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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the sixth installment of the franchise that has come out in 2002. Apart from San Andreas, Vice City is one of the most successful titles of the series that it's still worth playing even now. However, people are more into the latest title - GTA V which is better in almost every aspect: including visuals and gameplay experience.

But what if we can combine the story and the city of Vice City with the stunning graphics of GTA V? That's not a dream anymore, as the modder Lunchxbles has released his creative works namely Vice City Remastered! It's a mod that brings the vibrant Vice City alongside the main bad boy Tommy Vercetti.

The visual of Vice City has never look looked more terrific than this ever in its existence, which you can have a brief look in the short video below:

Relive our good old experience of Vice City!

Vice City looks visually stunning with its first release at the time that we can barely run it with Full HD resolution, all settings max and still being able to play smoothly. Over times, it has seen numerous mods that enhance the visuals of the game and adds more stuff, but it has completely stopped when GTA V starts to soar in popularity. As a result, we could see how Vice City should look with modern technologies in GTA 5.

But the story changes completely with Luchxble's new mod - Vice City Remastered mod for Grand Theft Auto V - which has redraw the whole city in modern visual standards. You can already see how impressive it is in the trailer, but here are the complications on what's new in this mod.

Download Gta Vice City For Pc

To be more specific, Vice City Remastered brought the 80s version of Florida of Vice City into GTA V, in addition to several advanced features. You can see all of the familiar streets, cars, bikes now being polished with detailed particles, all looks very smooth and gorgeous. The creator also stated that all of this experience is available on 4K resolution with 60FPS - if your PC can handle.

The trailer also showcases the vibrant neon lights at night, the titular palm trees on the yellow sands under the daylight, as well as showed us a top-down look from the helicopters. All of which brought back our nostalgic feelings of Vice City's insanely hard missions, which you have missed how beautiful the city looks to focus on fulfilling your tasks.

Apart from that, thanks to the vehicles mod feature that GTA V is famous for, you can see most of the cars and bikes of Vice City to be painted in the modern technology of GTA V. Of course - its rider is no one else but the bad boy Tommy Vercetti. Wearing his familiar beach T-shirt and, Tommy's movements are much more smooth and life-like now, a lot better than his cranky steps in the original games. He's only available with a separate mod also from Lunchxbles, but it's not that heavy either.

Above all, Vice City Remastered features the most advanced lighting technology that the whole world is talking about - Ray Tracing. The day-and-night experienced looks a lot more realistic with Ray Tracing turned on, and you can feel the real heavy rainstorms that rarely happen in the city with the most close-to-life experience.

How to download the mod

The steps to download Vice City Remastered are very simple: you can find it on, there will be a download button that contains a .zip file that contains a text document with the Mediafire link containing the mod. Its size is around 2.71 GB, which is fairly quick to download and easy to install.

The mod will have the install instructions inside the package, and you can follow its steps. However, if you have some problems, Lunchxbles will release an instruction video on the channel of the trailer above, which you can refer to.

Download Gta Vice City For Mac