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Presentation Outline,Provide brief background on the creation. of the Sport Tourism Planning Template,Overview of Stages 1 through 4. Some Examples and Best Practices,Question and Answer. The Planning Template, Building on the Ontario Sport Tourism Stakeholders. meeting at 2003 CSTA Sport Congress Tourism, Hamilton applied for funding to develop a template.
Funding was provided to help develop a template and. an Action Plan for Hamilton,The template and Hamilton s Action Plan were. created in 2004 05,The Planning Template is available through. membership with CSTA one of the tools and benefits. of CSTA membership,What is Sport Tourism,Sport Tourism is a grassroots economic. development initiative involving,municipalities sport and tourism partners. It involves any activity in which people are,attracted to a particular location for a.
sporting event participant spectator etc,It is a stabilizing force during times of. volatility within the tourism industry such,as SARS H1N1 Boarder Issues Currency. Exchange Mad Cow Gas prices etc,Sport Tourism at a glance. Sport Tourism is the fastest growing,segment of the tourism industry. In Canada Tourism is a 62 Billion dollar,a year industry.
Of that Sport Tourism is the stabilizer,with an estimated 3 4 Billion a year and. growing rapidly,International tourism receipts totalled. 735 billion with an estimated 10 being,sport related. Legacies of Sport Tourism,Economic Development,Infrastructure Development. Community visibility and spirit,Volunteer and leadership.
development,New partnership development,between sport businesses tourism. sector and communities,Federal Gov t Commitment,Federal government Hosting Policy approved. in 2008 for 16M annually,Recently 500M was dedicated to a sport and. recreation infrastructure program,Approximately 100M has been targeted for. Festivals and Sport events annually,A 40M investment was made in 2010 for.
marketing tourism with a focus on sport,Provincial and Municipal Level. Commitment,Each P T has been mandated to develop a. Provincial Territorial Hosting Strategy,Municipal partnerships in Sport Tourism include. Convention Bureaus Econ Dev t Parks and Rec,Dept s Sport Councils Education systems. Chamber of Commerce Corporations and Sport,Organizations.
Organized structures within municipalities are,being incorporated to provide a consistent. approach to bidding and hosting opportunities,Key stages of building a Sport. Tourism Strategy,This gets everyone on the same page with a. background on What is Sport Tourism, Outlines different types and levels of sport events. Major International to created,Dimensions of an event of participants vol etc.
The business side expenditures and revenues,Social Costs and Benefits Vol De t vs Congestion. Cross section of involvement City Council etc,Agency Organizational Assessment worksheet. Key stages of building a Sport,Tourism Strategy,Input from stakeholders on what has been. accomplished and where the potential is,Community Strengths and. Weaknesses,Sport Event Resume,Sport Strengths,Tourism Strengths.
Sports with Potential,Facilities Inventory,Accommodation Profile. Key stages of building a Sport,Tourism Strategy,STAGE THREE. Aligning visions so that multiple objectives,can be met. Building towards the City s vision,Aligning all partners community. business sport etc so that all can achieve,their goals and objectives.
Speaks to key issues to be considered,Why are we getting into this business. Key stages of building a Sport,Tourism Strategy,STAGE FOUR. Moving the vision and plan forward,assessing events to go after. Building a Strategic Approach,Sport Tourism Opportunities. Sport Event Calendar Potential,Support Resources,Developing the Action Plan Strategy.
Why a Sport Tourism Strategy, To bring provincial national and international sport. events including sport and multi sport conferences. to your community, To work with existing sport competitions to expand. them from competitions to events and take them to,the next level. To build capacity to host future sport events,To create legacies in your community from sport. To create a coordinated approach to bidding and,hosting sport events.
To provide opportunities to leverage sport events for. social and economic benefits for your community s,residents organizations and businesses. Key Elements of a Strategic Plan,Partnership model develop multi partner. approach community support engage the,sport and tourism industry. Create a sport tourism budget and marketing,Create a Sport Tourism Advisory Committee. Complete facility inventory and assessment,Create staff positions within Sport Tourism.
Build target list of opportunities for the long,System development Sport hosting. legacies economic and social benefits,Marketing and promotion profile your. community build a brand rights holder and,visitor friendly promote your success. Strategic Objectives,To raise the profile and image of your community. provincially nationally and internationally through. bidding and hosting,To position your community as a desirable and.
capable host,To build and improve community sport,infrastructure. To support sport development and participation at,all levels in your community. To support economic development and,community downtown renewal. To engage residents through volunteerism,To engage organizations and businesses through.

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