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E mail alias so recipient sees your full name or your full name with cofc edu in. his her e mail in box, Subject line meaningful to recipient consider identifying your class MGMT 405. Content clear states the purpose of the e mail including any action to be taken. from the professor, Clear signature block with your full name postal mailing address and return e. mail address obviously there is no handwritten signature nor do I require a. digital signature, Be careful about including quotations and sayings in your signature block. Obviously don t include anything that has potential to be offensive or. misunderstood Think about the impression your message sends to someone. who doesn t know you and be judicious,The SB learning goals are. COMMUNICATION SKILLS Students will demonstrate the ability via both. written and spoken word to effectively present critique and defend ideas in a. cogent persuasive manner, QUANTITATIVE FLUENCY Students will demonstrate competency in logical.
reasoning and data analysis skills, GLOBAL AND CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY Students will be able to identify and. define social ethical environmental and economic challenges at local national. and international levels Students will also be able to integrate knowledge and. skills in addressing these issues, INTELLECTUAL INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY Students will be able to. demonstrate their resourcefulness and originality in addressing extemporaneous. SYNTHESIS Students will demonstrate the ability to integrate knowledge from. multiple disciplines incorporating learning from both classroom and non. classroom settings in the completion of complex and comprehensive tasks. Department statement of excellence, The Department of Management Entrepreneurship believes organizations have an obligation. to optimize the Triple Bottom Line that is to achieve financial ecological and social. objectives in increasingly competitive global markets. As teachers we seek to prepare our students to be global citizens who will think and act. systemically regarding the multiple purposes of creating and managing organizations in this. responsible way, Through our faculty service we reach out to the greater community creating business. relationships and partnerships We serve as a resource to international national regional and. local organizations, The faculty take pride in the fact that their research represents a variety of disciplinary.
perspectives,Classroom Format, The material will be conveyed through a combination of reading assignments limited lectures. discussions movies case analyses and structured individual and group exercises projects All assigned. readings exercises videos and cases should be viewed or read prior to the due day assignments are. always due by the start of class otherwise indicated All students are expected to have access to their. account on Oaks and are responsible for keeping their e mail account active consider forwarding your. MGMT 405 Prof Desplaces Page 2, cofc edu account to your desired account Course materials will be placed there and you should regularly. check in for announcements and updates, Task groups are increasingly pervasive in all organizations today and therefore will be the. preferred experiential format for the class As such it is important for you to learn how to effectively. participate in and to some extent manage a group both inside and outside the classroom You will have. to plan and manage your group s activities in order to complete a high quality group project effective in. a timely manner efficient according to quality and social guidelines ethics. Expected Norms, Several norms are also important for effective teams Responsibility is an important aspect of. this class Your most important allegiance should be to your group More importantly attempt to adhere. to your group norms In short act maturely by keeping them informed and treating them the way you. would prefer to be treated Then everything should go smoothly. Participation is also strongly recommended Effective participation requires reading assignments before. class and making relevant comments during class and more importantly our various visits Attendance. and punctuality are needed for any successful organization Attendance is required for learning to take. place Students that have more than three unexcused absences will get a zero for their. participation attendance grade, Another important norm is involvement You should be involved in class and in your group It.
is difficult to learn to manage passively You will be asked to discuss chapter cases and get involved in. learning exercises Involvement is needed for them to succeed In addition you should view this course. as an opportunity to practice making decisions in a relatively safe environment Get involved and more. importantly take calculated risks Out of class group work should be expected. Final Grades, Since I am the steward of learning my goal is for students to take charge of their. individual learning I want everyone student to do well in the course however you should. understand what I expect of you This syllabus serves as your contract of your learning with. me You have rights as well as responsibilities,Student s Bill of Rights. Right to a proper education instruction,Right to be treated fairly. Right to question content and process,Student s Bill of Responsibility. Responsible for his her own actions,Responsible for learning.
Treat everyone as equals, Must come prepared to discussed materials in class. No hats no cell phone no IMing no text messaging any such behavior will automatically mark. you as absent,Case Analysis 3 300 points,Quizzes 100 points. GO HelpDesk Weekly Logs 200 points,GO HelpDesk Consulting Report 200 points. GO HelpDesk Consulting Presentation 100 points,Learning Engagement 100 points. MGMT 405 Prof Desplaces Page 3,1000 points, assignment will be marked a full letter grade down every 24 hours it is late and it will NOT.
be accepted 3 days after the due date Exams not taken or projects not turned in at all are. graded as a Zero,Course Grade Scale Percentage,A 94 100 Superior C 73 76 99 Acceptable. A 90 93 99 Great work C 70 72 99 Weak work,B 87 89 99 D 67 69 99 Significant concerns. B 83 86 99 Good work D 63 66 99 Barely Acceptable, B 80 82 99 Below good work D 60 62 99 Near failure. C 77 79 99 Considerable F Failure Below 60,weaknesses. CASE ANALYSIS, Students will be asked to complete a short analysis 3 5 pages only cases in preparation for the.
EG Project All case analyses are completed as a group with a focus on analyzing franchise. opportunities Group grade will be assigned unless the instructor feels otherwise Group. members will be required to complete a group evaluation at the end of each case analysis More. details will be provided by the instructor Each group will be assigned to make a 10 minute. presentation of their findings and the class will engage in a general discussion of findings and. recommendations, You will be quizzed weekly on the chapter s due The quiz will only take 5 minutes and given. at the beginning of class only The quiz should cover some basic understanding of the chapter. which should demonstrate that you have read the materials before class You will be allowed to. drop quizzes from your final grade at the end of the semester I do not know how many yet. There is no make up for late arrival or missed quizzes No EXCEPTIONS. GO HelpDesk PROJECT, GO Helpdesk Project is a partnership between the School of Business Center for. Entrepreneurship and local businesses using the Economic Gardening EG concept It offers. unique applied learning and business experience opportunities to students that includes both. inside and outside of the classroom exposure to small business development and management. In return the students will learn how the business practices they have been taught in the. classroom are applied in the real world The goal is to craft a better road to success for these. businesses, The Economic Gardening EG concept was created to provide a wide variety of business services. to small and medium sized companies It is designed to leverage a collaborative group of private. public and academic resources to provide these services in support of Charleston area business. development initiatives realizing that sustaining a robust and vibrant state economy is largely. dependent on job growth and an ability to compete in the global market environment. Students will be encouraged to become members of the CofC SIFE team This is a free. membership designed to make you more marketable You will not be required to take an active. role with the SIFE team beyond the course although you are encouraged to do so You must. become a SIFE member www sife org or http www sife org GetInvolved pages register aspx. Students can add the following component to their resume. GO HelpDesk Center for Entrepreneurship Fall 2012,MGMT 405 Prof Desplaces Page 4. Student Consultant College of Charleston,Conduct a complete business needs assessment.
Develop actionable solutions,Create client report and presentation of findings. Learning Engagement, Attendance in the course is mandatory In order to foster lively and informed follow up discussion as well. as developing critical analytical skills it is necessary to be prepared for and to participate in every class. This requires active discussion presence and engagement all designed to promote individual and class. learning Entering class after instruction has begun is unacceptable and rude and therefore students will be. considered absent after the class has started Students who are hospitalized or away on College. Sponsored Functions will not be marked absent however work missed will have to be made up If you. are going to be absent you must turn in your assignments to me via e mail before the start of class for the. assignment to be considered for full credit Attendance will be taken using different means If you come. late into class it is YOUR responsibility to inform the instructor that you were late. You must direct all request for excused absences by contacting the Dean of Students at 67 George Street. white house next to Stern Center Only documented excused absences will not count against your. participation grade Absences must be excused within one week of absence to be considered. Class engagement points will be assessed as follows. 100 points Perfect attendance in course and consistently substantive participation in. class Substantive participation is defined as daily meaningful participation showing engagement. in learning every class, 80 points Perfect attendance in course and regular class Regular participation means often. participates but not daily engagement by the student. 50 points consistent attendance one to three unexcused absences infrequent class participation. noted by the instructor, 0 points missed more then 3 classes unexcused absences regardless of participation. The Honor Code, The Honor Code at the College of Charleston specifically forbids.
Lying knowingly furnishing false information orally or in writing including but not limited to. deceit or efforts to deceive relating to academic work to information legitimately sought by an. official or employee of the College and to testimony before individuals authorized to inquire or. investigate conduct lying also includes the fraudulent use of identification cards. Cheating the actual giving or receiving of unauthorized dishonest assistance that might give. one student an unfair advantage over another in the performance of any assigned graded. academic work inside or outside of the classroom and by any means whatsoever including but. not limited to fraud duress deception theft talking making signs gestures copying electronic. messaging photography unauthorized reuse of previously graded work unauthorized dual. submission unauthorized collaboration and unauthorized use or possession of study aids. memoranda books data or other information The term cheating includes engaging in any. behavior specifically prohibited by a faculty member in the course syllabus or class discussion. Attempted cheating a willful act designed to accomplish cheating but falling short of that goal. Stealing the unauthorized taking or appropriating of property from the College or from another. member of the college community Note also that stealing includes unauthorized copying of and. unauthorized access to computer software, Attempted stealing a willful act designed to accomplish stealing but falling short of that goal. Plagiarism,MGMT 405 Prof Desplaces Page 5, The verbatim repetition without acknowledgement of the writings of another author All. significant phrases clauses or passages taken directly from source material must be enclosed. in quotation marks and acknowledged either in the text itself or in footnotes endnotes. Borrowing without acknowledging the source, Paraphrasing the thoughts of another writer without acknowledgement. Allowing any other person or organization to prepare work which one then submits as his her. Students found in violation of the above honor code can expect sever consequences. Disability Statement, The College will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented. disabilities Students should apply at the Center for Disability Services located on the. first floor of the Lightsey Center Suite 104 Students approved for accommodations are. responsible for notifying me as soon as possible and for contacting me one week before. accommodation is needed, If there is a student in this class who has a documented disability and has been.
approved to receive accommodations through SNAP please feel free to come and. discuss this with me during my office hours, Any student eligible for and needing academic adjustments or accommodations because. of a disability is requested to speak with me during my office hours. The College of Charleston abides by section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 that. stipulates no student shall be denied the benefits of an education solely by reason of a. handicap Disabilities covered by law include but are not limited to learning disabilities. and hearing sight or mobility impairments If you have a documented disability that may. have some impact on your work in this class and for which you may require. accommodations please contact the Center for Disability Services 953 1431 and then. see me so that such accommodation may be arranged,MGMT 405 Prof Desplaces Page 6. Course Schedule,Session Date Topic Assignment Due Today. 1 8 21 Introductions and Syllabus Review,2 8 23 What is Small Business Management Ch 1. 3 8 28 New or Acquired Ventures Ch 2 Student s Rights and. Responsibility Statement Due on Oaks,4 8 30 GO HelpDesk Project Description.
5 9 4 Franchising Ch 3, 6 9 6 Consulting Project Kick Off Business Attire required. 7 9 11 Successful Business Plans Evaluating the Ch 4. 8 9 13 Legal forms of Business Ch 5, 9 9 18 Market Research Where to start your Ch 6 Consulting Contract. franchise Confidentiality Statement Weekly, 10 9 20 Market Research Library session Library assignments Weekly Report. 11 9 25 Case 1 Presentation Discussion Case 1 Analysis. 12 9 27 Strategic pricing Ch 7,13 10 2 Start Up Capital Ch 8 Weekly Report. 14 10 4 Project time,15 10 9 Financial Statements Ch 9 Weekly Report.
16 10 11 Financial Statements cont Preliminary Findings due via e mail. 17 10 16 Project Consultations Weekly Report,18 10 18 Financial Analysis Ch 10. 19 10 23 Financial Analysis Cont Weekly Report,20 10 25 How to write a report Guest. 20 10 30 Case 2 Presentation Discussion Case 2 Analysis Weekly Report. 11 6 Election day No Class VOTE,22 11 8 Project Consultations Ch 11. 23 11 13 Human Resources Weekly Report last One Draft. Report Letter Due,24 11 15 Editing your report How to Deliver. Presentations,25 11 20 Harvesting Ch 12 Final Report Letter Due.
26 11 27 GO Presentations to Clients, 27 11 29 Case 3 Presentation Discussion Case 3 Analysis Harvesting. Growing Due,12 4 Consulting Hours 9 11, Schedule is tentative and can change depending on the needs of the class.

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