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Excerpts BoD Meeting Mar 5 2012,Sports Activities, Present were 15 board members and 5 Non Board Members Chester. The club will be sending 3 complete teams to the District 14 D Clair Matt Darkes Kristi Darkes Ron Horning and Bob Nevling. Bowling Tournament on March 4th at Dutch Lanes Chairperson. Ray Wolf also reported that the District s Golf Tournament is Correspondence was read with no action needed Included in the. scheduled for May 5th and to see him if interested Lion Ray correspondence was a patch for our club Banner from PA Lions. announced tentative plans for the Club s Fun golf tournament Beacon Lodge Camp for our contribution of 1 175 in the previous. for April 29th More details to come year and also a 2010 2011 President s Retention patch. Merchandise Club Secretary Bruce updated the board on the status of members dues. payments and reported that there was only a few left to pay. Lion Charlie pulled the numbers for weeks 11 and 12 He reported. that we now have 358 Clubs sold Also 5 000 was transferred Lion Bruce also gave the following dates that recognition and award. from the Merchandise bank account into the club s account selections will be made April 9 Pa Fellowships April 23 Melvin. Jones Fellowships and May 14 Lion of the Year,OLD BUSINESS. Membership Orientation Retention, A Roll Call was taken for those Lions that were planning to attend Lion Bill Young suggested that as part of a new Membership. the Zone A 5 Club Combined meeting on March 7th The Roll Program that we offer Veterans a free one year membership if they. Call resulted in 13 members will be attending join the club Everyone thought that this was a great idea and plan to. discuss it further, GOOD OF LIONISM There will be an Orientation Session on March 26th after the. club s regular meeting conducted by Lion Bruce Carpenter. Lion Charlie reported on the special Vera Bradley Bingo that Invitations have gone out to members you have joined the club. was held on February 25th to benefit Lori Biechler who is both within the pass year but all are invited. Vision and Hearing impaired It was a big success and the club Program. was thanked for their donation of two 50 00 Wal Mart Gift Cards March 12 Mike Napp from the Local Little League. along with two Gift Certificates to our March 3rd Oyster Dinner March 26 Egg Hunt Routes handed out and Instructions Discussion. April 9 Beacon Lodge Camp,April 23 North East Eye Bank.
Lion Bob Weaver has been informed that we will not be able to. conduct food drives anymore that Martin s He will get more details. on this and report back,Reamstown Days, Reamstown Days will happen and our French fry trailer will be. Spring Oyster Dinner, Lion Treasurer Ray reported that he deposited 6 222 25 from the. pass weekend s Spring Oyster Dinner This is the best deposit he had. from a dinner for a long time Bills must be paid yet. Students of the Month, The March Student of the Month along with 2 sets of parents. will be at the March 12th meeting Lion Chuck said that we can. expect an increase of guests along with the Students of the Month. because of Parents being divorced and remarried and both parents. wanting to be present to honor their child,Care of Members. Lion Gene Moyer is still in the Hospital,Armchair Horse Race.
Chairperson Bob Weaver reported that the Armchair Horse Race. Tickets are available This event is scheduled for April 28th. Easter Egg Hunt, Chairperson Ray Wolf reported that due to both Corporate and. Local Management Changes Wal Mart will Not be supplying the. gifts for the Egg Hunt this year He is looking into giving monetary. gifts and or Gift Certificates to local fast food restaurants along with. Wild Wings, Sports Activities It was reported earlier in the year that the trailers would need. We had three teams participating in the District 14 D bowling New Electrical Brakes at a cost of 600 00 800 00 for them to. tournament the past weekend Lions Forest Troyer 611 and Sean pass inspection As this is a budgeted item no vote was needed and. Gallagher 578 were the highest bowlers We won t talk about the the board told the chairperson to go ahead and do what is needed. low scores Everyone had fun Chairperson Ray reminded the to have the trailers pass inspection. bowlers that this was a fund raising event for the District and asked. that any pledges be given to him along with the fee of 11 00 to NEW BUSINESS. bowl Membership Chairperson Dennis proposed the name of Kristi. Plans for a Club s Fun Golf on April 29th are being made Darkes as a potential member Kristi is the wife of our newest. member Matt Darkes She was approved by the Board,OLD BUSINESS. A motion was made and approved to donate two Wal Mart Scott Kimble Parents Board President of the East Cocalico. Gift cards to the Bingo Event being held by the Redners Markets Swim club asked the club if they would be interested in having. Relay for Life team This was a request that was tabled at the last the French Fry trailer at the Divisional Swim Meet that will be. board meeting held on July 21st at the East Cocalico Pool There will be between. At the February Board meeting it was approved to support the 500 600 swimmers participating with a potential of up to 1 500. District 14 D Convention with a donation of 30 00 and also people attending They would ask for a percentage of the proceeds. provide a Theme Basket There was no decision on who would similar to what we do for the cheerleader boosters A decision on. take care of putting a theme basket together Lion Forrest Troyer this was tabled until next meeting as we need to check how this. graciously volunteered to take charge of this Similar to last year would affect our Sales Tax status. he will put a 50 00 Bill in a Picture frame, Based on an inquiry from the board SABVI has given the District 14 D is hosting the 2015 Lions State Convention. name of Jody Klopp from Denver as someone that is interested in Hosting a convention takes money and according to Policy any. attending Beacon Lodge this summer A motion was made and fund raising can only be done with fellow Lions To raise funds. past for the club to sponsor Jody for camp after he pays the non the District has partnered with the Reading Phillies in what they. refundable registration fee of 75 00 Lion Bruce will contact Jody think is a unique opportunity They are asking each club to. and let him know about our decision and make the necessary become a Sponsor of the Convention Sponsorships start at. arrangements 100 00 and increase by 100 00 increments For each 100 00 a. At the February Board meeting the board discussed club sponsors they will receive 50 general admission tickets a. sponsoring a student to attend HOBY Hugh O Brian Youth general adult admission ticket costs 8 00 to a Reading Phillies. Leadership Lion Bruce contacted the Cocalico High School Baseball game Also by becoming a sponsor the club s name will. Counselor and received the name of Ryan Shupp a student who appear in the 2015 State Convention Program Booklet These. would like to attend this seminar A motion was made and passed tickets can be used on May 29th June 29th or August 29th but as. to have the club sponsor Ryan to attend this year s HOBY seminar an extra bonus the Reading Phillies is sponsoring Community. and then have him return to the club for a program on his Service Nights and Lions Clubs night will be on May 29th. experience, Again Please Note the tickets do not have to be used on May A 2010 2011 Attendance pin was given to Lion Joe Boose.
29th They can be used on May 29th June 29th or August 29th. It was suggested that the club uses this opportunity to both support Membership. our 2015 Convention and continue our Service to the youth of An Orientation for new members will be done after the next. our community that plays on Baseball and Swim teams By regular meeting on March 26th 2012. sponsoring the convention we will be able to receive tickets at a. cheaper price then we have been paying previous years plus Appreciation Dinner. giving the kids better options on what night they would like to Lion Jim reported that 22 members with a potential of 3 more. attend a game We would give them a ticket and they can decide have signed up for the Appreciation dinner scheduled for April 13th. when to go If it rains one of the nights or they have a game they With the guests and other friends the total count should be around. would still have the choice of two other nights Also we as a club 35 The cost of this event will be 40 00 which includes a menu of. would be eliminating the cost of the buses which was one of our Filled Chicken Breast and Pork Loin Lion Jim also reported that. biggest expenses After discussing the pro and cons a motion was they will set up the dancing floor for us for only 50 00. made and passed to sponsor the 2015 State Convention in the. amount of 800 00 thus receiving 400 Tickets to a Reading Program. Phillies game 3 26 2012 The Ray Phil Show Prepare for Egg Hunt Review. Routes Etc, A productive discussion was held about both the safety. conditions at our Oyster Dinners and the status of our Fryers Redner s. Committee chairs will be contacted to update them of the board Lion Charlie again displayed his excellent chart showing that as. thoughts and ideas and will be asked for their input of the meeting we have attained 400 87 in Redners receipts He. reminded the club that we need more to reach our goal. Excerpts Regular Meeting,Mar 12 2012 Spring Oyster Dinner. Lion Sidni thanked everyone for all the help that was given at. Lion Chuck Blattenberger introduced the March Student of the the recent Sprint Oyster Dinner It was one of the best we had for a. Month Elijah Blue Miller Elijah told the club of his long time. accomplishments at Cocalico High School and plans for the. future He was then presented with a certificate of achievement Senior Citizen Dinner. and a monetary gift of 100 00 As the next few meetings Lion Bob Nevling will be passing. around a list for the members to Review Add Remove of names to. invite to our Senior Citizen Dinner on April 28th,Care of Members. Lion President Tom asked the club to keep the following who. are recovering from illness or surgery in our thoughts and prayers. Lion Gene Moyer Susan Hartman and Betty Witmer,Armchair Horse Race. The Horse race tickets are ready Please see Lion Bob for tickets. Sports Activities, The club sent 3 complete teams to the District 14 D Bowling.
Tournament Everyone had a great time, Chairperson Ray Wolf also passed around a sign up sheet for. the Club s Fun golf tournament on April 29th at Hawk Valley and. then gathering at the Union Barrel afterwards, The speaker for the evening was Mike Knapp president of the. Cocalico Youth Baseball Organization Mike told the club about Merchandise Club. the local Youth Baseball teams and how the program is run Lion Charlie pulled the numbers for weeks 13 and 14. Currently about 420 kids play on 35 different teams The. nonprofit organization is run by 125 volunteers and needs 60 000 Property Manager. to operate Mike thanked the club for all the years we have Lion Stanley reported that another Electric Wheelchair has been. supported the teams by taking them to local baseball games More donated to the club. information about the Baseball Organization can be found at. www cocalicobaseball org NEW BUSINESS, A Roll Call was taken for those Lions that were planning to. Secretary Report attend President Honor to be held on April 13th at Yoders in New. Correspondence was read much of which consisted of thank Holland The Roll Call resulted in 14 attending The final count will. you cards and letters be taken at the March 26th meeting. Lion Secretary Bruce reminded the club about upcoming The first reading of the 2012 2013 officers was read to the club. events which included President s Honor on April 13th and the officers The second reading will be done at the next meeting and a. District Convention on April 14th vote to accept next year s officer will be taken. Upcoming Schedule,Mar 26 Regular Meeting Birthdays. Apr 2 Board of Directors meeting April, Apr 6 Easter Egg collection Sean Gallagher 2 William Rossiter 21.
Apr 7 Egg Hunt Reamstown Park Robin Shepard 4 Bill Harting 22. Apr 9 Regular Meeting Daniel Little 11 Bob Weaver 22. Apr 13 Appreciation Night Fox Chase Matt Williams 12 George Cutts 24. Apr 13 President Honor Night Yoder s Ron Horning 13 Angelo Voutsinos 29. Apr 14 District Convention Four Seasons April Hershey 16 Randall Morton 30. Apr 28 Senior Citizens Dinner Reamstown FC,Apr 28 Armchair Races.

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