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2 DELPHI INNOVATION MASTER CLASS 2010 2011,Organizations don t lack. innovative and creative people,they lack a process to tap. into that creativity and create,valuable innovation from it. Thomas Koulopoulos,Founder Delphi Group,Welcome to the Future. You ve heard about the importance Organizations don t lack innovative This brochure provides you with insight. of innovation and creativity from and creative people they lack a process on the content and special features of. leaders in nearly every industry From to tap into that creativity and create the Innovation Master Class including. Steve Jobs to Bill Ford innovation has valuable innovation from it the case studies discussion of metrics. become a mantra for organizations that The Innovation Master Class has been and the detailed review of how to. are thriving as well as those that are developed over years of work across all create your own innovation zone. striving industries We ve captured the essential The Innovation Master Class also. But can innovation actually be taught lessons you need to learn and apply provides the opportunity to gain. What about creativity After all aren t in order to quickly create your own certification through the Delphi. people just born creative solutions Blackbelt program. The reality is for most people and We ve also created a comprehensive Bet of all you can take the Innovation. organizations innovation is often the modular framework of 13 separate Master Class wherever and whenever. result of serendipity persistence and video modules which you can watch it s convenient for you through the. lots of luck on demand based on your schedule and power of DelphiTV. That may have worked in a simpler time constraints Yet you will not need to Join us for this amazing journey and. world but not today and certainly not compromise on the quality and content learn the tools and methods that will. in the future The Innovation Master Class provides make you and your organization a. the best source for understanding the world class innovator. The fact is that innovation and,full spectrum of issues and methods.
creativity can be learned studied and,surrounding innovation. put into a process, Contact Delphi at 617 500 4300 www delphigroup com info delphigroup com. 3 DELPHI INNOVATION MASTER CLASS 2010 2011,About the Innovation Master Class. Best Practices and Case Studies,The Innovation Master Class includes. deep case studies of organizations,that have achieved exceptional.
improvements in their ability to,innovate We will go far beyond the. high level rah rah of most innovation,cases to deliver hard core detail on how. these organizations achieved radical, What is the Innovation Master Class improvements in their innovation You. will also leave with published cases, An intensive one day workshop that will teach you the latest methods and tools that illustrate the specific methods and. for creating world class innovation skills This session will build your competency experiences of the leaders in the field. and capability in innovation with a proven set of tools and individualized analysis and in the trenches insights for those. that has been deployed in many of the world s largest organizations that want to be innovation leaders. The Innovation Master Class focuses on what is fast becoming one of the core. competencies for survival in the global economy As globalization reshapes the Innovation Management. competitive landscape individuals and organizations are realizing that growing Assessment Tools. their innovative capacity is the only way to build leadership and sustain it This unique event builds your. In Only One Day innovation skills and capabilities. with a proven set of tools currently, There may be many seminars and conferences on innovation but only one deployed in many of the world s largest.
Innovation Master Class where you will learn the nuts and bolts of innovation in organizations You will explore your. the trenches NOT in the clouds Sure we could pack three four or more days own organizations innovative capacity. with fluff and lots of activities to take up more of your time and money but why and benchmark it against a database of. do that when you can invest one day and walk away with so much over 300 organizations. Contact Delphi at 617 500 4300 www delphigroup com info delphigroup com. 4 DELPHI INNOVATION MASTER CLASS 2010 2011,Here is Just Some of What You Will Learn. 33 Business Lessons on the Value of,34 Building an Innovation Process. 35 How To Build Innovation as a,Organizational Competency. 36 Defining an Innovation,Architecture, 1 The Five Laws of Innovation 18 Innovation on a Global Stage 37 The Role of Process and Culture. 2 Managing Ideas 19 Innovation vs Invention 38 How to Develop Balanced and. 3 Idea Ownership 20 Innovation vs Problem Solving Effective Team based Innovation. 4 Idea Evaluation 21 Reactive vs Proactive Innovation 39 Using ROT Return on Time as a. Benchmark and ROI Metric, 5 Idea Championship 22 The Components of Innovation.
40 Leadership and Innovation, 6 Idea Storage 23 Why Innovation is Rarely Taught in. the Classroom 41 Effective Tools and Approaches to. 7 Idea Valuation Valuing Innovation, 8 Innovation Killers 24 Building a Core Competency. Organization 42 Measuring Partnership Value, 9 Innovation Leadership for Innovation in Sourcing. 25 Seven Lessons from the World s Relationships,10 Avoiding Entrenchment Best Innovators. 11 Best Practices in Innovation 43 Case Studies of Benchmark. 26 Why Brainstorming is Not Enough Innovators,Management.
27 The Importance of Creativity and 44 A Look at How the Key Players are. 12 Building an Effective Innovation Innovation in the Workplace. Team Succeeding at Innovation Cases on, 28 Metrics and Business Drivers NASA Partners Health Care 3M. 13 Building a Balanced Innovation Sony Apple iRobot Innocentive. Team 29 Assessing Your Organization s,Innovation Capability and Many More. 14 Building an Innovation Process 45 Review of Innovation Management. 30 Best Practices in Innovation, 15 Rewards and Incentives for Management Software Tools. Innovation 46 Influences on Behavior and,31 Building an Effective Innovation. 16 Building an Innovation Zone Team Problem Solving. 17 Defining Innovation in Today s 32 Building a Balanced Innovation. Enterprise Team, Contact Delphi at 617 500 4300 www delphigroup com info delphigroup com.
5 DELPHI INNOVATION MASTER CLASS 2010 2011,Delivered Online Live abbreviated version Onsite. Prerequisites Foundations,Case Studies of Innovation. Topics Covered,Case Studies of Benchmark Innovators. A Look at How the Key Players are,Succeeding at Innovation. Sample Cases,NASA Partners Health Care 3M,Sony Apple iRobot Innocentive.
Bank of America Whirpool Nine,Sigma and others,Case Lessons. 1 Build for the Unknown,2 Fail Fast,3 Abandon the Success of the Past. 4 Separate the Seeds from the Weeds,5 Focus on Process over Product. 6 Create an Innovation Experience, The Innovation Master Class includes You will also leave with cases that 7 Challenge Conventional Wisdom. in depth case studies of organizations illustrate the specific methods and. that have achieved exceptional experiences of the leaders in the field. improvements in their ability to and in the trenches insights for those. innovate We will go far beyond the that want to be innovation leaders. high level coverage of most innovation This course includes pre reading on the. cases to deliver hard core detail on how cases to be discussed and extensive. these organizations achieved radical dialog about the cases and their. improvements in their innovation outcomes For attendees who also. purchase the Innovation Zone book,Attendees are also challenged to.
consider alternative approaches than,those presented in the cases. Contact Delphi at 617 500 4300 www delphigroup com info delphigroup com. 6 DELPHI INNOVATION MASTER CLASS 2010 2011,Innovation and Creativity Metrics. Topics Covered,Measuring Innovation,Defining an Idea Architecture. The Innovation Chain,Using ROT Return on Time as a. Justification,Using Velocity of Innovation,Measuring Value Chain Creativity.
Leadership and Rewards,Measuring your Corporate IQ. benchmarking, This Innovation Master Class provides Attendees will be introduced to the. a framework for measuring the impact concept of the Innovation Chain. of innovation We will evaluate several Return on Time Metrics and the role. methods for assessing innovation of an innovation architecture and. capability benchmarking innovation innovation management tools in the. measuring the velocity of innovation metrics process. and rewarding innovation,Attendees will each take a brief survey. online that will provide an initial,assessment of their organization s. work group department division,business unit etc innovative capability.
and then consider ways to increase the, Contact Delphi at 617 500 4300 www delphigroup com info delphigroup com. 7 DELPHI INNOVATION MASTER CLASS 2010 2011,Building an Innovation Zone. Innovation is a process that,needs sponsors structure trust. and integrity just like any other,discipline within an organization. Topics Covered, One of the most difficult and yet The role of the Innovation Zone Building an Innovation Zone.
essential aspects of a successful in working with idea owners and The Components of an Innovation Zone. innovation effort is the creation motivating them to submit ideas and Motivating Submissions. of an Innovation Zone within the to instill a bond of trust between them Staffing an Innovation Zone. organization that can act as a and the organization will be discussed Core Mission and Vision. safe haven for the evaluation and within the context of the attendees s Evaluation Criteria and Application. mobilization of ideas organization in order to address the Enabling Tools. The Innovation Master Class looks existing culture and challenges Fitting into the Culture. at the specific components of an The result will be a starting point for Developing the Baseline of an. Innovation Zone from its ties to you to put an Innovation Zone in place Innovation Zone. leadership the competencies and given your existing resources and. resources needed to enable it and the capabilities. processes used to actually evaluate, Contact Delphi at 617 500 4300 www delphigroup com info delphigroup com. 8 DELPHI INNOVATION MASTER CLASS 2010 2011,Innovation Blackbelt Certification. Our combination of education,examination and real world. expertise combine to give you,a solid foundation for your. innovation career and credentials, Welcome to the ranks of the select your commitment and understanding through innovation Blackbelt.
professionals who have made the of innovation in an objective and. commitment to demonstrate their rigorous format Our combination of certification. expertise skill and understanding in education examination and real world. the critical area of innovation expertise combine to give you a solid. While many people talk about foundation for your innovation career. Innovation its implications and credentials through innovation. technologies and methods relatively Blackbelt certification. few are able to demonstrate their The exam is an intensive multipart. competency based on any sort of written or on line examination The. formal education exam is taken under the on line, You can t get an MBA in Innovation supervision of a Master blackbelt. Management yet it is a skill that will examiner, be increasingly necessary in the future The material in the examination. How do you show that you are among is covered during the courses in. those few select professionals The this catalog but also relies on your. Innovation Blackbelt is the answer ability to express proficiency good. We have developed the Innovation judgment and skill in the basic concepts. Blackbelt program to provide a level and fundamental of innovation. of certification that demonstrates management, Contact Delphi at 617 500 4300 www delphigroup com info delphigroup com. 9 DELPHI INNOVATION MASTER CLASS 2010 2011,Virtual Course Delivery. Do you really expect to deliver,courses on innovation and.
creativity using the same old,Education that,Delivers Anywhere. A unique aspect powerful platform that provides high same content for. of the Innovation Master Class is impact education future attendees. that the course can be taken via the This allows attendees to participate in viewing On. web either On demand Delphi has courses that are much longer even a demand or for the. made a substantial investment in a full day over the web and yet still be reference use of. virtual delivery platform that provides engaged and interactive prior attendees. an unparalleled level of quality and Best of all DelphiTV needs no There is simply no. engagement for attendees proprietary hardware or software only more cost effective way to train your. Unlike traditional voice over a standard broadband connection and organization on these critical topics. PowerPoint training or traditional video Windows Media Player or Flash. classrooms we combine instructor We can deliver our training anywhere. media and animation in a single in the world live and then archive that. Contact Delphi at 617 500 4300 www delphigroup com info delphigroup com.

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