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Introduction 1 CTCSS DCS Operation 24,Specifications 2 CTCSS Operation 24. Accessories Options 3 DCS Operation 25,Supplied Accessories 3 Tone Search Scanning 26. Optional Accessories 3 CTCSS DCS Bell Paging 27,Installation 4 Split Tone Operation 27. Preliminary Inspection 4 DTMF Autodialer Operation 28. Installation Tips 4 Memory Operation 30,Safety Information 5 Memory Storage 30. Antenna Considerations 6 Memory Recall 31,Mobile Installation 7 Labeling Memories 32.
Transceiver Installation 7 Memory Tuning 33,Mobile Power Connections 8 Deleting Memories 32. Mobile Speakers 8 HOME Channel Memory 33,Base Station Installation 9 Memory Only Mode 33. AC Power Supplies 9 Scanning 34,Base Station Feet 9 Basic Scanner Operation 34. Front Panel Controls Switches 10 Scan Resume Option 34. Microphone Switches 12 Memory Skip Scanning 35, Rear Panel Connectors 13 Preferential Memory Scan 36. Basic Operation 14 Programmable Band Scan Limits 37. Turning the Transceiver On and Off 14 Priority Channel Scanning Dual Watch 38. Adjusting the Audio Volume Level 14 Priority Revert Mode 38. Adjusting the Squelch Setting 14 Band Edge Beeper 39. Frequency Navigation 14 Smart Search Operation 40,Tuning Dial 14 Internet Connection Feature 41.
Direct Keypad Frequency Entry 15 Packet Operation 42. Scanning 15 Miscellaneous Settings 43,Transmission 16 Time Out Timer 43. Changing the Transmitter Power Level 16 Automatic Power Off 43. Advanced Operation 17 Programming the Key Assignments 45. Weather Broadcast Reception 17 MIC Gain Control 46. Lock Feature 18 Reset Procedure 47,Keyboard Beeper 18 Microprocessor Resetting 47. Channel Step Selection 19 Set Mode Resetting 47,Display Brightness 19 Cloning 48. RF Squelch 20 Set Menu Mode 49,Repeater Operation 21. Repeater Splits 21,Standard Repeater Shift 21,Automatic Repeater Shift ARS 22.
Separate Transmit Frequency Memory,Odd Splits 23,INTRODUCTION. The Yaesu FT 2800M is a deluxe rugged FM mobile transceiver providing high power. output and outstanding receiver performance for the 144 MHz Amateur band Included in. the FT 2800M s feature complement are, r 65 Watts of power output with selection of four power levels for every operating situa. r Expanded receiver coverage 137 174 MHz, r Keyboard entry of operating frequencies from the microphone. r Excellent protection from receiver intermodulation distortion thanks to Yaesu s renowned. Advanced Track Tuning front end, r 221 memories which can store repeater shifts odd repeater shifts CTCSS DCS tones. and 6 character Alpha Numeric labels for easy channel recognition. r 10 NOAA Weather Broadcast Channels with Weather Alert. r Built in CTCSS and DCS Encoder Decoder circuits, r The Smart SearchTM feature which automatically sweeps a band and loads active fre.
quencies into dedicated memory banks is ideal for identifying active repeaters when. visiting a city for the first time, r Extensive Menu system which allows customization of a number of transceiver perfor. mance characteristics,r The Yaesu exclusive multi function LCD display. Additional features include a transmit Time Out Timer TOT Automatic Power Off APO. Automatic Repeater Shift ARS plus provision for reduction of the Tx deviation in areas of. high channel congestion And an RF Squelch circuit allows the owner to set the squelch to. open at a programmable setting of the S Meter thus reducing guesswork in setting the squelch. Congratulations on your purchase of the FT 2800M Whether this is your first rig or if. Yaesu equipment is already the backbone of your station the Vertex Standard organization. is committed to ensuring your enjoyment of this high performance transceiver which should. provide you with many years of satisfying operation Our dealer network and technical sup. port personnel stand behind every product we sell and we invite you to contact us should. you require technical advice or assistance, We recommend that you read this manual in its entirety prior to installing the FT 2800M so. that you fully understand the capabilities of your new transceiver. FT 2800M OPERATING MANUAL 1,SPECIFICATIONS,Frequency Range Tx 144 146 MHz or 144 148 MHz. Rx 144 146 MHz or 137 174 MHz,Channel Step 5 10 12 5 15 20 25 50 100 kHz.
Standard Repeater Shift 600 kHz,Frequency Stability Better than 10 ppm. 4 F to 140 F 20 C to 60 C,Modes of Emission F2 F3,Antenna Impedance 50 Ohms unbalanced. Supply voltage 13 8 V DC 15 negative ground, Current Consumption typical Rx less than 0 7 A less than 0 3 A squelched. Tx 10 A 65 W 7 A 25 W 5 A 10 W 4 A 5 W, Operating Temperature Range 4 F to 140 F 20 C to 60 C. Case Size WxHxD 6 3 x 2 0 x 7 3 160 x 50 x 185 mm w o knobs. Weight Approx 4 0 lb 1 8 kg,Transmitter,Output Power 65 W 25 W 10 W 5 W.
Modulation Type Variable Reactance,Maximum Deviation 5 kHz 2 5 kHz. Spurious Radiation Better than 60 dB,Microphone Impedance 2000 Ohms. Circuit Type Double Conversion Superheterodyne,Ifs 21 7 MHz 450 kHz. Sensitivity for 12dB SINAD Better than 0 2 V,Selectivity 6 60dB 12 kHz 28 kHz. IF Rejection Better than 70 dB,Image Rejection Better than 70 dB.
Maximum AF Output 3 W into 4 Ohms 10 THD, Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation Specifications guaranteed. only within Amateur band,2 FT 2800M OPERATING MANUAL. ACCESSORY OPTIONS,SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES,Microphone MH 48A6J 1. Mobile Mounting Bracket MMB 83 1,DC Power Cord w Fuse 1. Spare Fuse 15 A 2,Base Station Feet 2,Operating Manual 1.
Warranty Card 1,OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES,High Power External Speaker MLS 100. AC Power Supply FP 1023 25 A USA only,AC Power Supply FP 1025A 25 A. AC Power Supply FP 1030A 35 A,FT 2800M OPERATING MANUAL 3. INSTALLATION, This chapter describes the installation procedure for integrating the FT 2800M into a typi. cal amateur radio station It is presumed that you possess technical knowledge and concep. tual understanding consistent with your status as a licensed radio amateur Please take some. extra time to make certain that the important safety and technical requirements detailed in. this chapter are followed closely,PRELIMINARY INSPECTION.
Inspect the transceiver visually immediately upon opening the packing carton Confirm that. all controls and switches work freely and inspect the cabinet for any damage Gently shake. the transceiver to verify that no internal components have been shaken loose due to rough. handling during shipping, If any evidence of damage is discovered document it thoroughly and contact the shipping. company or your local dealer if the unit was purchased over the counter so as to get. instructions regarding the prompt resolution of the damage situation Be certain to save the. shipping carton especially if there are any punctures or other evidence of damage incurred. during shipping if it is necessary to return the unit for service or replacement use the origi. nal packing materials but put the entire package inside another packing carton so as to. preserve the evidence of shipping damage for insurance purposes. INSTALLATION TIPS, To ensure long life of the components be certain to provide adequate ventilation around the. cabinet of the FT 2800M, Do not install the transceiver on top of another heat generating device such as a power. supply or amplifier and do not place equipment books or papers on top of the FT 2800M. Avoid heating vents and window locations that could expose the transceiver to excessive. direct sunlight especially in hot climates The FT 2800M should not be used in an environ. ment where the ambient temperature exceeds 140 F 60 C. 4 FT 2800M OPERATING MANUAL,INSTALLATION,SAFETY INFORMATION. The FT 2800M is an electrical apparatus as well as a generator of RF Radio Frequency. energy and you should exercise all safety precautions as are appropriate for this type of. device These safety tips apply to any device installed in a well designed amateur radio. Never allow unsupervised children to play in the vicinity of your transceiver or an. tenna installation, Be certain to wrap any wire or cable splices thoroughly with insulating electrical.
tape to prevent short circuits, Do not route cables or wires through door jambs or other locations where through. wear and tear they may become frayed and shorted to ground or to each other. Do not stand in front of a directional antenna while you are transmitting into that. antenna Do not install a directional antenna in any location where humans or pets. may be walking in the main directional lobe of the antenna s radiation pattern. In mobile installations it is preferable to mount your antenna on top of the roof of the. vehicle if feasible so as to utilize the car body as a counterpoise for the antenna and. raise the radiation pattern as far away from passengers as possible. During vehicular operation when stopped in a parking lot for example make it a. practice to switch to Low power if there are people walking nearby. Never wear dual earmuff headphones while driving a vehicle. Do not attempt to drive your vehicle while making a telephone call on an autopatch. using the DTMF microphone Pull over to the side of the road whether dialing manu. ally or using the auto dial feature,FT 2800M OPERATING MANUAL 5. INSTALLATION,ANTENNA CONSIDERATION, The FT 2800M is designed for use with antennas presenting an impedance of near 50 Ohms. at all operating frequencies The antenna or a 50 Ohm dummy load should be connected. whenever the transceiver is turned on to avoid damage that could otherwise result if trans. mission occurs accidentally without an antenna, Ensure that your antenna is designed to handle 65 Watts of transmitter power Some mag. netic mount mobile antennas designed for use with hand held transceivers may not be. capable of withstanding this power level Consult the antenna manufacturer s specification. sheet for details, Most all FM work is performed using vertical polarization When installing a directional.
antenna such as a Yagi or Cubical Quad be certain to orient it so as to produce vertical. polarization unless you are engaged in a special operating situation where horizontal polar. ization is used In the case of a Yagi antenna orient the elements vertically for vertical. polarization for a Cubical Quad the feedpoint should be at the center of one of the vertical. sides of the driven element or at a side corner in the case of a diamond shaped Cubical. Excellent reference texts and computer software are available for the design and optimiza. tion of VHF antennas Your dealer should be able to assist you with all aspects of your. antenna installation requirements, Use high quality 50 Ohm coaxial cable for the lead in to your FT 2800M transceiver All. efforts at providing an efficient antenna system will be wasted if poor quality lossy coaxial. cable is used Losses in coaxial lines increase as the frequency increases so an 8 meter long. 25 coaxial line with 1 2 dB of loss at 29 MHz may have a loss of 1 8 dB or more at 146. MHz choose your coaxial cable carefully based on the installation location mobile vs. base and the overall length of the cable required for very short runs of cable in a mobile. installation the smaller more flexible cable types may be acceptable. For reference the chart at the right shows ap Loss in dB per 30 m 100 feet for. proximate loss figures for typically available Selected 50 Ohm Coaxial Cables. coaxial cables frequently used in VHF instal Assumes 50 ohm Input Output Terminations. lations CABLE TYPE LOSS 144 MHZ,RG 58A 6 5, In outdoor installations be certain to weather RG 58 Foam 4 7. RG 213 3 0, proof all connectors thoroughly as water en RG 8 Foam 2 0. tering a coaxial cable will cause losses to es Belden 9913 1 5. Times Microwave LMR 400 1 5, calate rapidly thus diminishing your commu 7 8 Hardline 0 7. nications effectiveness The use of the shortest Loss figures are approximate consult cable manu. possible length of the highest quality coaxial facturers catalogs for complete specifications. cable that fits within your budget will ensure the best performance from your FT 2800M. 6 FT 2800M OPERATING MANUAL,INSTALLATION,MOBILE INSTALLATION.
The FT 2800M must only be installed in vehicles having a 13 8 Volt negative ground elec. trical system Mount the transceiver where the display controls and microphone are easily. accessible using the supplied MMB 83 mounting bracket. The transceiver may be installed in almost any location but should not be positioned near a. heating vent nor anywhere where it might interfere with driving either visually or mechani. cally Make sure to provide plenty of space on all sides of the transceiver so that air can. flow freely around the radio s case Refer to the diagrams showing proper installation proce. MMB 83 Installation,FT 2800M OPERATING MANUAL 7,INSTALLATION. MOBILE INSTALLATION,Mobile Power Connections, To minimize voltage drop and avoid blowing the vehicle s fuses connect the supplied DC. power cable directly to the battery terminals Do not attempt to defeat or bypass the DC. cable s fuse it is there to protect you your transceiver and your vehicle s electrical system. Never apply AC power to the power cable of the FT 2800M nor DC voltage greater. than 15 8 Volts When replacing the fuse only use a 15 A fuse Failure to observe. these safety precautions will void the Limited Warranty on this product. r Before connecting the transceiver check the voltage at the battery terminals while rev. ving the engine If the voltage exceeds 15 Volts adjust the vehicle s voltage regulator. before proceeding with installation, r Connect the RED power cable lead to the POSITIVE battery terminal and the. BLACK power cable lead to the NEGATIVE terminal If you need to extend the. power cable use 12 AWG or larger insulated stranded copper wire Solder the splice. connections carefully and wrap the connections thoroughly with insulating electrical. r Before connecting the cable to the transceiver verify the voltage and polarity of the. voltage at the transceiver end of the DC cable using a DC voltmeter Now connect the. transceiver to the DC cable,RED Positive,BLACK Negative. Cabin Engine Room,Mobile Speakers, The optional MSL 100 External Speaker includes its own swivel type mounting bracket.
and is available from your Yaesu dealer, Other external speakers may be used with the FT 2800M if they present the specified 4. Ohm impedance and are capable of handling the 3 Watts of audio output supplied by the FT. 8 FT 2800M OPERATING MANUAL,INSTALLATION,BASE STATION INSTALLATION. The FT 2800M is ideal for base station use as well as in mobile installations The FT. 2800M is specifically designed to integrate into your station easily using the information to. follow as a reference,AC Power Supplies, Operation of the FT 2800M from an AC line requires a power source capable of providing. at least 15 Amps continuously at 13 8 Volts DC The FP 1023 and FP 1030A AC Power. Supplies are available from your Yaesu dealer to satisfy these requirements Other well. regulated power supplies may be used as well if they meet the above voltage and current. specifications, Use the DC power cable supplied with your transceiver for making power connections to the. power supply Connect the RED power cable lead to the POSITIVE power supply. terminal and connect the BLACK power cable lead to the NEGATIVE power supply. Base Station Feet, The supplied Base Station Feet allow the transceiver to.
be tilted upward for better viewing, To install the Base Station Feet remove the two screws PWR MHz REV LOW D MR. affixing the front side of the bottom cover then install. the Base Station Feet using these screws,FT 2800M OPERATING MANUAL 9. FRONT PANEL CONTROLS SWITCHES,PWR MHz REV LOW D MR. This control adjusts the audio volume level Clockwise rotation increases the volume. This control is used to silence background noise on the receiver It should be advanced. clockwise just to the point where the noise is silenced and the indicator on the. display turns off so as to provide the best sensitivity to weak signals. Microphone Jack, Connect the supplied MH 48A6J Hand Microphone to this jack GND 8V. MIC INPUT MIC SW1,Key PTT CLONE MIC SW2, This key allows operation in conjunction with the Internet Con.
nection feature, Press and hold this key for one second to toggle the transceiver s power on and off. MHz SET Key, This key allows tuning in 1 MHz steps the MHz digits will blink on the display If. receiving on a memory pressing this key the first time activates the Memory Tuning. mode and pressing it again enables 1 MHz steps, Press and hold in this key for one second to activate the Set Menu mode. 10 FT 2800M OPERATING MANUAL,FRONT PANEL CONTROLS SWITCHES. REV DW Key, During split frequency operation such as through a repeater this key reverses the trans.
mit and receive frequencies, Press and hold in this key for one second to activate the Dual Watch feature described. in the Operation chapter PRI will be displayed on the LCD indicating Priority. Channel monitoring, Using the Menu the Reverse feature may be disabled in favor of one touch a. access to the Home Channel See page 33 for details. LOW A N Key, Press this key momentarily to select the transmitter power output level. The available power levels are,HIGH 65W MID 25W LOW2 10W LOW1 5W. To toggle the display between indication of the frequency and the channel s Alpha. Numeric label press and hold in this key for one second while receiving on that memory. D MR MW Key, Press this key momentarily to switch the frequency control among the VFO Memory.
System and Home channel, Press and hold in this key for one second to activate the Memory Storage mode. This 24 position detented rotary switch is used for tuning memory selection and most. function settings The microphone UP DWN buttons duplicate the functions of this. The main digits on the display may show operating frequency memory name or any of. many parameters during Menu setup,DTMF Memory Mode. CTCSS DCS Bell Paging Lock Feature Active, CTCSS DCS Digital Code Squelch Programmable Memory Scan. Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System SKIP Preferential Scan Channel. Repeater Shift Direction Priority Channel,TX Indicator Memory Mode. TX Power Level Frequency Message Area,Memory Channel Number.
Smart Search,Narrow Deviation,BUSY Indicator S and TX Power Meter Home Channel. FT 2800M OPERATING MANUAL 11,MICROPHONE SWITCHES,PTT Switch. Press this switch to transmit and release it to,These 16 keys generate DTMF tones during. transmission,In the receive mode these 16 keys can be. used for direct frequency entry and or direct,numeric recall of the Memory channels.
The A B C and D keys on receive,replicate the functions of the front panel keys. MHz SET REV D W LOW A N, and D MR MW See the previous discus DTMF MICROPHONE. P1 P2 P3 P4 Buttons,These four keys are user programmable al. lowing quick access to features used often,The default functions are described below. P1 button SQL OFF T CALL, In the USA version pressing this button disables the noise and tone squelch systems In.
the EXP version pressing this button activates T CALL 1750 Hz for repeater access. P2 button S SRCH, Press this button to activate the Smart Search feature. P3 button T SRCH, Press this button to activate the Tone Search feature. P4 button WX CH, Press this button to recall the Weather broadcast channel bank. You can reprogram the P1 P2 P3 and P4 buttons for other functions if de. sired See page 45 for details,LAMP Switch,This switch illuminates the Microphone s keypad. LOCK Switch, This switch locks out the Microphone s buttons except for the keypad and PTT switch.
UP DWN Button, Press or hold in either of these buttons to tune or scan up or down the operating. frequency or through the memory channels In many ways these buttons emulate the. function of the rotary DIAL knob,12 FT 2800M OPERATING MANUAL. REAR PANEL CONNECTORS,EXT SP Jack, This 2 contact mini 3 5 mm mini phone jacks provide receiver audio output for an op. tional external speaker The audio impedance is 4 Ohms and the level varies according. to the setting of the front panel s VOL control Inserting a plug into this jack disables. audio from the transceiver s internal speaker,13 8V DC Cable Pigtail w Fuse. This is the power supply connection for the transceiver Use the supplied DC cable to. connect this pigtail to the car battery or other DC power supply capable of at least 10. Amperes continuous duty Make certain that the red lead connects to the positive side. of the supply The fuse is 15 A,ANT Coaxial Socket, Connect a 144 MHz antenna to this type M SO 239 socket using 50 ohm coaxial.
cable and a type M pl 259 plug Male sure the antenna is designed specifically for use. on the operating frequency,FT 2800M OPERATING MANUAL 13.

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