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COPTIC ORTHODOX,PATRIARCHATE,DIABOLIC WARS,H H POPE SHENOUDA III. Title Diabolic Wars,Author H H Pope Shenouda III,Translated by Wedad Abbas. Revised by Dr Angeile Botros Samaan,Professor of English Cairo University. Edition The First August 1989,Printing Nubar Printing House Cairo. Legal Deposit Ncl 5416 1 1989,Revised COEPA 1997,H H Pope Shenouda III 117th Pope of.
Alexandria and the See of St Mark,TABLE OF CONTENTS. Chapter I The nature of diabolic wars,Chapter II The devil s attributes in his wars. Chapter III The intrigues of the devil,Chapter IV How to overcome diabolic wars. Chapter V Benefits of diabolic wars,HISTORY OF THIS BOOK. Many are the lectures which I delivered on Spiritual Wars. This part about Diabolic Wars is based on 9 lectures delivered. on the following dates, 1 2 Two lectures on Diabolic Wars delivered on Friday 27.
March 1970 and 10 April 1970, 3 5 Three lectures which are contemplations on the words. Deliver us from the intrigues of the adversary These. are part of my contemplations on the eleventh hour. prayer delivered on Friday 4 August 1972 11 August. 1972 and 18 August 1972, 6 A lecture on the war of the devil delivered in Lent on. Friday evening 2 March 1973 and entitled We begin,and he begins with us. 7 A lecture entitled Get thee hence O Satan delivered. in Lent of the year 1974, 8 A lecture on spiritual Wars delivered on the evening of. Friday 7 March 1980, 9 Selections from some lectures on The life of purity.
War of nomenclatures and The devil modifies his,THE NATURE OF DIABOLIC WARS. Spiritual wars are allowed by God for our benefit and for. the crowns gained through them as one of the saints said. None shall be crowned except the one who conquers and none. shall conquer except the one who fights, God intends these wars to test the freedom of our will and to. give us the opportunity to deserve the riches of the heavens if. we conquer As for the devil it is his nature to resist God s. kingdom and fight those who seek it He fights God through. His children and accuses them as in the case of Job the just Job. 1 2 He envies those who lead a life of righteousness that they. may not gain the divine blessing which he himself was deprived. Diabolic wars fight all no one escapes from them, When we speak of these wars we mean the wars waged by the. devil and all his forces and supporters, Since the days of Adam and Eve and their son Cain the devil. has been fighting trying his best to throw men under the. condemnation of eternal death He overthrew prophets. apostles and persons who had the Spirit of the Lord such as. David and Samson who repented and King Saul whom God. refused and the Spirit of the Lord departed from and a. distressing spirit from the LORD troubled him 1 Sam 16 14. So do not think that diabolic wars are directed only at. beginners or sinners, Satan fights all including those who may be growing in grace.
he fights them even more Thus everyone must be on guard. and not think themselves above certain wars Let us remember. how David the prophet was fought by adultery and fell into that. sin in spite of having the Spirit of the Lord and in spite of. having been the anointed of the Lord the devil seeks any prey. St Peter described him using some grave words your. adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion seeking. whom he may devour 1 Pet 5 8 He wanders about continually. to catch his prey When the Lord asked him in the story of. Job From where do you come he answered plainly from. going to and fro on the earth and from walking up and down. on it Job 1 7 2 2 Of course the purpose of this wandering is. seeking any prey to overthrow, The devil does not get desperate however strong the person. whom he fights is, It is even said of sin For she has cast down many wounded. And all who were slain by her were strong men Prov 7 26. The devil did not even hesitate to fight the twelve disciples of. Christ The Lord spoke to St Peter the apostle about this. Satan has asked for you that he may sift you as wheat But I. have prayed for you that your faith should not fail Luke. 22 31 32 We also remember Elijah the great prophet whom. God lifted to the heavens of whom St James the apostle said. Elijah was a man with a nature like ours James 5 17. The devil even dared to tempt the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. He offered Him three temptations on the mount Matt 4 He. was not dissuaded by what he knew about Christ or by the. divine revelations which preceded this at the time of His. baptism Matt 3 13 17 he fought Him throughout the forty. days Mark 1 13 Luke 4 2, Thus it was said that the Lord Jesus Christ Was in all points. tempted as we are yet without sin Heb 4 15 and For in. that He Himself has suffered being tempted He is able to aid. those who are tempted Heb 2 18, Indeed the temptation of Christ by Satan is a comfort for us in. all our trials If a temptation befalls you do not be troubled. for Christ has been tempted before and as He has conquered. you will conquer as well, Diabolic wars are aimed against God Himself against His.
kingdom and against us who are His blessed temples. The devil wants to resist God s Kingdom by every means and. rejoices when he is able to overthrow if possible even the. elect Matt 24 24, Just as there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over. one sinner who repents Luke 15 10 undoubtedly the devils. rejoice when one righteous person falls and delight over anyone. who submits to them, St Paul the apostle explains these spiritual wars Put on the. whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the. wiles of the devil For we do not wrestle against flesh and. blood but against principalities against powers against the. rulers of the darkness of this age against spiritual hosts of. wickedness in the heavenly places Eph 6 11 12, He explained that these spiritual wars need spiritual weapons to. resist them which the apostle mentioned in the same chapter in. detail They require Gods help as He says without Me you. can do nothing John 15 5 In these spiritual wars how nice. it would be to remember the words of David the prophet. the battle is the Lord s 1 Sam 17 47, Spiritual wars are continuous they may vary but never. As long as you are in the flesh you are subject to these wars. which continue with you until death Thus St Peter the apostle. says conduct yourselves throughout the time of your stay. here in fear 1 Pet 1 17 By fear he does not mean the. dread of devils but he means the kind of fear which leads to. precaution and always being on guard, For individuals the war continues till death but as for the.
world the war continues for ever until the end of all ages Even. when the devil is loosed out from his prison he shall go out to. deceive the nations Rev 20 7 8 In the latter times some. shall depart from the faith 1 Tim 4 1 and perilous times. shall come 2 Tim 3 1, Before the coming of Christ there shall come a falling away. first 2 Thess 2 3 and the devil will do his best and will come. down to earth having great wrath because he knows that he. has a short time Rev 12 12, This continuing war of the devil may become more severe. during holy times, The devil gets very annoyed when we start any spiritual work. and uses all his means lest the prey should escape him Thus. when we start spiritual work he starts using his wars devices. and many obstacles,We start spiritual work and he begins resistance. He is not comfortable as long as we have any relationship with. God knowing that this endangers his kingdom Here are some. wonderful words from The Paradise of the Fathers When. the bell rings in the middle of night for prayers it does not only. awake the monks to pray but the devils are also aroused to. fight monks and prevent them from praying And thus St. Evagrius said, When you begin a holy prayer be ready for whatever may.
befall you, Whenever we start spiritual practices whether prayers. contemplation hymns spiritual reading or kneeling down in. worship the devil does not stand tied up or merely watching. but he also works and he has certain wars with which he fights. True indeed are the words of the Book of Joshua the Son of. My son if you come to serve your God be ready for all. temptations Sirach 2 1, This verse is a part of a chapter recited on the ordination of a. new monk It is also included in the reading of the third hour of. Tuesday of the passion week Of course the devil gets ready to. fight those who get ready to resist him Thus do not be. astonished at the wars which accompany spiritual work Never. let such wars make you turn back but be vigorously steady. not withstanding any trouble you undergo remembering the. words of St Paul the apostle be steadfast immovable. always abounding in the work of the Lord knowing that your. labor is not in vain in the Lord 1 Cor 15 58, We start the struggle and he starts fighting We start. spiritual matters and he starts resistance, An example of this is that the devil gets annoyed at fasting. because through it I discipline my body and bring, it into subjection 1 Cor 9 27 so that your soul may.
rise and attain God the devil does not accept this He gets. annoyed at lent in particular because people are very devout. during it and it reminds the devil also of the fasting of the Lord. Jesus Christ and of his own defeat Matt 4 Thus the devil. struggles to hinder this fasting or raises problems during it so. that people may be engaged in those problems and neglect. spiritual work, Hence some find a relation between this fast and problems and. Undoubtedly spiritual work stirs up the envy of devils. The devil envies a spiritual person for his attachment to God. which he is deprived of He envies man because though he is. earthy and has flesh he tries to make his soul rise high and be. elevated while the devil in spite of being a spirit Matt 12 45. is far away from God and is an unclean spirit Mark 1 27. From the beginning the devil envied Adam and Eve making. them fall in sin and into the condemnation of death Thus we. say in the Divine Liturgy And death which entered into the. world through the envy of Satan, The devil envies only those who are successful in their. spiritual work, He envies those who are near to God and faboured by Him He. envies the penitants for the zeal of their repentance and the. worshippers in their deep attachment He envies the humble. the meek and the pure hearted and fights all of them But what. about those who are under his domination and under the. domination of sin or who are languid in their spiritual life. Why would he fight them He is satisfied with their condition. or puts them under his watch or leads them into what is worse. Here we mention three main kinds of spiritual wars. a the person whom the devil fights lightly or heavily. b the person fought by his own desires where the devil might. have given the starting point and left this poor prey to be fought. by his inner corruption or by the habits dominating him. Someone might be fought by the body or by his instincts.

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