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PROXC Consulting Ltd,About PROXC Consulting,Introduction. PROXC is a key regional player in business consulting and advisory services field. within the Europe Middle East Africa regions bridging gaps between the. management approaches and its actual implementation plans. PROXC services are grouped into three main categories. Business Advisory,Technical Consultancy,Training and Development. All categories serve a wide range of domestic regional and multinational clients. in the region and are recognized as market leaders in multiple business areas. Our daily challenges are acquiring the most up to date knowledge in different. management functions as well as an up to date knowledge of the latest. technologies and utilizing this knowledge to maximize the value added services. to our clients, Persistently working toward continuous improvement and stretching our. potential we have succeeded in developing models and tools that serve to. identify our clients specific requirements and cater to addressing them in the. most effective and efficient manner We believe that this represents our main. competitive edge and as such we strive to constantly upgrade and fine tune PROXC Services Categories. these methodologies to remain in line with local and regional business. environments,Company Profile 2 10,PROXC Consulting Ltd. Why PROXC Consulting, We believe that our clients success is our success we believe in.
professionalism we consistently maintain high standards for service and. consultants to be always able to bring the best team of senior consultants to. bear on every single project, We understand our clients business needs we comprehend their business. specific language We live the way they live We help enterprises explore. extraordinary opportunities manage and sustain growth and maximize. Save 40 of your project schedule before you start, Through our diverged geographical presence and as we operate in two. different continents with two different time zones our consultants are there for. you during 56 hours week while most service providers normally operate only. 40 hours week,Multilingual Consultants, Our multilingual consultants are a definite asset in communicating with the. project stakeholders minimizing the gap that usually occurs due to language. and culture barriers,World Class Project Management. PROXC Consulting outsources experienced Project Manager to many worldwide. elite enterprises Experience our Project Management Services that shall be. embedded in our proposed services,Company Profile 3 10.
PROXC Consulting Ltd,Business Advisory, While enterprises may not be able to control interruption event we help in. controlling the impact it has on the business PROXC Consulting works. closely with companies to identify risk and limit its impact We offer. solutions and tools and answers to real world challenges in critical. areas of exposure,Enterprise Business Continuity Management. PROXC assists enterprises in building their Business Continuity. Management BCM framework coaching in identifying, prioritizing and managing enterprise risks leading to achievable. strategic objectives and keeping business on track. Only with an industry specific practical executable and. periodically tested Business Continuity Plan enterprises should be. able to identify the business vulnerabilities and prepare the proper. actions to mitigate the impact of any interruption Building an. efficient and effective Disaster Recovery Plan identifies the fastest. and minimal course of actions so that they can get back to. business as usual should an incident occurs,Human Assets. We make sure your safety and ergonomic programs are actually. decreasing incidents significantly helping you protect your most. valuable asset your people,Claims and Litigation Support.
We help you conduct financial investigations and extract. authenticate and preserve digital information We help resolve. insured and uninsured losses and resolve virtually any kind of. Company Profile 4 10,PROXC Consulting Ltd,Enterprise Solutions Architecture. When you think of a solution it includes the hardware software and. supporting people and documentation to solve a problem or reach a certain. business goal, Solution architecture starts with a really deep understanding of the business. need and this is where so many projects fail We gather requirements. envision the solution evaluate the options available for the solution. perform the time people resources trade offs design the solution and. then communicate all of this to the developers, As Enterprise Architects we translate the strategic objectives and vision of. an enterprise into a realizable blueprint for business and IT change We help. organizations develop their Enterprise Architecture working closely with. business and IT to understand the business drivers and vision and how this. needs to be reflected in the Enterprise Architecture We work. collaboratively with key stakeholders to understand their business and. technology challenges from which the Enterprise Architecture can be. Our services also include, Translation of enterprise strategies to definite technical. requirements,Enterprise business needs Analysis,Technical RFP consulting.
Business solutions design and architecture,Solutions quality assurance. Technical writings,Company Profile 5 10,PROXC Consulting Ltd. Project Management, Projects are temporary activities by nature designed to deliver unique goals. and business objectives with project teams released to their operational. roles at project completion With less focus on project management skills. development enterprises may end up with low quality over budget. unsuccessful projects, Project management success requires discipline at both the individual at. organizational levels As project management experts we understand how. hard it can be to change behaviors We will work with you to solidify. adoption of your process and build the discipline that will guarantee your. long term success, With a varied background in project implementations we provide.
temporary project management resources to meet the needs for any. contract length Through our experienced certified project managers we. supplement project teams with, Leadership and planning necessary for successful project. completion and closure, Coaching of individual project managers their teams. and or their managers,Planning and then supporting execution of an. organizational change program, Acting as external Project Management Office to audit. projects assess risks enforce compliance and coach. enterprises PMO team during this transition period. Company Profile 6 10,PROXC Consulting Ltd,How we do business.
Our core business Business Continuity Management makes a valuable. contribution to society For many people our advisory services are quite. literally life saving Corporate responsibility defines how we achieve our. goals The way we conduct our business affects our relationship with groups. Major Enterprises who use our services including mission critical. Their employees whom they trust them for their life and money. Their Clients who are in continuous need to their products and. Governments that regulate their industries, Our reputation with these people and the trust they place in our services is. critical to our business But our pride in what we do does not mean we can. ignore the critical need of a continuous development enhancement and. improvement of our services, By demonstrating to stakeholders that we meet high ethical standards in all. aspects of our work and that we are committed to helping address. challenges we can maintain their support Our reputation the standards we. operate to and our employment practices also affect our ability to attract. retain and motivate the best people,Company Profile 7 10. PROXC Consulting Ltd,Business Partners, In an effort to expand outreach efforts and services PROXC entered into a. strategic partnership with multiple world class associations and institutes. including ISACA DRI International and PECB covering United Kingdom. Middle East and Africa regions to achieve goals that we believe are. important in improving our clients business performance. As an independent nonprofit global association ISACA engages in the. development adoption and use of globally accepted industry leading. knowledge and practices for information systems Previously known as the. Information Systems Audit and Control Association ISACA now goes by its. acronym only to reflect the broad range of IT governance professionals it. DRI International certifications are recognized worldwide as the professional. credential in Business Continuity Management PROXC Consulting and DRI. International share common goals objectives and dedication to the. business improvement within the region, PECB is a certification body for persons management systems and products.
on a wide range of international standards As a global provider of training. examination audit and certification services PECB offers its expertise on. multiple fields including but not limited to Information Security IT Business. Continuity Service Management Quality Management Systems Risk. Management Health Safety and Environment,Company Profile 8 10. PROXC Consulting Ltd,Our Clients, Almost every company has something about client focus in its mission. statement The larger the service organisation the more executives tend to. insulate themselves from clients Some rely on client satisfaction surveys and. focus groups Others simply assume that clients are just like them These kinds. of service companies end up delivering services that suit them not their clients. Well we do not, We understand that our clients work in all sorts of business sectors and. industries and may be senior managers middle management or junior staff. members They have different business goals with different needs even their. cultures and their business environments might be different. Despite these differences they share a number of common goals They may wish. to develop a competitive edge to maintain their business growth in increasingly. competitive work environments, Achieve business goals to have the minimum impact for. Interruptions, Better nurture their staff to achieve to their highest.
performance levels, Make an immediate measurable and lasting difference in. their enterprise, The services provided by PROXC Consulting are of a real added. Improve their project management skills and relationships. value for any enterprise tackling the real pain areas within the. Solve problems more effectively and be solution focused. current market dynamics,Khaled Al Baz,Customer Experience Director. Company Profile 9 10,PROXC Consulting Ltd,Contact Information. PROXC Consulting Ltd,48 Charles Street Mayfair,London W1J 5EN.
United Kingdom,Tel 44 2071 646 967,Fax 44 8703 143 763.

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