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Copper Smelting is a tech which kicks off the Copper Age. Copper occurs naturally as native metallic copper and ancient settlers learn to not only to collect copper ore from deposits but extract it through high heating methods for long-lasting tools and weapons. Bronze Smelting Copper Mine Pit Furnace Metalsmith Workshop With this technology you can make: Copper from Copper Ore + Charcoal then. EU STEAM CD KEY: Requires an EUROPEAN IP address or you must activate it with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in order to play Dawn of Man. Might have languages restrictions or language packs. Read the description on the store game page to know if the EU IP is only needed for activation or for playing also (maybe on EU Servers). More Dawn of Man. Getting mud in Dawn of Man March 7, 2019; Tech tree in Dawn of Man March 6, 2019; Best starting location in Dawn of Man March 11, 2019; Low morale in Dawn of Man March 8, 2019; Leather and tannin in Dawn of Man March 4, 2019.

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Do you want to find yourself in a distant era of the first intelligent people? Then you need download dawn of man torrent. Go from era to era and try to survive and grow in the difficult circumstances of the primary community from Planetbase.

What awaits you

As in similar urban planning strategies with elements of survival, you have to lead your own tribe, care, develop - and all this will take place in the Stone Age. As such, the storyline, the strategy has no. However, there are several sandboxes and six challenges with set goals, excluding creative ones, which, like in sandbox mode, do not have a goal, but have start-up capital.

If you decide download DawnofMaletorrent, you have to help your tribe to survive and evolve, following the path of our ancestors, to overcome the dangers of the wild:

  • hunt. Even in ancient times, animals were a source of food and resources. Meals were used to cook food, bones were used to make tools, and skins were sewn into clothes;
  • collect natural resources. Resources of nature come to the rescue - wood, stone, mushrooms and berries;
  • prepare stocks. Stock up on mushrooms and berries in the warm season, hunt animals and sew warm clothes, which you cannot do without in the cold seasons;
  • expand and strengthen. Try to build as many buildings as possible to increase the population;
  • discover new technologies. The more research, the closer the new future. But be prepared for new discoveries to bring new challenges;
  • build colossal structures. Repeat the incredible feats of our distant ancestors - try to get large boulders, move them and build megalithic structures.

Finally, conquer nature. To start growing vegetables and fruits for your settlement, you will need to unlock the Farmer's technology. Tame animals that will become helpers in farming, as well as provide resources and food.

What it looks like

The controls are simple and straightforward. The visualization is the same. Of course, the game lacks depth, colors and special effects. The situation is also sad with the sound, the nature is poorly voiced, for example, the water in the river does not murmur or there is no noise from the working crowd. But all this is small and not noticeable against the background of addictive gameplay. Therefore, you can safely download DawnofMaletorrent on our website. By clicking on the button at the bottom of the article, in a couple of minutes you can go back in time.

Game info

Dawn Of Man Game Download

Year: 2019
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Madruga works
Version: v1.4.2 Solstice content update full (Last)
Interface language: English, Russian
Tablet: Sewn

Dawn Of Man Cheats

Minimum system requirements

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Processor: 2 GHz
Memory: 4Gb
Video card: 1GB VRAM
Hard Drive Memory: 2Gb

This article is a stub. You can help Dawn of Man Wiki by expanding it.

This article is a stub. You can help Dawn of Man Wiki by expanding it.

This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Dawn of Man. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic gameplay[edit | edit source]

One of the basic things you need to figure out is correctly calibrating resource limits. Generally speaking moderation is key, stockpiling the wrong resources may reduce production of other resources, resulting in bottlenecks in tool production, building construction or elsewhere. Where high demand for a certain resource is foreseen (as a result of gameplay experience) it is sensible to stockpile or concentrate production of certain resources to prevent shortages in future. Some examples include dry skins(for tents, skin clothes and bows) logs (for wooden palisade walls) and stone (for stone walls, warehouses and stone huts).

In terms of tools provisions a sensible supply provision as a percentage of population size is; 50% spears, 75%-100% bows, 25% fishing tools, 25% picks, 25% axes, 75%sickles, 50%-75% knives and 50% swords. Only a relatively small number of people will be logging, mining or fishing hence the 25% for those. Depending on livestock numbers a figure between 50-75 for knives is sensible for butchery purposes. Spears 50% as whilst those hunting will generally be few in number spears are good for defence against raiders. Bows are great for hunting and defence so 75%-100% is recommended (kids can't use bows but nice to have a surplus so new arrivals can arm themselves immediately). 50% swords as they are good for fighting but preferably the dogs should be the melee meatshield buying time for your 'archers' to decimate the distracted raiders. It is going to be all hands on deck come harvest so 75% sickle ratio allows all the adults (elderly included) to pitch in cutting the grass.

Dawn Of ManDawn of man game

Key Controls[edit | edit source]

WMove Camera Up
AMove Camera Left
SMover Camera Down
DMove Camera Right
QRotate Camera Left
ERotate Camera Right
RZoom Camera In
FZoom Camera Out
ZRotate Left
CRotate Right
HHunter selection
IFighter selection
[ or -Previous work area
] or +Next work area
SpacePause / Unpause
TabPrimal Vision
Number Keys
1Speed x1
2Speed x2
3Speed x4
4Speed x8
8Knowledge Progress
Function Keys
F8Domestic animals

Tips and tricks[edit | edit source]

Dawn Of Man Updates

  • Research food drying first, so you can start stockpiling food for the winter immediately.
  • Build a storage tent, to help preserve your equipment and food.
  • Set limits on resources like sticks, logs, and flint, to avoid having too high of a workload.
  • High workloads will result in inefficient and slow work, which can easily cause starvation.
  • In the early game, particularly in hardcore mode growing your population is key to building a viable settlement. Raids will significantly cull your workforce and so high fertility and immigration is essential in recovery. As such ensure you always have a surplus of 10+ housing and wool/skins attire to accommodate more people. In terms of food, a combination of foraging, hunting and fishing is sufficient up to 50 population.
  • If your villagers are unhappy, build spiritual monuments; a range of different monuments works best. The priority however should be in removing needless hardship and providing some everyday comfort to lessen the daily toll that ultimately make them miserable. In this respect sledges, stylish clothes and beer are important with the former additionally boosting worker efficiency.
  • In the Paleolithic and Neolithic stages of the game I find having hunting work areas close to your Settlement work best.
  • Settlement layout not only affects the look of your Settlement but planning ahead for defenses and expandability helps later on in game.
  • For winter I find it easier to keep my people close to the settlement to avoid hypothermia and starvation since animals hibernate or migrate somewhere else. Plants will all be frosted over as well.
  • When you are able to plant crops, be sure that you set all crop fields to high priority.
  • When you have crop fields designated, try to not give other tasks like building or hunting when villagers are planting(spring) or harvesting(autumn/fall).
  • Planting pulses and other non-grain food allows you to spread some of the planting/harvesting workload to winter and summer respectively. Grain crops should remain the staple crops however as domestic animals can only eat straw (or grain), both products of cereal crops only.
  • Domesticating sheep early and gathering a large herd may speed up technological advancement as wool's end product, the wool outfit, is (and remains) a valuable commodity to traders throughout the ages and can be bartered for knowledge (technology).
  • In the early game it is recommended to produce a sizeable arsenal of slings or preferably bows to fend off raiders. Providing every adult with a bow will allow the whole tribe to aid in defense and overwhelm the raiders.
  • When hunting with primitive hunting tools it is often preferable to gather a group of tribespeople and hunt an animal that will fight back (aurochs, wolves or bears) since this removes the need to chase the prey which wastes valuable man hours. More advanced hunting weaponry will swiftly kill a hunted herbivore and lessens the risk of engaging in a pointless 'goose chase'.
  • Wolf cubs may be tamed into dogs to bolster defense from raiders.
  • Animal pens should be built inside or close to the main settlement to protect them from raiders who will destroy them if given the chance.
  • Bone, Flint, and Copper tools as well as Skins Outfits should be bartered soon after they are made obsolete as they diminish in value quickly in the Bronze/Iron ages. Wool and linen clothing however will not depreciate and can be retained.
  • Unless there are a tool surplus, only set tools to auto produce since weapons can be acquired looting the dead after raids.

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Dawn Of Man Tips

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