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  • If you are running on Mac OS X(Mavericks), iMedia Converter for Mac is the alternative. NLNA- What You Need Know - How does DLNA work? There are two main types of DLNA products: DLNA servers, such as PCs or a networked storage device, and DLNA clients. You need one of each to stream content using DLNA.
  • Playback is my favorite DLNA Server for MAC OS X, but I just found out that they closed business and are no longer supporting any of their software as of March 2014. I'm using Plex right now as the best of the two others that I've tried; Plex and XBMC (KODI). I just have problems with Plex not understanding my naming convention for TV show.

UPnP is an alternative name for DNLA, both suck.

Allonis myServer, a multi-faceted media player/organizer with a DLNA/UPnP server, controller, and renderer, including conversion.Runs on Microsoft Windows. Supports most all HTML5 devices as remote controls. Asset UPnP (DLNA compatible) from Illustrate. An audio specific UPnP/DLNA server for Windows, QNAP, macOS and Linux.Features audio. Universal Media Server is a DLNA-compliant UPnP Media Server Universal Media Server supports all major operating systems, with versions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The program streams or transcodes many different media formats with little or no configuration. UMS is powered by MEncoder, FFmpeg, tsMuxeR, AviSynth, MediaInfo and more, which combine to.

There are some DNLA server programs for the Mac but see my comment above. The Roberts manual for the 93i has the following to say on page 37.

Here is a short selection of alternative UPnP server programs, although many others are available:

The Music Player on the sound system can playback audio files in MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC and WAV formats. WMA Lossless files can also be played when using Windows Media Player as the UPnP server. Note that the playback of files encoded using WMA Voice, WMA 10 Professional, and of files which have DRM protection is not supported by the sound system.

  • AssetUPnP (Windows) * **
  • Mezzmo (Windows) *
  • MediaTomb (Linux, Mac OS X) *
  • Serviio (Windows, Linux, Max OS X) *
  • TVersity (Windows) *
  • Twonky Media Server (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) *

* = free of charge or trial versions with limited functionality are available at the time of writing. ** = other platforms in development.

Dlna Media Server Mac Os X Free

When using a UPnP server, the search and selection criteria are determined by the server software, not by the sound system, but typically include searching by Artist, Album and Genre. Many server applications also allow you to access your files according to the folders within which they are stored as well as other criteria. Windows Media Player is less flexible than some other UPnP servers in this regard, but is generally easier to set up.

Please refer to the documentation for your chosen server program for full details of its configuration and usage. Some Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices and some routers include UPnP/DLNA server software.



Dlna Mac Os X

The manual is available here http://www.robertsradio.co.uk/assets/User_guides/Internet_Radios_PDFs/Stream93i. pdf

Dlna Servers For Mac Os X

As a general comment, not all UPnP/DNLA software supports a function called 'transcoding' which means the automatic conversion of a music file to a format compatible with the desired device, so as the RobertsStream 93i does not support Apple Lossless if you try using that and your device does not support that format it may not work. I refer you again to my first comment. 😉 You should therefore have you music in either MP3 or AAC format for best changes of success.

The following is a list of DLNA software from MacUpdate - https://www.macupdate.com/find/mac/dlna

How It Works

X-DLNA Internet Browser detects videos in web page content and let you to play them via any DLNA device or Smart Tv in your Network.

Best free dlna server mac os x

Simple, powerfull and free.

X-DLNA (free version) does not relay the video stream but only transmit the video file link to your DLNA device. You can switch off your computer after the video playback has started.


A complete media server to play back local and online contents on any DLNA-compliant TV or Device.

You can organize your media library with information for Films, Series, Music Videos (title, genres, cast, artists, image).

You can also download online contents and include them in your library.

Free Vs Pro

See the comparition's table

FeaturesFree VersionPro Version
Internet Browser
Advanced Popup Blocker
Websites Whitelist / Blacklist
Browsing history
Plugin system to discovery non-standard video
Discovered video download
Core Functions
Max No. of DNLA devicesunlimitedunlimited
Play / Pause / Stop functions
Playback position control
Device Volume control
Streaming of online media
Streaming of local media
Queues of online and local media
Local library: Movies, Series, Videoclips ...