZATROL Automatic Cutting Conditions. Determination Function, Cutting conditions suggested by the Machining Navigation Function.
Cutting conditions for tools that are suggested to be used by the Machining Navigation. Confirm that every necessary precaution in regards to safe machine setup has been taken. especially for workpiece fixturing clamping and tool setup. l Confirm that the machine door is securely closed before starting machining. Failure to confirm safe machine setup may result in serious injury or death. Return to Library,SAFETY PRECAUTIONS,Programming, l Fully check that the settings of the coordinate systems are correct Even if the designated. program data is correct errors in the system settings may cause the machine to operate in. unexpected places and the workpiece to abruptly move out from the machine in the event. of contact with the tool, l During surface velocity hold control as the current workpiece coordinates of the surface. velocity hold control axes approach zeroes the spindle speed increases significantly For. the lathe the workpiece may even come off if the chucking force decreases Safety speed. limits must therefore be observed when designating spindle speeds. l Even after inch metric system selection the units of the programs tool information or. parameters that have been registered until that time are not converted Fully check these. data units before operating the machine If the machine is operated without checks being. performed even existing correct programs may cause the machine to operate differently. from the way it did before, l If a program is executed that includes the absolute data commands and relative data. commands taken in the reverse of their original meaning totally unexpected operation of. the machine will result Recheck the command scheme before executing programs. l If an incorrect plane selection command is issued for a machine action such as arc. interpolation or fixed cycle machining the tool may collide with the workpiece or part of the. machine since the motions of the control axes assumed and those of actual ones will be. interchanged This precaution applies only to NC units provided with EIA functions. l The mirror image if made valid changes subsequent machine actions significantly Use. the mirror image function only after thoroughly understanding the above This precaution. applies only to NC units provided with EIA functions. l If machine coordinate system commands or reference position returning commands are. issued with a correction function remaining made valid correction may become invalid. temporarily If this is not thoroughly understood the machine may appear as if it would. operate against the expectations of the operator Execute the above commands only after. making the corresponding correction function invalid This precaution applies only to NC. units provided with EIA functions, l The barrier function performs interference checks based on designated tool data Enter the. tool information that matches the tools to be actually used Otherwise the barrier function. will not work correctly This precaution applies only to the M640T and M640MT. l If axis by axis independent positioning is selected and simultaneously rapid feed selected. for each axis movements to the ending point will not usually become linear Before using. these functions therefore make sure that no obstructions are present on the path. Return to Library,SAFETY PRECAUTIONS,Operations, l Single block feed hold and override functions can be made invalid using system variables.
3003 and 3004 Execution of this means the important modification that makes the. corresponding operations invalid Before using these variables therefore give thorough. notification to related persons Also the operator must check the settings of the system. variables before starting the above operations, l If manual intervention during automatic operation machine locking the mirror image. function or other functions are executed the workpiece coordinate systems will usually be. shifted When making machine restart after manual intervention machine locking the. mirror image function or other functions consider the resulting amounts of shift and take. the appropriate measures If operation is restarted without any appropriate measures being. taken collision with the tool or workpiece may occur. l Use the dry run function to check the machine for normal operation at no load Since the. feed rate at this time becomes a dry run rate different from the program designated feed. rate the axes may move at a feed rate higher than the programmed value. l After operation has been stopped temporarily and insertion deletion updating or other. commands executed for the active program unexpected operation of the machine may. result if that program is restarted No such commands should in principle be issued for the. active program, l During manual operation fully check the directions and speeds of axial movement. l For a machine that requires manual homing perform manual homing operations after. turning power on Since the software controlled stroke limits will remain ineffective until. manual homing is completed the machine will not stop even if it oversteps the limit area. As a result serious machine damage will result, l Do not designate an incorrect pulse multiplier when performing manual pulse handle feed. operations If the multiplier is set to 100 times and the handle operated inadvertently axial. movement will become faster than that expected,Return to Library. OPERATIONAL WARRANTY FOR THE NC UNIT,OPERATIONAL WARRANTY FOR THE NC UNIT.
The warranty of the manufacturer does not cover any trouble arising if the NC unit is used for its. non intended purpose Take notice of this when operating the unit. Examples of the trouble arising if the NC unit is used for its non intended purpose are listed. 1 Trouble associated with and caused by the use of any commercially available software. products including user created ones, 2 Trouble associated with and caused by the use of any Windows operating systems. 3 Trouble associated with and caused by the use of any commercially available computer. Return to Library,OPERATIONAL WARRANTY FOR THE NC UNIT. Return to Library,1 INTRODUCTION 1 1,2 PRELIMINARY REMARKS 2 1. 3 FORMAT OF PARAMETER TABLES 3 1,4 PRECAUTIONS 4 1. 5 USER PARAMETER 5 1,5 1 POINT D 5 1,5 2 LINE FACE 3D E 5 19.
5 3 EIA ISO F 5 39,5 4 SOFT LIMIT I 5 65,6 MACHINE PARAMETER 6 1. 6 1 CALL MACRO J 6 1,6 2 SPINDLE SKIP K 6 5,6 3 TABLE SENSOR L 6 20. 6 4 FEED VEL M 6 44,6 5 TIME CONST N 6 50,6 6 OTHERS S 6 54. 7 DATA I O PARAMETER 7 1,7 1 CMT Parameter CMT 7 1. 7 2 TAPE Parameter TAP 7 4,7 3 DNC Parameter DNC 7 15.
Return to Library,7 4 Extended Parameter 7 25,Return to Library. INTRODUCTION 1,1 INTRODUCTION, This text describes the meaning and setting of various parameters used for the MAZATROL. FUSION 640M Read this list carefully in order to make the best use of the possibilities of the. MAZATROL FUSION 640M, It is advisable to consult the Operating Manual as required. Return to Library,1 INTRODUCTION,Return to Library. PRELIMINARY REMARKS 2,2 PRELIMINARY REMARKS, Parameters which refer to constants specific to the NC machines and equipment and the data.
necessary for cutting operations possess a very important meaning. Parameters can be broadly divided into the following three types according to their meaning. User parameters and machine parameters are registered in the PARAMETER display and data. input output parameters are registered in the DATA I O displays corresponding to each I O unit. 1 User parameters, The data required for processes such as point machining linear machining plane. machining and EIA ISO programmed machining is registered. 2 Machine parameters, Constants related to the servo motors and spindle motors machine status data etc are. registered,3 Data I O parameters, The data required for connection to external units such as a CMT unit and a tape unit is. registered,Return to Library,2 PRELIMINARY REMARKS. Return to Library,FORMAT OF PARAMETER TABLES 3,3 FORMAT OF PARAMETER TABLES.
Each parameter table is written in the following format. Classification 1 Display title 2,Address Name Description. Program type 4,Conditions 5,Setting range 7,1 Classification of parameters. 2 Characters displayed at the upper left of the screen. 3 Parameter address displayed on the screen,4 M Valid for MAZATROL program. E Valid for EIA ISO program, 5 Conditions under which a changed parameter becomes valid. 6 Units of data displayed,7 Allowable range of data.

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