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Herbalife 24, Performance, Nutrition, Empowering, Athletes. 24 hours a day , 24 Products, Go to www goherbalife com instantenergy for more information on Herbalife 24. Herbalife24 is the first comprehensive performance nutrition line empowering athletes 24 hours a day . Herbalife24 research is based on the latest proven science and formulated by Herbalife scientists some of. whom are elite athletes in their own right and experts in nutrition We know that being an athlete is a lifestyle . and understand the needs of a 24 hour athlete , As science evolves so will Herbalife24 We are committed to delivering dynamic solutions with comprehensive. 24 hour nutritional support for athletes , Herbalife24 products serve a nutritional purpose and contain all natural colors flavors and sweeteners And. since this 24 hour performance nutrition line was developed with the professional athlete in mind every. product is third party tested for banned substances . PUBLISHER S LETTER,What s Your Motivation , Motivation Accomplishing a goal requires motivation Without 1 Set Your Goals.
Build your own plan of attack Vague, motivation it is easy to question your goals and lose focus of what phrases eating better or being health . you are working toward It is difficult to make sacrifices and put ier are not specific goals Some good. examples are Brisk 30 minute walks, one foot in front of the other if you aren t motivated three times a week lose five pounds with. 20 minute jump rope session before, work or eating more lean protein and. The key to finding motivation and continually tapping into it is to. vegetables Begin with something small, identify your why Why do you want to accomplish the goal Fig that you can achieve Once you do move. uring out why you are working toward a specific goal allows you to on to something bigger That s the way. motivation works built upon a ladder of, keep focused on that motivation When you begin to feel discour successes until it s hard to believe you had.
aged or you lose sight of your original intentions you can remind trouble finding that motivation before . yourself why you began this journey 2 Write It Down. A unwritten goal is merely a wish Don t, just announce your goals Write what you. Knowing your why helps you to dig deep and find drive to keep want to accomplish in visible words Post. going when it seems to escape you Keeping focused on your why your goals somewhere you will be sure to. see it every day You can even post your, inspires you to find motivation and keep on moving forward goal in multiple places it will serve as a. reminder and give you the fuel and moti , vation to keep going . Do you know what motivates you If not it will be a challenge to. achieve your goals Seek help from a coach or mentor to help iden 3 Celebrate Each Success. tify your own why so you can stay motivated No matter how small you think your. accomplishment may be each fulfilled, goal is a giant step in the right direction . It will be very difficult at first but motivation does come easier Even the smallest success has a significant. amount of value If your goal was to bike, once you begin to see results as your health improves and as your 1 mile for a month and you do it celebrate.
fitness levels grow It s worth every effort that and then start on your next goal . Each one is important Each one is worthy, of a celebration . Check out the 5 tips to help you get motivated 4 Focus on the Results. It s easy to lose hope and motivation, when we focus on the difficult aspects. Inspiring YOU to Live Well Naturally of losing weight getting fit or eating. healthier Working out is hard losing, weight is painful eating healthy means. altering habits and addictions Don t focus, on the work focus on the results Before. Katherine G Aguirre heading to the gym think about the ben . Publisher of FitnessX Magazine efits and your accomplishments instead . 5 Have Fun , Remember that working out should be, fun Don t just put your head down and.
TALK TO ME plow through the workouts Discipline is. I love hearing from you a good thing but you need to let yourself. play now and again too Find exercises, E mail at me at you enjoy like dancing hiking with your. katherineaguirre fitnessX com dog or playing sports whatever but have. with thoughts questions and feedback some fun , Contents. June Dec 2016, Cover Story page 18, Cover Models . Sandra Gonzalez Felipe Moreira, Cover Photographer . B House Jonelit, Healthy Recipes, 34 Baked Veggie Egg Bites.
35 Chicken Rice Bowl, 36 Baked Salmon Asparagus, 37 Mint Chocolate Chip Shake. Good Health, 6 Nutrition Fitness Tips from, Hollywood Personalities. 13 Better with Age with Dr Stacey Naito, Training,16 The Adverse Effects of Overeating Nuts. 8 The Lebert Equalizers , 17 Salmon Just What the Doctor Ordered Back to Basics Workout. 27 Pumping Iron With Your Muscles and Your Heart 14 Top Training Gadgets. 33 Boost Your Metabolism 24 2 Moves to Tighten,38 Nutrition Our Youth and Sculpt the Abs Glutes.
30 The Top 12 Reasons Women Should, Strength Train. 32 Fight the Flab Get Real Results, Inspiration with These Arm Moves . 39 Extended Rest Between Weightlifting, 23 Gariela Serrano The Overcomer Sets Could Help Muscle Growth. 4 FitnessX com FitnessX Magazine, June Dec 2016,Visionary Publishers. Katherine and BillyBow Aguirre,Editor in Chief,Katherine Aguirre.
Assistant Copy Editor,Taylor Anne Kinkade,Creative Director. Katherine Aguirre,Senior Designer,BillyBow Aguirre. Senior Staff Photographer,B House Photography,Assistant Photographer Photo Editor. BillyBow Aguirre,Mission Statement , FitnessX Magazine strives to inspire all women and men by making a difference in empowering. and encouraging them to live a healthier lifestyle We take pride in sharing inspiring articles and. facts on health fitness and wellness , Our readers vary in age body composition ethnic background economic status and professional.
background but have the common goal of improving themselves through health fitness and. wellness FitnessX Magazine readers are health conscious discovering or already adopting healthy. lifestyle practices and interested in bettering themselves . At FitnessX Magazine we feature athletes in all sports professionals who work in the health fit . ness wellness industry everyday women amd men who have made remarkable strides in motivat . ing others to live a healthier lifestyle and includes articles on the latest and most popular topics of. interest ,At FitnessX Magazine our tag line says it all . Inspiring YOU to Live Well Naturally ,Katherine BillyBow Aguirre. Publishers of FitnessX Magazine, PLEASE NOTE FitnessX Magazine is not liable for any injury due to the suggestions and advice given in. this issue All readers must consult their physician prior to starting a new exercise and nutrition program . BillyBow Aguirre is the Publisher and Visionary of FitnessX Magazine He proudly served in the U S Navy for 13. years and 15 years as a Network Engineer for Utilities Investment Entertainment and Hospital Industries He. also studied and taught nutrition as a Chef for 15 years With his entreprenuerial skills BillyBow established. FitnessX com Magazine an online magazine in 2009 In Winter 2011 BillyBow joined forces with his wife . Katherine Aguirre in launching FitnessX Magazine their first print publication You can contact BillyBow at. billybowaguirre fitnessX com BillyBow s IMDB Website www imdb me billybowaguirre. Katherine Aguirre is the Owner Publisher and Editor in Chief of FitnessX Magazine She has been actively involved. in the fitness industry for the past 13 years working as a group exercise instructor certified personal trainer sports. nutritionist transformation specialist PT manager fitness director and fitness company owner Katherine has com . peted and placed in the top 5 in fitness figure fitness modeling bikini and power lifting She started several boot. camp programs in Alabama Tennessee and California to help hundreds of people get fit and healthy Katherine en . joys volunteering her time at schools speaking about body image fitness and nutrition You can contact Katherine. at katherineaguirre fitnessX com , FitnessX com FitnessX Magazine 5 . GOOD HEALTH, Nutrition Fitness Tips, from Hollywood Personalities.
Kenyon GloverActor Producer Stuntman, You can gain less weight from a serving of pasta simply by putting it in the fridge The. drop in temperature changes the nature of the noodles into something called resis . tant starch meaning your body has to work harder to digest it Cold pasta is closer in. structure to natural resistant starches like lentils peas beans and oatmeal which pass. through the small intestine intact and are digested in the large intestine where well it. gets kinda gross from there on out A study in the journal Nutrition Metabolism found. that adding resistant starch to a meal may also promote fat oxidation Suffice it say . colder noodles hotter you But you ve got to eat it cold Once you heat the pasta up. again you destroy the resistant starch , I stay fit basically by eating the right foods and excercising 3 4 days a week But it s. important to work out the right way with the proper technique It s also good to have. that accountability person to hold you accountable to make sure that you are keeping. on track and doing what you are supposed to be doing Whether it s a personal trainer . fitness coach family member best friend or what have you And the most important. thing is to STAY CONSISTENT , Kenyon Glover IMDb http www imdb com name nm2583725 ref fn al nm 1. Becca Buckalew Actress Professional model, Maintaining fitness isn t easy Overall fitness supersedes how you visually look you. have to stay hydrated monitor calories in out and make sure you re at a deficit by. the end of the week get adequate sleep and when you re working out make that. time count At the end of the day if you re not challenged and don t feel the burn . then you re not truly working out I m a boxer I ve learned this the hard way . Becca Buckalew IMDb http www imdb com name nm6435469 ref fn al nm 1. James Chillingworth Actor Comic, When it comes to nutrition I try to eat a balanced meal and don t overdo it on carbs I do.
like to drink beer as well so fitness is a must I try to work out several times a week and. also tend to mix it up On some days I ll do cardio on the Elliptical machine for 20 min . utes and then hit the weight room increasing the weights until I max out for 45 minutes . On other days I do the same except I do 20 minutes on the Ergometer first I also try and. play either soccer or ball hockey for at least an hour a week . James Chillingworth IMDb http www imdb com name nm6425163 ref fn al nm 1. 6 FitnessX com FitnessX Magazine, GOOD HEALTH, Sofia Streisand Actress of Performing Arts. I m a yoga instructor as well as an actress and I m crazy about healthy. eating I m sure there s hardly anything you haven t heard about nutri . tion and staying fit But I have a collection of personal little tips that have. helped many people to stay fit , My secret and most unusual tip for staying slim and fit and it actually. works , Like many girls I just can t live without chocolate I ve discovered a way. to satisfy my chocolate desert hunger with just a tiny piece My secret. is to take sweets as a separate meal and take it with a huge cup of hot. water it could also be tea or coffee not too hot obviously Let the tiny. piece of your favorite desert melt in your mouth while drinking The flavor. becomes much more intense when the drink is hot and lasts longer The. amount of water tricks your hunger you feel like you just had a big desert . So these are my rules to stay fit , 1 Staying fit is a lifestyle You should stick to it forever Listen to your body. needs and adjust your lifestyle slowly , 2 Choose sport that you can enjoy doing regularly And never give up .
3 Don t torture yourself allow yourself little weaknesses as long as they. are really small , Sofia Streisand IMDb http www imdb me sofiastreisand. Carly Peeters Actress Singer Model, With the many appearances I have to do as Miss Junior Teen California I have to. be in shape so I can be a role model to other teens I believe the key to both. nutrition and fitness is making a decision to make healthy choices As a. 15 year old I am surrounded and constantly bombarded with junk food . When you decide to eat healthy the junk food will not have power over. you , Eating healthy accounts for three quarters of your health and fitness . Personally I follow a few rules when choosing what to eat First I. avoid white foods white bread white rice and potatoes and I. say no to fried foods Second I load up on my greens You cannot. ever over eat veggies Third I keep my protein no more than the size. of my palm and I only eat red meat no more than twice a week Lastly . drink lots and lots of water There are so many manufactured drinks. now that offer all kinds of supplements in them but there is no. better drink than good fashioned water It is always best to get. your nutrients from real food rather than from supplements . So when and how much sweets do I eat Well lucky for me . I don t like cakes and other sweet baked products My go to. dessert is fresh fruits , For my fitness regimen I am a competitive equestrienne and I ride 4 days a week On top of that I am also in show choir and we dance for. an hour whilst singing five days a week Then I go to the gym and put in at least a half hour of weight training two days a week To put it. simply find an activity or activities that gets you up and moving and do it as often as you can . Carly Peeters IMDb http www imdb me carly, FitnessX com FitnessX Magazine 7 .
TRAINING, Lebert Equalizer , Back to Basics, Workout . By Marc Lebert, 8 FitnessX com FitnessX Magazine,24 . TRAINING,The Lebert Equalizer Back to Basics Workout. was designed to be a full body strength train ,ing session combining traditional compound. strength training moves with some agility and,by virtue of the bodyweight movements and the.
Running Man lots of core too Since the tran ,sitions are so easy you can keep the rest periods. minimal to really get your heart rate up ,This program goes from push to pull opposing. muscle groups and then a cardio athletic move ,ment in between for 30 second sprints Take. each strength move to muscle failure Be sure to,thoroughly warm up first Good luck . Own Your Workout ,Marc Lebert,a, gility and by virtue of the bodyweight movements and the Running Man lots of core too Since.
You can find the Lebert Equalizer at many gyms or you can purchase your own. pair at http www lebertfitness com and do your workouts at the convenience of. your own home sitions are so easy you can keep the rest periods minimal to really get your. heart rate up , FitnessX com, FitnessX com FitnessX. FitnessX Magazine, Magazine 9 , 25 , TRAINING, 3,1. Incline Chest Press Equalizer Agility Drill, With the Lebert Equalizers parallel to each other Place a single Lebert Equalizer on its side and with. place your hands on outside curve of the bars On an athletic stance start to bring one foot and then the. your toes and keeping back straight slowly lower other into the Equalizer Continue through to the other. until arms are bent to 90 degrees pause and press side and tap the trail leg on the floor once through . up Do not look down Keep your neck straight by Head back the other way working on high knees good. looking out slightly in front of you arm movement deceleration and change of direction . Add a squat on each end to increase the intensity . REPEAT Pull Ups and Equalizer Agility, 4,2, Equalizer Pull Up. Place the Lebert Equalizers close to each other with. one set of feet touching and open about one foot Full Bodyweight Dip. on the other end Lie down between them with your, head just past the feet that are touching With feet.
with Leg Assisted Option, flat knees bent and hips up reach up and grip the With the Lebert Equalizers parallel to each. foam handles Pull yourself up as high as you can other and standing between them place your. keeping your head and hips in the same line Pause hands on the foam grips Bring your heels to . at the top and slowly lower wards your butt off the floor and make sure. your shoulders are down and back Slowly, lower until arms are bent to 90 degrees . pause and press up ,10 ,10 FitnessX com, FitnessX com FitnessX. FitnessX Magazine, Magazine, TRAINING, REPEAT Pull Ups and Equalizer Agility Drill. REPEAT Pull Ups and Equalizer Agility, Kneeling Tricep Extension.
Kneel down with a single Lebert Equalizer bar in, front of you Place your hands palms down just. outside the foam grips and drop your hips Slowly, lower your forehead to the foam grip pause and. Running Man press back up keeping weight forward so core. continues to be engaged and weight is on the, With the Lebert Equalizers parallel to each triceps . other stand between them and place your,hands on the foam grips Bring one knee up. in front of you as high as you can and slowly,reach out like you are going over a hurdle .
Make sure to keep your shoulders down and, REPEAT Pull Ups and Equalizer Agility. back and your chin down as you slowly work,into the other leg with a slow controlled run . 2,1, Single Bar, Equalizer Pull Up, Single Bar Lie down between a single Lebert Equalizer . Equalizer Push Up bar with it over your upper chest With feet flat . bent knees and your hips up reach up and grip, Place a single Lebert Equalizer on its side with the Equalizer with an underhand overhand or. hands on the bar in push up position Make sure staggered grip Pull yourself up as high as you. your shoulders are directly over your hands with can keeping your head and hips in the same. your back straight and your abs tight slowly lower line Pause at the top and slowly lower . until your arms are bent to 90 degrees Instead of. just pushing up squeeze the bars towards center so. that the prime mover chest pulls the arms towards. center making this a very effective chest fly pushup. combo , FitnessX com FitnessX Magazine 11 , GOOD HEALTH.
Better with Age, with Dr Stacey Naito, What s Stopping You . The focus of this column is on common physical and mental roadblocks. which prevent some people from reaching their fitness goals . Hi Dr Naito , I am a 32 year old mother of two small children and I also work full time Before I had my kids I used to have plenty of time to go to the gym but. now it seems impossible to find the time to exercise at all I also can t seem to follow a healthy eating plan when my kids are begging for things. like macaroni cheese and tater tots Do you have any advice on how someone like me can get fit I have about 20 pounds I want to lose . Thank you ,Melissa R ,Hi Melissa , Thank you so much for contacting me I can only imagine how busy you must be with raising two small children and working a full time job The. pace of today s society is incredibly hectic but here s the irony healthy habits and routines enable us to function more efficiently so we end up. getting more out of our day to day lives simply by adopting those habits . The fact of the matter is that even though you now have children you can and should make the time for regular exercise You don t need to eat. the same foods your children eat either There are plenty of healthy meals and snacks which you can prepare for yourself and enjoy while the. kids are indulging in their favorite foods , I know it can be easy to make rationalizations like I m too tired to exercise tonight or a couple of quick meals through Taco Bell isn t really. going to throw me off my diet because such rationalizations usually develop into regular patterns which sabotage your fitness efforts By. making excuses you throw roadblocks in your own way and keep yourself in a rut Once you have developed a routine even if it is unhealthy . it becomes predictable comfortable and difficult to change The problem is that unhealthy habits have a negative impact on your health and. well being , Here are some tips for you to follow to put you on a path to success .
Remember your GOALS Write down specific goals so that you have a blueprint of how you will achieve success and make sure to review. those goals regularly to make sure that you stay on track You can post your goals onto your refrigerator door so that you have a constant. reminder of what you want to accomplish , Have a VISION I love vision boards and motivating images because they provide tangible visual goals There may be a certain celebrity who. has the type of body you long for or you may have an image from your own younger slimmer days when you felt great about yourself If so put. images which inspire you to forge ahead on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator door to motivate you . Make food your ALLY Since we both know that fast foods will be tempting for you avoid visiting restaurants which serve that type of food . Pack your food for work instead of buying something at the food court or vending machine Remove tempting foods from your kitchen and. replace them with healthy foods Encourage your children to eat nutritious foods with you If you have to serve macaroni and cheese and tater. tots try to limit those foods to 1 2 times per week not only for your health and sanity but for their health as well . Have a SUPERMAN BAG If you pack what I like to call a Superman or Superwoman bag with gym essentials sport bra leggings socks . shoes gloves towel water bottle and keep it in the trunk of your car you can hit the gym either during your lunch break or on the way home. from work Take the energy you would put into making excuses and just go to the gym Also be sure to schedule your workouts into your daily. regimen so that they take priority in your life , Build a SUPPORT NETWORK Chances are that you have people around you spouse family members coworkers who completely believe in. you and want to see you succeed Let them know that you have fitness goals and ask them to encourage and motivate you . If you make an investment in yourself by being consistent with your exercise and meal habits you will be rewarded with greater balance in your. life and better health Don t you deserve that , The next issue s topic is on Revamping Your Diet Please submit relevant questions about nutrition to Dr Naito at stacey staceynaito com . FitnessX com FitnessX Magazine 13 , TRAINING, TOP Training Gadgets. Fitness Trackers,Fitbit Blaze Apple Watch, The Fitbit Blaze looks more like a regular smartwatch and has five The Apple Watch is designed to be an essential part of who.
times the battery life of the Apple Watch It is aimed at style con you are according to Apple s website It has all of the usual fit . scious consumers with an appearance of a sophiticated smartwatch ness tracking and can keep you on track for your appointments . It features Caller ID calendar and text display functions controlling advise you when you may need an umbrella or show you a text. the music on a paired smartphone and of course an activity tracker message from a friend among other features . with multisport options ,Style, Both wearables offer changeable bands including higher end options that allow both devices to transform from something you d wear at. the gym into a device that can easily be styled with business attire . The option seems to be a winning one for Apple Tim Cook said as many as one third of Apple Watch owners change their bands on a regu . lar basis At the iPhone event on Monday Apple introduced a new lineup of bands made from woven nylon new colors for the Apple Watch. Sport and a space black version of its higher end Milanese loop . Charging, To charge the Fitbit Blaze pop the screen out from the band insert the device into a charging cradle and plug it into a USB port Apple s pro . cess is more seamless allowing users attach a magnetic charging cable to the back of the Apple Watch to gain power from either an outlet. or a USB port ,Battery Life, The Fitbit Blaze has five times the battery life of the Apple Watch with as much as five days versus 18 hours without needing to charge . While the Blaze won t have the rich app ecosystem Apple Watch owners enjoy the wearable costs about 100 less than the Apple Watch. Sport making it ideal for people who are just looking for a stylish wearable offering fitness and daily communication capabilities . 14 FitnessX com FitnessX Magazine, TRAINING, Foam Rollers. RumbleRoller,Design,The surface of the RumbleRoller contains.
specially designed bumps that are firm but,flexible much like the thumbs of a massage. therapist ,Purpose,As you roll over the top of the RumbleRoller . the bumps continuously knead the contours of,your body gently stretching soft tissue muscle. and fascia in multiple directions This action,erodes trigger points helps restore flexibility . and brings quick relief to common types of,muscular pain By design the RumbleRoller s.
bumps are firmer than muscle tissue but much,softer than bone so they deflect out of the. way if they contact your spine or other bony,protrusions . Through simple techniques you can control,the amount of pressure the bumps apply to. your body The bumps are closely spaced to,one another 2 apart so several of them. simultaneously contact your body during most,exercises However with a slight shift of your.
body you can reduce your area of contact with,the RumbleRoller which increases pressure and. provides deeper more penetrating relief ,GRID Foam Roller. Design,The GRID Foam Roller is designed with proprie . tary distrodensity zones This three dimension ,al surface has a variety of widths to replicate. the feeling of a massage therapist s hands ,Purpose.
Its three dimensional surface allows tissue to,aerate while you roll promoting the flow of. blood and oxygen the nutrients needed to,repair muscles The hard hollow core hand . wrapped in EVA foam makes it firmer than,traditional foam rollers while its environmental. design uses less foam than traditional foam,rollers . The GRID Foam Roller is compact and travel ,friendly and backed by a one year warranty It.
is weight tested to support up to 500 lbs 225,kg static load .

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