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Together with the easy-to-use DJI Fly app on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll have a simplified flying experience and a perspective unlike any other. Compact and portable Weighing under 250 grams, Mavic Mini is exceptionally portable and ranks in the lowest and safest weight class of drones, which in many countries may exempt it from certain. We are highlighting the steps to install the DJI app for windows and mac pc through Bluestacks. Download and install Bluestacks on your pc from the official website of Bluestacks. Start the installation process by clicking on the bluestacks.exe file, which you downloaded.

'Please help me, how to download DJI Go 4 app for my windows computer…I have Mavic Pro drone and I can't edit video with my iPhone. I used iPhone 6s plus 64 GB. My phone hasn't extra memory; I need the DJI Go 4 app for my windows computer.' – A User from DJI forum.

Many of you might have undergone similar situations and want to download and install DJI Go 4 App on your desktop or laptop. DJI GO 4 is great on iPhone and Android to control drones, and edit videos captured by your machine. But sometimes, you might want a desktop version because…

Lack of storage space on iPhone: 4K is storage-hunger, you might run out of storage place soon on your iPhone.

iPhone screen too small for video editing: It's so much easier to control drones and edit footage on a larger PC screen.

DJI Go 4 stuttering when editing large 4K videos on iPhone/iPad: Computers equipped with powerful CPU and GPU performs smoother to edit high res videos.

It would definitely nice if we can download DJI Go 4 App on a laptop, but the sad news is, currently, DJI has not yet developed any desktop version of this application. Don't walk away yet, if you want DJI Go 4 installed simply because you want a fast and smooth 4K video editing software that are simple to use and keeps best image quality, you can download the best DJI Go 4 alternative on Windows 10.

DJI GO 4 compatible Devices

All the devices & series mentioned in the outline below are the best DJI Application supporting Devices


iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone X


iPad 2017, iPad 2018, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro 2015, iPad Pro 2016, iPad Pro 2017, iPad Pro 2018

Android devices

Asus ZenpadS,S8, Z8, DJI Crystal sky, Google Nexus5,7,9, LGV20, V30, Samsung GalaxyA5,A50,A8,J7,J7 Prime, J7 Pro,Sky, Note 3,4,5,8,9, S10,S7,S7+,S8, S8+,S9,S9+, Sony XperiaZ2, Z3, Zpremium, Xiomi


Use best DJI Go 4 alternative for Windows 10/8/7

Will We See a DJI GO 4 on Windows 10 in the Future?

Though DJI Go 4 is not currently compatible with Windows 10, DJI is collaborating with Microsoft to release a software development kit. So that it's still promising that users can have a Windows version of DJI Go 4 or whatever DJI name this drone controller and video editing combo. The features of drone technology might be used to strengthen and elevate multiple industries from farming, construction to public safety.

Dji For Mac

DJI and Microsoft will implement a blend of Azure loT Edge & AI technology to empower and standardize both business and personal life on a global scale. The commercial development of drones shall save time, money and excess manual labor in due course. However, the project is in pipeline as of now and thus users are advised to opt for a DJI Go 4 alternative for Windows 10 which can help them with video editing.

Best DJI Go 4 Alternative For Windows

Though DJI Go 4 is yet available for desktop users, there are many great DJI video editing software to enhance your drone videos, as well as gimbal vlogs and Osmo Action footage. One ready example is VideoProc, which is programmed to efficiently handle 4K HEVC/H265 and H264 videos.

Drone videos captured by DJI are highly compressed and thus very unfriendly for editing software. VideoProc has 370+ codecs built-in to decode demanding format and re-encode it into something easy for editing.

This software has basic editing tools just as DJI Go 4, and there are some highlighted features:
• GPU accelerated to preview, render and export your high res drone videos;
• Remove wind noise from video clips;
• Fix shaky videos with advanced stabilization algorithm;
• Easy to use tools: cut, trim, rotate, merge your clips, add effects and adjust colors;
• Export to various formats based on your needs.


Dji App For Macbook Pro

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Making sure you choose the right shooting modes and set parameters right on your drones, which is the essential part in DJI video editing. Then you can use DJI go 4 on iPhone or VideoProc on desktop to cut your footage. VideoProc serves as an excellent DJI Go 4 alternative for Windows 10 in terms of video editing & conversion. Try it out today and get ready to enjoy the innumerable possibilities it brings along.


SANDMARC — a brand specializing in photography gear for iPhone, DJI and GoPro cameras — has launched the US$99.99 Prolight – Video Conference Edition for home office remote working.

It provides video conference lighting for remote working, home office, or corporate calls to level up conference webcam calls and meetings on Zoom, Facetime, Microsoft Teams, YouTube vlogs, Skype and live streaming. The Prolight provides a color temperate of 3000-6500k with a CRI of 95+, giving adjustable warm-to-cool temperatures.

It’s SANDMARC’s most powerful light with a brightness power of 1500 Lux. At maximum power the battery can last up to 100 minutes. Weighing less than six ounces, the small form factor makes the Prolight accessible for travel and using it in different desk setups.

Dji For MacDji For Mac

Dji App For Mac

Included is a patent-pending versatile mount that allows using your Prolight with a MacBook, Laptops, iPad and iPhone. The mount is fitted with a rubber padding on both sides to avoid the risk of any damage to a screen.