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Agilaire AirVision Manual Table of Contents,Introduction 4. Chapter 1 Installation and Configuration 6, System Requirements 6. New Installation 7 , Configuring IIS 7 7, AgileWeb Deployment 9. Option 1 Deploying via command line 9, Option 2 Deploying in the IIS Manager user interface 10. Configuration 11, Secure Sockets Layer SSL 11 , Option 1 Disabling SSL 11.
Option 2 Configuring SSL 11, Configuring HTTPS SSL 11. Upgrading AgileWeb 12, Public Access 12, Public Folder 12. Basic Configuration 12, Database Connection 13, Web Display Info Editor 13. AQI Map Configuration 14, Customizations to the User Interface 14. Web Settings Editor 14, Map Time Offset 15, Banner Image and Text 15.
Themes 15, Startup Favorite Page 16, Opening Report Viewer in New Window or Same Window 16. AQI Map Layers 16, Security 17, Login Access 17, Frames and Click Jacking Prevention 17. Disabling Browser Cache 17, 2, Agilaire AirVision Manual Table of Contents. Chapter 2 Using the Public Website 18, Configuring Displayed Parameters for the AQI Map Layer 19. Report List Configuration Web Favorites 20, Site Page 21.
Climate Zones 22, Forecast 23, Historical Reporting 24. Forecast Editor 26,Appendix A AQI Map Options Configuration 27. Static Maps 27 , Dynamic Maps 27, Adding a defaultTransfer key to custom config 28 . Adding your API key to AgileWeb 28 , Establishing a Google API key 28. Appendix B Configuring Windows Server 2012 30,Appendix C AgileWeb Advanced Configuration 34.
Start Page Logic 34, Web Favorites Logic 34, Frames 34. Security 35, Anonymous User Permissions 35, Optional Web Settings Editor custom config Settings 35. CSS Styles 39, Custom Master Pages 40, Custom Themes Advanced 41 . Default Page Configuration AQI Map and Reports 41. Appendix D Using Lets Encrypt, for AgileWeb SSL Certificate 42. 3, AgileWeb for AirVision fulfills multiple roles in providing .
air quality data , AgileWeb, , can provide a detailed public information . system by which residents can see real time air quality. data on a drill down map and in site AQI tables , Website. , visitors can be provided with pre configured , reports limiting exposure or given access to generate . reports and graphs using their own search criteria . AgileWeb, , can be configured to allow a password . protected interface for selected users providing a . full intranet browser based reporting system with access. to most AirVision reports as well as access to select . configuration and data editors , 4, AgileWeb for AirVision Introduction.
AgileWeb supports several implementation scenarios . Public, If you prefer only a public display of map reports without login then set the EnableLogin value. to False in the Web Settings Editor This disables the login feature Deploy to a public web server. which has access to the AirVision database ,Private Only. If you prefer only an internal intranet site with no public access deploy to an internal web. server which has access to the AirVision database . Public and Private on same website, If you prefer to have the website serve public users as well as application users who can log in. and utilize additional features deploy to a public web server which has access to AirVision . database , NOTE this scenario be sure to change your default AirVision admin password from the. In, default password ,Public and Private on separate websites.
If you prefer to keep the public internal sites separate you will need to deploy two separate. copies of the web application This requires the most maintenance but it provides the highest. level of flexibility for security and hosting details Deploy twice using the same guidelines as. the Public Only and Private Only scenarios , 5, System Requirements. Minimum requirements for installing AgileWeb are , A web. , server Microsoft Windows Server 2008r2 or later . Windows 7 or later , Microsoft, , NET Framework 4 5 2 or later . Microsoft, , Internet Information Server 7 IIS or later .
, If IIS is installed AFTER ASP NET you will need to. register it using the aspnet regiis exe executable with. the i switch , The, , ability to make a SQL connection to the AirVision . database or a mirrored copy of the AirVision database . Image, , files for primary map overlay and site specific . photos See Appendix A for additional map options . Microsoft, , requires one user license for each website . visitor so a Processor License Workstation or better . is recommended for AirVision servers using AgileWeb . SSL Secure, , Sockets Layer certificate for the AgileWeb.
server See Appendix D for SSL guidance , 6, AgileWeb for AirVision Chapter 1 Installation and Configuration. New Installation,Configuring IIS 7,1 On your web server open Administrative Tools . 2 From Administrative Tools select Internet Information Services IIS Manager All of your. websites should be listed , 3 We recommend creating a separate Application Pool for AirVision This allows the AirVision . application to be controlled independently of the rest of the websites For example this lets it have . its own user identity for database access and it can be recycled independently in order to pick up. configuration changes , 4 In the IIS Manager right click Application Pools and select Add Application Pool . 7, AgileWeb for AirVision Chapter 1 Installation and Configuration.
5 In the Add Application Pool screen enter a Name e g AgileWeb and change the NET Framework . Version to NET Framework v4 0 30319 Click OK , 6 Still in the Features View of your virtual directory double click the Authentication item If not already. set right click Anonymous Authentication and select Enable . 7 In the Features View open the SSL Settings Select Require SSL If this option is disabled you will. need to add a certificate to the root website in IIS to enable this option You need a certificate for SSL. so the login name and password can be encrypted See the Configuration section later in this document. for more information about SSL , NOTE If using IIS8 the following items need to be set to Read Write under Feature Delegation . Handler Mappings, Modules, 8, AgileWeb for AirVision Chapter 1 Installation and Configuration. AgileWeb Deployment, Default values are defined below These may be changed by the IIS administrator if needed . Item Default Value, Web Application Name Default Web Site AirVision.
Physical folder of web application C inetpub wwwroot AirVision. Copy the AgileWeb deployment package folder to a known location on the web server s hard drive . NOTE This is not the actual web app folder in IIS this is only used for the deployment process . You can use a temp folder or desktop etc , If this is a first time installation you must first ensure the desired website exists in IIS and verify . the application pool in IIS Manager The Application Pool of the target website must be set to . NET Framework Version v4 0 , The application can be installed either via command line or via the IIS Manager user interface However . the IIS Manager user interface does not allow specific files to be deleted or saved individually and this . results in deletion of custom files during the upgrade . Option 1 Deploying via command line, By default the web application is deployed to Default Web Site AirVision in IIS If you have another. website on the server you prefer to install the application into you may choose to install AgileWeb within. that site If so modify the AirVision Web Site SetParameters xml and define the name of the website as. such , setParameter name IIS Web Application Name value Default Web Site AirVision . In this case AirVision is being added under the Default Web Site but this can be changed as needed . 1 Open a command window and change directories to the folder where you copied the . deployment package ,2 Type AirVision Web deploy cmd Y.
If you get an error about MSDeploy exe not being installed you will need to install the Microsoft Web . Deploy 3 0 utility http www iis net downloads microsoft web deploy . NOTE The command line deployment is designed not to delete any files called custom config or . any files in the custom folder If you have custom content outside of those files folders it. will be deleted when you upgrade If upgrading be sure to make a backup copy of the entire. AgileWeb website folder prior to performing the upgrade in case any settings verification or. restoration is needed afterwards , 9, AgileWeb for AirVision Chapter 1 Installation and Configuration. Option 2 Deploying in the IIS Manager user interface. not recommended for upgrades ,1 Open IIS Manager . 2 Navigate to Default Web Site or alternate site if desired . 3 Ensure the application pool is using NET v4 0 , 4 Right click the website node in the navigation tree then select Deploy Import Application . If you do not have the Deploy option you need to install the Web Deploy utility from . Microsoft http www iis net downloads microsoft web deploy . 5 Select the zip file from the deployment folder and click Next . 6 Leave all defaults unless you have specific reasons to change them Click Next . 7 Leave the Application Path as default unless you have a specific reason to change it Click Next . 8 Click Finish The web application is now installed . By default the web app folder is under,C inetpub wwwroot AirVision . Custom config file and a Custom folder,should be created in the web app folder .
10, AgileWeb for AirVision Chapter 1 Installation and Configuration. Configuration,Secure Sockets Layer SSL , NOTE This is for first time setup only If you re installing an update you can skip the SSL section . The AgileWeb application requires SSL by default for the login page and any page requiring a login . This is to protect the user credentials and other sensitive information within the application . The application allows non SSL connections to public visitors viewing the public pages AQI Map and. related displays However when a user attempts to login or navigate to a page which require login . the application redirects to SSL Note that if you are testing locally on the web server itself it does . not force SSL ,Option 1 Disabling SSL, For intranet only deployments you can disable the SSL requirement in AirVision However Agilaire. strongly recommends using SSL for public facing websites To disable the SSL requirement set the . following key , Key DisableSecurityEvaluationRequest Value True. Option 2 Configuring SSL, You must ensure the website hosting AgileWeb by default the Default Web Site has HTTPS binding.
enabled If you already have an existing website you should already have a valid certificate Otherwise. you need to create one before proceeding A trusted certificate can be obtained from Verisign or other. commercial providers See Appendix D for options For non production testing you can create a . self signed certificate Note that with a self signed certificate most browsers will warn the end user . that the certificate is not trusted and they will have to choose whether to continue to the page or not . Configuring HTTPS SSL Binding for the Website, 1 Open IIS Manager and navigate to the website containing the AirVision application . 2 Right click the website and choose Edit Bindings . 3 If not already present create a new binding by clicking Add . 4 The Type must be https , 5 Leave the IP address and port as defaults unless you have specific reason to change them . 6 Select your SSL certificate ,7 Click OK ,8 Click Close . NOTE If you are using any external images or style sheets you should link to them as https rather. than http in order to prevent the browser from displaying a mixed content warning . 11, AgileWeb for AirVision Chapter 1 Installation and Configuration. Upgrading AgileWeb, NOTE Be sure you have backed up your custom content Custom folder custom config file .
before proceeding to avoid risk of deletion , Obtain the upgrade files from Agilaire then proceed with your preferred deployment method option 1 or. 2 detailed above , If using the IIS Manager interface to deploy option 2 you will be prompted about deleting extra files. and folders Be sure to select Yes in order to delete old DLLs which may cause problems with the. updated software Click Next , When complete copy your custom content back into the web app folder and restart the associated . IIS App Pool ,Public Access, The main page Default aspx site AQI details SiteDisplay aspx and Web Favorite report viewers are. configured for anonymous access by default The contents are a page showing an AQI map and listing the. publicly available Favorite reports The Favorite reports are configured via the AirVision Client by. using the Favorites For Web editor Any favorites in this editor will be presented in the Default aspx. page of the web app , Public Folder, Additionally there is a Public folder that has a map report page and site AQI display page This is.
provided so you can give an alternate presentation to public users if desired The content is essentially. the same however these pages use a different master page i e different style layout applied which. may be preferred in some cases These pages by default use a borderless master page which makes. them easy to embed within an iframe of another existing web page site Alternatively you could. customize the Public master page differently per your requirements Having this Public folder allows . additional options for how you integrate the application into other websites . Basic Configuration,In your AirVision client go to. Utilities Feature Licensing Tool In the,License Details pane check for an. Enable AgileWeb features entry ,If there is no AgileWeb entry please. screen shot your License Details and send,to Agilaire Support with a request for a. new key that will add the AgileWeb,features , 12, AgileWeb for AirVision Chapter 1 Installation and Configuration.
Database Connection, The data access connection must be configured This is done in the root of the web application in the file. custom config The content should look something like this . appSettings , , add key Main ConnectionString value Data Source MyDatabaseServerName Init. ial Catalog avdata Integrated Security True User ID Password . appSettings , Change the MyDatabaseServerName to the name or IP address of the SQL Server machine Further if. you have renamed the database catalog you would need to reflect that here as well . NOTE If you are using integrated Security then the web application s application pool identity needs. to be set to a user account that has sufficient permissions to the SQL Server instance . Web Display Info Editor, To include a site on the website click the Add Web Info ribbon button select the desired site and. check the Display box If you are using a map image file or a static web map set the X Y values to the. pixel offsets from the top left corner of the map Climate zone will associate the site with the climate. zone in the drop down list Site Image Path should be set to a picture usually in the Custom folder . such as Custom Images Station1 jpg The Link can be any valid URL which should be displayed . for the site , 13, AgileWeb for AirVision Chapter 1 Installation and Configuration.
AQI Map Configuration, The map image source must be specified in order for a map to be displayed on the page You can use . a custom image file a Google static map or a live map See Appendix A for details No matter the. method the map source must be defined , For a custom image file place the file in the Custom folder Then update the MapPath key . Key MapPath Value Custom MyCustomMapImage png, NOTE The Site locations for custom images and static maps are configured in the AirVision client. under Configuration Editors AgileWeb Web Display Info Editor X Y values . which is relative to the top left corner of the image Site locations for live maps are . determined by the Lat and Lon settings defined in Site Parameter . Customizations to the User Interface, Customers should not edit the included aspx ascx css or other built in source files as modifications . to these files would be overwritten during the next software update Customers should alter the . appearance through ASP NET Master Pages and or Themes Advanced configuration options are . presented in Appendix C ,Web Settings Editor, All customer changes to the appSettings keys should be made using the Web Settings Editor .
This keeps custom settings separate from the AgileWeb defaults so that when an upgrade is done . any custom settings will not have to be reapplied . Available settings a description for each setting a default value if one is defined and a Value field for. user editing are provided within this editor This editor will mostly eliminate the need to do changes via. the custom config file on the web server , 14, AgileWeb for AirVision Chapter 1 Installation and Configuration. Map Time Offset, The MapDataTimeOffset key value may need modified from the default depending on factors like your. data polling schedule Daylight Savings Time and differences in system times on the AirVision and web. servers , The first number will be the number of hours subtracted from the current time and the second number will. be the number of minutes The MapDataTimeOffset is necessary to allow time for realtime data to be re . trieved A typical setting 1 hour and 5 minute difference would be 1 5 . Typically 1 hour and some of minutes is the minimum since the AirVision data time uses EPA AQS. standards of start time tagging of hourly data That is data from 13 00 to 13 59 is called 13 00 even. though it is not available until 14 00 or a few minutes after to allow for polling time Hence the 1 5 . default allows for 5 minutes for polling ,Banner Image and Text. If you want to change the banner image and or text place your custom image into the Custom folder . and specify the path to the image in the Web Settings Editor using the BannerImagePath key and a . value like Custom MyCustomBannerImage png, The main page title and banner text can be specified using the following keys Modify the value text .
as desired , Key SiteMasterTitle Value Air Quality for Knoxville. Key SiteMasterBannerText Value Air Quality for Knoxville. Alternatively if you are going to be customizing the master page see Appendix C then you can omit. this and simply customize the master page with the desired image and other details . Themes, If you wish to change appearances such as colors borders and fonts without doing full custom master. pages changing Themes is a good alternative The application supports using user defined ASP NET. Theme skins as well as some predefined built in Themes . Predefined Themes affect the look of grids menu items selection controls etc but do not affect the . overall structure or the banner header area To use one of the pre defined themes simply add the desired. key value to the DevExpressTheme setting key , Default Office2003Olive. Aqua Office2003Silver, BlackGlass Office2010Black. DevEx Office2010Blue, Glass Office2010Silver, Office2003Blue iOS.

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