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DEUTERONOMY,The Book of Experience and Obedience,WRITER Moses. Moses talked with God face to face Moses knew God, He made known his ways unto Moses his acts unto the. children of Israel Psalm 103 7, The children of Israel saw the acts of God but did not know Him. Moses knew His ways Deuteronomy is the result of this intimate. knowledge plus the experience of 40 years in the wilderness. Deuteronomy 34 5 12 was probably written by Joshua and belongs. to the Book of Joshua When the Book of Joshua was written it was. placed on the scroll of the Pentateuch making a Hexateuch. Deuteronomy means second law This is not to infer that it is a rep. etition of the Law as given to Moses on Mt Sinai It is the Law inter. preted in the light of 38 years of experience in the wilderness New. situations and problems arose that were not covered by the Law. specifically There needed to be an application of the Law to life sit. uations A notable example of this Numbers 27 is the case of the. inheritance of the daughters of Zelophehad who had left no sons. Deuteronomy therefore is more than a mere recapitulation of the. Law of Sinai it is another illustration of the law of recurrence 29 1. Specific laws that needed emphasis are repeated and enlarged upon. e g the Ten Commandments in chapter 5 Deuteronomy is a com. mentary on the Mosaic Law,There are 4 Hebrew titles of Deuteronomy. 1 Debarim The Words or These be the Words,2 The Kith or the Fifth of the Law.
3 The Book of Reproofs,4 The Iteration of the Law,KEY Love and obey. Love of God 4 37 7 7 8 23 5,Obey God 4 40 11 26 28 30 8 20. Love for God 6 4 5 30 6 16 20, This book teaches man to love and obey God The word love. occurs 22 times obey occurs 10 times The motive for obedience. is love The Lord Jesus said If ye love me keep my command. ments John 14 15 The true motive for obedience is stated in. Deuteronomy 6 4 5 God s love for man is the motive for His gov. ernment and the giving of laws Man s love of God is the motive for. his obedience This is not the gospel but the principle of it is here. This is the pathway of blessing It is likewise the answer to those who. do not find love in the Old Testament There is love in the Old. Testament and there is law in the New Testament Moses pleads with. them to obey,Why obey Pleading of Moses,1 Israel belonged to God 14 1. 2 God loved them 4 37,3 God wanted to preserve and prosper them 4 1.
4 Their show of gratitude 4 7 8, A new generation had arrived on the east bank of the Jordan River. 1 5 one month before entering the Promised Land 1 3 Those of. the generation which had left Egypt were dead and their bones were. bleaching beneath the desert skies because of their unbelief and dis. They had broken God s law sins of commission,They had failed to believe God sins of omission. The Law was weak through the flesh Romans 8 3, Moses gives to this new generation his final instructions from the. Lord before he relinquishes leadership of the nation through death. He reviews the desert experiences reemphasizes certain features of. the Law reveals their future course in light of the Palestinian. Covenant teaches them a new song blesses the twelve tribes and. then prepares to die A requiem to Moses concludes the book. This new generation was unfamiliar with the experiences of Mt. Sinai and they needed to have the Law called to their attention and. interpreted in the light of their experience and future dwelling in the. Promised Land, The Book of Deuteronomy has been the center of attack by the. critic First the authorship of the book was challenged The original. criticism was that Moses could not have written it because there was. no writing in existence in Moses day That has subsequently been. soundly refuted Next the critic stated that the purpose of the book. was to glorify the priesthood at Jerusalem but neither the priesthood. nor Jerusalem is mentioned in Deuteronomy, The probable reason for the satanic attack upon the Book of.
Deuteronomy is that the Lord Jesus Christ quoted exclusively from. this book in beating back Satan s temptation Little wonder Satan. hates this book,1st temptation Matthew 4 4 Luke 4 4. compare Deuteronomy 8 3,2nd temptation Matthew 4 7 Luke 4 12. compare Deuteronomy 6 16,3rd temptation Matthew 4 10 Luke 4 8. compare Deuteronomy 6 13 and 10 20, The Old Testament prophets quoted from Deuteronomy frequent. ly There are also over 80 references to it in the New Testament. Deuteronomy exalts the Word of God, And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children.
and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house. and when thou walkest by the way and when thou liest. down and when thou risest up Deuteronomy 6 7,STRIKING FEATURES. 1 Greatest doctrinal statement in Old Testament,Hear O Israel The LORD our God is one LORD Deuter. 2 First mention of the Great Tribulation, But if from there thou shalt seek the LORD thy God thou. shalt find him if thou seek him with all thy heart and. with all thy soul When thou art in tribulation and all. these things are come upon thee even in the latter days. if thou turn to the LORD thy God and shalt be obedient. unto his voice for the LORD thy God is a merciful God. he will not forsake thee neither destroy thee nor forget. the covenant of thy fathers which he swore unto them. Deuteronomy 4 29 31,3 Promise of a coming Prophet, The LORD thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from. the midst of thee of thy brethren like unto me unto him. ye shall hearken according to all that thou desiredst of. the LORD thy God in Horeb in the day of the assembly. saying Let me not hear again the voice of the LORD my. God neither let me see this great fire any more that I die. not And the LORD said unto me They have well spoken. that which they have spoken I will raise them up a. Prophet from among their brethren like unto thee and. will put my words in his mouth and he shall speak unto. them all that I shall command him Deuteronomy,4 Test for determining true and false prophets.
But the prophet who shall presume to speak a word in my. name which I have not commanded him to speak or who. shall speak in the name of other gods even that prophet. shall die And if thou say in thine heart How shall we. know the word which the LORD hath not spoken When a. prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD if the thing fol. low not nor come to pass that is the thing which the LORD. hath not spoken but the prophet hath spoken it presump. tuously thou shalt not be afraid of him Deuteronomy. Every prophet had to speak into a local and immediate situation. 5 Prewritten history of Israel in the land before they enter the. land Deuteronomy 28 30,6 Palestinian Covenant Deuteronomy 29 1 30 10. 7 The Song of Moses Prophetic Deuteronomy 32,a Call to hear vv 1 4. b The nation returns evil for the grace of God vv 5 6. c Jehovah s goodness vv 7 14,d Apostasy of the nation vv 15 18. e Judgment of God upon them vv 19 25,f Longing of God for His people vv 26 42. g Nations of the world blessed with Israel vv 43 44. 8 Lonely and strange death of Moses Deuteronomy 34 5 8. One translation has it died by the kiss of God God kissed. Moses and put him to sleep What a lovely thought,I Reviewing the journeys Chapters 1 4.
II Restating the Law love and obedience Chapters 5 26. A Repetition and interpretation of Ten Commandments. B Religious and national regulations 8 21,1 God s past dealings are assurance for future 8. 2 God knew Israel the past was not good 9, 3 God sent Israel to Egypt God brought them out of. 4 Promised Land not like Egypt principle of occu,5 Israel has only one place to worship in land 12. 6 Warning against and test of false prophets false. 7 Diet for Israel 14,8 God s poverty program the permanent slave the. perfect sacrifice is Christ 15, 9 Three main feasts Passover Pentecost Tabernacles.
all males required to attend 16,10 Sundry laws 17,11 Priests and prophets test of true prophet 18. 12 Cities of Refuge extent of land and extremity of Law 19. 13 Laws regulating warfare 20, 14 Laws regulating murder marriage and delinquent sons 21. C Regulations for domestic and personal relations 22 26. 1 Miscellaneous laws concerning brother relationships. dress building code planting seed and marriage 22,2 The world the flesh and the devil 23. 3 Divorce 24, 4 Punishment of guilty 40 stripes law protecting wid. ows punishment for crimes judgment of Amalek 25,5 First fruits thanksgiving 26.
III Regarding the future of the land blessings and curses. Chapters 27 30,IV Requiem to Moses Chapters 31 34, One Hebrew division of Deuteronomy is very good and follows. the generally accepted pattern,EIGHT ORATIONS,1st Oration 1 6 4 40. 2nd Oration 4 44 26 19,3rd Oration 27 28,4th Oration 29 30. 5th Oration 31 1 13,6th Oration 32 Song of Moses,7th Oration 33. 8th Oration 34, These notes prepared by J Vernon McGee are for the purpose of giv.
ing assistance to the listeners of the THRU THE BIBLE RADIO pro. gram They are to be used with the Bible and will be more meaning. ful as you look up all the Scripture references Due to the necessary. brevity of both notes and broadcasts a list of recommended books is. included for those wanting a more detailed study These books may be. obtained from a Christian library or bookstore or ordered from the. publishers,RECOMMENDED BOOKS FOR FURTHER STUDY, Epp Theodore H Moses Lincoln Nebraska Back to the Bible Broadcast. Gaebelein Arno C Annotated Bible Vol 1 Neptune New Jersey. Loizeaux Brothers n d, Grant F W Numerical Bible Neptune New Jersey Loizeaux Brothers. Gray James M Synthetic Bible Studies Old Tappan New Jersey Fleming. H Revell Co 1906, Jensen Irving L Numbers Deuteronomy Self Study Guide Chicago. Illinois Moody Press 1967, Kelly William Lectures Introductory to the Pentateuch Oak Park Illinois. Bible Truth Publishers 1870, Mackintosh C H C H M Notes on the Pentateuch Neptune New Jersey.
Loizeaux Brothers 1880,Excellent devotional study, Meyer F B Moses The Servant of God Fort Washington Pennsylvania. Christian Literature Crusade n d, Ridderbos J Deuteronomy Grand Rapids Michigan Zondervan Publishing. House 1984, Schneider Bernard N Deuteronomy Winona Lake Indiana Brethren. Missionary Herald Co n d, Schultz Samuel J Deuteronomy The Gospel of Love Chicago Illinois. Moody Press 1971, Thomas W H Griffith Through the Pentateuch Chapter by Chapter Grand.
Rapids Michigan Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co 1957,Excellent summary. Unger Merrill F Unger s Bible Handbook Chicago Illinois Moody Press. Unger Merrill F Unger s Commentary on the Old Testament Vol 1. Chicago Illinois Moody Press 1961,THRU THE BIBLE RADIO NETWORK. Pasadena California 91109 7100,16105 AACACd,SAMPLE SUMMARY FOR EACH CHAPTER. for your personal study,1 Theme of chapter,2 Most important verse. 3 Most prominent word,4 Teaching about Christ,5 Command to obey.
6 Promise to claim,7 New truth learned, These notes prepared by J Vernon McGee are for the purpose. of giving assistance to the listeners of the THRU THE BIBLE. RADIO program They are to be used with the Bible and will be. more meaningful as you look up all the Scripture references Due. to the necessary brevity of both notes and broadcasts a list of. recommended books is included for those wanting a more. detailed study These books can be obtained from a Christian. library or bookstore or ordered from the publishers.

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