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The Democratic Socialism Simulator is a single player game that borrows its interface from the dating app Tinder and the popular game series Reigns. A single game typically last about 20-30 minutes. Democratic Socialism Simulator is the latest to do so, and it might well be one of the most interesting examples yet. It casts you as America's first socialist president in a world of talking animals. You'll attempt to enact radical reforms, keeping voters happy without bankrupting the government in the process. The Democratic Socialism Simulator lets you play as the first socialist president of the United States. Can you redistribute power and wealth while addressing the climate crisis? Enact radical reforms, tax the rich, transform the economy, tackle the most pressing issues without alienating voters. The Democratic Socialism Simulator is an attempt to prefigure the opportunities and challenges of a Sanders (or Sanders-like) presidency. It is meant to entertain, enrage, provoke socialist-curious players as well as comrades on the front lines of the political revolution. Also available for Android devices.

Is Moderation the Solution?

The 2020 US presidential election might be over, but just as other elections in the past, its stories and lessons remain: why did the winner win and the loser lose? What issues do American care deeply about at this moment? How will the country look like 4 years from now? Each question unfolds other questions that would take forever to find the right answers. Luckily, Democratic Socialism Simulator will help us solve part of our wonders, if not all. In this episode, we examine the choices a president makes during his/her term as well as the repercussions they bring. We hope you will gain insights into what makes a successful presidency.

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