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MakeMKV is a useful tool that can create MKV files from any DVD or Blu-ray disc. The program reads the discs you insert in the computer and shows a window with all the tracks inside the DVD or Blu-ray, organized into individual clips so you can choose which ones you want to rip the files from to get the audio, video, or subtitles.
Each element shows details like the extension, size, length, codec, and language. Once you mark all the tracks you want, you just have to press on the Create MKV button.
MakeMKV can avoid almost any type of anti-copy protection, so you can extract all the parts of the disc you want, regardless of their format.
This utility works at a good speed; how long it takes depends on the speed of your disc reader and the quality of the videos you want to convert into MKV. Another interesting feature on this program also lets you stream the videos you create.

Download award-winning video software to play, create and cast your favorite videos, including DivX®, AVI, MKV, and HEVC up to 4K. Available for Windows and Mac. Our free software includes three components to enjoy high-quality video playback (DivX Player), convert video (DivX Converter) and cast media from your computer to your TV (DivX Media. Play MKV with All-in-one Wondershare MKV Player & Converter. Without further ado, I'd like to.


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By Nathan E. Malpass, Last updated: April 24, 2020

“I love to watch movies and listen to music on my Mac, and I heard there are some great MKV Players available. I don’t know what those are, but a lot of people are saying that I should get it for my Mac and everything. I don’t know. I am not very techy and would love to know what are my options and what the MKV players actually are. All I know is that there are a lot of options available if I am not mistaken. Any help would be greatly appreciated!”

A lot of people use their Macs as an entertainment tool to watch movies anywhere at any time. Assuming you’ve been getting files here and there, you may have come across the MKV file and these are great multimedia container formats. A good thing to note about MKV files is that it can contain audio, video and even subtitles in one file, which makes it fairly handy to have all around. Unfortunately, there are some media players that have yet to be able to play MKV files, but not to worry, here is a list of the best MKV Players for Mac:

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Part 1: Five Best MKV Players for Mac

1. VLC

VLC is one of the most popular players available on the net, it’s fast, sleek and easy to use. A lot of people are already using this and are quite happy. It can play a lot of formats and rarely has too many files that it cannot work with. Definitely a contender for one of the best MKV Players for Mac. A must try for newbies and veterans alike.

Download mkv for mac catalina

2. Wondershare Player

This is a pretty nifty player and is gaining popularity with a lot of users. Wondershare Player has a very friendly interface and has a variety of formats that it can easily play. It’s easy to use and download, plus it is of course subtitle-friendly and works with both Macs and Windows. Give it a shot as it’s, of course, free to download and install.

3. Perian + QuickTime

For those who have been using Macs for quite some time, QuickTime is the default player that is installed on most Macs. Unfortunately, though, QuickTime is not able to play MKV files as of now and it has a few more formats that it does not recognize. For heavy media player consumers, this is a no-go so they often start to shop around for other options. That’s where Perian comes in.

Perian isn’t an MKV Player in the traditional sense of the word, but it is a third party add-on for QuickTime. What Perian does, is actually allows QuickTime to start reading formats and files that QuickTime could not before. All you need to do is download it and install it accordingly, then it will work its magic on QuickTime. So, if you are pretty happy with QuickTime, then Perian might just be a good option for you.

4. MPlayerX

The name might be a dead giveaway, but MPlayerX is a great MKV player. The interesting thing about MPlayerX, however, is that it has a very close similarity to QuickTime. Again, if you do prefer QuickTime and find that Perian is a little too complicated to get, then MPlayerX might just be the best option for you. The interface is very minimalist, which is great because you won’t get distracted while watching a movie and it works quite well on most Macs.

5. Mac Blu-ray Player

Play mkv on mac

As one can immediately tell, Mac Blu-ray Player works great for pretty much all Macs. Not only can it play Blu-ray formats, but it has a long list of formats that it can easily play and of course, MKV files are among that list. A fairly great program that deserves a spot on the best MKV Players for Mac.

These are just some of the many available options out there, there could be some more great players and new MKV Players are being developed yearly, while new features are added to existing MKV Players. You have quite a few choices to make, but at the very least the options above will give you a quick overview of some of the more popular decisions.

Moving forward, however, you may need to start trying several MKV Players and then uninstalling them, but you need to make sure that you uninstall them properly too. For that, you may need to keep reading to make sure that you are able to maintain the health of your Mac.

Part 2: Nice Tip-Proper Uninstalling When Not Suitable

There are a lot of great MKV Players available to Mac users and that’s great, the best part is, as mentioned earlier, you can keep trying whichever player until you are satisfied with the right one. While most of them are free, you also have to remember that after installing one and finding out it isn’t quite what you are looking for, you should uninstall that player.

You can definitely uninstall the usual way, but that leaves a lot to be desired for, as it will leave a lot of useless files on your Mac and unless you know how to find them manually, that will eventually become a larger problem. On the other hand, you can always use FoneDog PowerMyMac.

Mkv converter mac free

PowerMyMac is a program that was developed to better maintain your Mac and if you are trying a lot of MKV Players out, this just might be what you need. Among the tools that PowerMyMac uses, it has a great Uninstall tool that will not only remove the program or app that you want removing, it will also remove all related files to said program or app. Follow these steps in order to make sure that you have successfully removed all of the files related to the MKV Player you want to remove:

Step 1 - Download and install PowerMyMac - Download and install PowerMyMac for your Mac. Simply go to the official site, find the download and follow the necessary steps in order to proceed. The downloading time may vary depending on your internet speed, however, overall it should not be that long.

Step 2 - Opening PowerMyMac - When you have successfully installed it, as soon as you open PowerMyMac it will do an immediate health check of your Mac. They say having information is important and in this aspect, PowerMyMac has it in spades, you will get a quick overview of your Macs health and get a great clue as to what you need to do in order to better improve its performance. After checking the health of your Mac you will see three options available to you. The Toolkit is the one you want to choose for now.

Step 3 - Options and many more other choices - After choosing the Toolkit, quite a few more options will open up. Your attention will immediately be drawn to the Uninstaller option. Press that option to proceed.

Step 4 - Scanning time - PowerMyMac will ask for permission to scan through your computer, you will want to allow it and give it a few seconds to scan through your entire Mac. Please note this may take time depending on how much data PowerMyMac needs to scan through, please do not quit the program until it is done.

Step 5 - Choosing the program - Perhaps you tried several MKV Players already and still have them on your Mac, or maybe you only have one or two, doesn’t matter to PowerMyMac. You can simply choose what programs you want to delete and proceed.

Step 6 - Opening the program - When you’ve decided which programs you want to uninstall, simply click the name of the program and you will see all other files related to that file. You can scan through them or you can just choose all in order to really remove all of the files altogether.

Download Mkv Player For Mac

Step 7 - Confirm - All that’s left is to confirm the uninstall it along with all the other files connected to it and when you’ve done that you are pretty much done.

Thankfully, with PowerMyMac, you can easily keep downloading and trying whatever MKV Player you want to give a try and then uninstall it as quickly as you installed it. You can confidently be assured that using the Uninstall option of PowerMyMac will result in the complete removal of the MKV Player along with all the now useless files related to it, making sure that it doesn’t become useless junk on your Mac for future use.

Part 3: Conclusion

Being able to test out multiple MKV Players is super easy and should be done. You need to enjoy your MKV Player and it needs to fit into your lifestyle, if you prefer a simpler display, shop around, if you prefer better option settings, keep looking. As mentioned, most MKV Players are free and are easy to download, all you have to do is find the right place to download them. And having FoneDog PowerMyMac at your side, ready to uninstall any MKV Players is always great and having the many other tools available to you is another added bonus.

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