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Food Systems Healthy Food amp Fitness Options for Kids
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83 million in U S 19 years old,100 Billion Pounds Food Needed. Need to Provide in An Ever More Uncertain,Climate change water stress. Population 2007 2050,302 420 million,302 420 million. 9 48 countries water 6 6 9 1 billion,stressed scarce. 9 54 countries by 2050,54 i b 2050,9 Parts of U S are today.
Locally integrated,Locally integrated Food Systems. Across America,A dynamic blend of local direct local. t regional,i l national,With criteria for local,If we can we should. And Recognize the Importance of,Diversity As a Part of This. Diversity of Scale,Diversity of Product,Diversity of Production Strategy.
Diversity of Production Strategy,Diversity of Background. Diversity of Ownership Strategies,Di it f O hi St t i. Maximum crop acreage adjustments,Maximum crop acreage adjustments. implied by full adoption of select recommendations. from the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, J C Buzby H Farah Wells and G V Possible Implications for U S Agriculture From Adoption. of Select Dietary Guidelines ERS Report 31 2006,Opportunities.
Opportunity Jobs,Opportunity Jobs, WHAT IF Michigan s residents bridged the Public Health Gap. Shift from current consumption to public health,recommendations. Eating more of what people currently eat,Get it from MI when available fresh with typical. technology,Need approximately 37 000 more acres of. approximately 37 000 more acres of,production,211 Million increased net income.
211 Million increased net income,1 800 off farm jobs. From Conner D S Knudson W Peterson H C Hamm M W,Journal of Hunger Environmental Nutrition 2008. Many Lack Access,Many Lack Access,Study in Michigan. in Michigan 59 of residents have,59 of residents have. inadequate access to a complete diet,Many cities have large.
Many cities have large food,food desert,desert areas. Many rural areas are underserved with,healthy food access. Range of Strategies to Improve,Increasing,supermarkets. Improving status,of grocery stores,Creating greater farmer consumer connections. For family through farmers markets etc,For children through school meals.
after school summer meals,Farm to School,Includes Purchasing Michigan. Products A Step by Step Guide for,Food Service Directors. Food Service Directors,Includes Marketing Michigan. P d t t S h l A St B St,Products to Schools A Step By Step. Guide for Farmers,www mifarmtoschool msu edu Colleen Matts.
Moving to Policy Legislative Action,Moving to Policy Legislative Action. House Bills,House Bills,H B 6365 H B 6366,The 10 or 35. Photo www farmersmarkets msu edu,Household Expenditure for Fruits and. Vegetables ure Per,ousehold Expenditu,600 lowest 20. From Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey http www bls gov cex home htm top. Example Direct Markets Linkage of,Network of Corner.
Markets Farmers,Markets Farmers,Markets Youth,Farmstands. New Farmers,All EBT Accessible,New Markets,EBT Supplemented.

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