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Disney Vacation Club is a timeshare. Period.

Dvc on instagram; dvc on linkedin Pleasant Hill Campus: 925-685-1230 321 Golf Club Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 San Ramon Campus: 925-866. DVCinfo is an unofficial Disney Vacation Club news & information source, not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company or Disney Vacation Club. Whether you joined DVC in 1991 or just starting to look at DVC, you’ve come to the right place! January 18, 2021 January 18, 2021 Paul Krieger 0 Comments disney vacation club, DVC Rental Store, Renting Points Here are eight of the best times to rent Disney Vacation Club Points in 2021 plus a bonus suggestion fro our friends at DVC Rental Store!

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But wait...don't let that scare you away!


Most people are familiar with the traditional timeshare model; owners buy a specific week at a specific cabin / hotel / villa and return to that destination year-after-year. Over the years timeshares have earned a reputation for sleazy sales tactics, lackluster property management and the dramatic loss in value after the initial purchase.

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DVC is a little different.


First, DVC is a point-based timeshare. Owners purchase a specific number of points which represent their ownership in the Club. Each date / resort / room class combination then has a published number of points required for a single night's stay. There are virtually no limitations placed on when, where and one uses his or her points. For instance, a DVC member could spend 10 nights in a Studio villa at the BoardWalkVillas one year, and 5 nights in a Three Bedroom Grand Villa at Old Key West the next year. The only requirements are that the member have enough points to book the accommodations desired, and that the resort has enough capacity for the member.

Today DVC ® is established and in the regional market a firmly positioned brand accepted by the installers and by end users. Under the DVC ® brand name, all the required parts of a video surveillance system are integrated – from the cameras and recorders to the necessary additional equipment and network servers.

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A DVC purchase of 200 points means that the member will receive 200 points to use every single year until the contract with Disney ends. Program guidelines even allow members to 'bank' their points one year into the future and 'borrow' from the next year. These features add another layer of flexibility in that members who need more than their 200-point ownership for a particularly expensive trip have options available...other than buying more points, of course.