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Title: Dying Light: The Following Genre: Action, RPG Developer: Techland Publisher: Techland PublishingFranchise:Dying Light Release Date: 8 Feb, 2016. Surf the retrowave with this bold retrofuturistic gear. This bundle includes a new outfit (Night Rider), a new buggy paint job (Speedmaster Turbo), and three new weapon blueprints (Blademaxx machete, Vindicator 2000 revolver, and Volkatronix rifle that shoots electric bullets). Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition Crack Free game download DOWNLOAD CRACK + SETUP. Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition: can be just a first-person activity survival game set at a vast open-world.


Surf the retrowave in style equipped with boldly designed retrofuturistic gear. Along with the new Night Rider outfit you will receive a new buggy paint job (Speedmaster Turbo) and three new weapon blueprints. Don’t let the flashy appearances fool you! Anyone who mistakes the Blademaxx machete, the Vindicator 2000 revolver or the Volkatronix automatic rifle for a toy, will be painfully proven wrong. The undisputed star of the show is the Volkatronix. Designed by Tolga and Fatin for Volkan Dal, it’s the first Dying Light firearm to shoot electric bullets, and therefore a necessary addition to your arsenal.

Dying Light - Retrowave Bundle Downloads

Please note, buggy paint job requires Dying Light: The Following expansion pack.

Dying Light - Retrowave Bundle Download Free

  • It is based on the release from GOG;
  • Removed all localizations except Russian and English / nothing recoded;
  • Game version: 1.31.0;
  • Changing the language when installing the game;
  • Supplements:
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  • Installation time ~ 8 minutes;
  • Repack by xatab.