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Pick pixel colors anywhere on the screen in more than 25 formats!

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  • Color Pick Pro (CPP) is a professional tool, for finding the right color, font or font color. CPP can store color sets to files and it can copy any color value to the clipboard as a HTML hex value.

Color Picker Pro

Download Color Picker for free. This Programm allows you to find Colors you need for a Website. You can choose the color in a ColorDialog and then copy the Hex code to clipboard, and you can type in a Hex code an get shown the Color.

Pick colors from anywhere on the screen, including DirectX content!

25 Color Formats: RGB, OLE, HSL, HEX, Photoshop, C++, HTML, CSS…

Convert colors between 10 Color Spaces: RGB, HSL, HSB, CMYK, CIE Lab, LCH…

Pick colors in 2 ways: as you move the mouse, or as you drag it!

Color Pick Procreate

15 Color Variations: Complement, Contrast, Inversion, Brighter

Interactive Zoom shows exactly which pixel(s) you capture.

I was looking for a program that would let me pick colors from within DirectX windows. While most of the apps I tried weren't up to the task, Color Picker Pro was able to pick colors from such interactive windows. Recommended!

Chrisrated 4/5see more

Color Picker PRO

I have used this utility off and on for developer for over ten years, it has been aquired by a different entity and took a bit to find it, as there are a lot of color pickers out there. This is the easiest one I have found for application development…

Sodawerks, Inc ([email protected])rated 5/5see more

Top Features

Pick Pixel Colors Anywhere on your Screen

With Color Picker Pro you can easily pick pixel colors anywhere on your screen. This includes even dynamic content like DirectX. In addition, you are not restricted to picking just a single pixel, you can pick the average color of several pixels within a certain square area!

Color pick portable

Convert Colors between more than 10 Color Spaces!

The program can display the value of any color in any of the supported color spaces. Simply select the desired color space from the drop-down box, and immediately see the color value in the desired color space! Some of the supported color spaces include: RGB, HSL, HSB, CMY, CMYK, CIE Lab, YIQ...

2 Ways to Pick - Mouse-Free and Mouse-Drag

Color Pick Portable

Most color pickers work by automatically capturing the color of the pixel right below your mouse pointer as you move your mouse. This is known as mouse-free picking mode. While this may be useful at times, frequently you may need to perform certain operations with the captured color, once it has been picked: such as copying it to clipboard or changing its format for example.

However this is not possible if the program picks colors continuously as you move the mouse. That’s where mouse-drag picking mode comes in. In this mode, you click on the special button inside the program and then drag the mouse pointer to a pixel you want to capture, and once your mouse pointer is over the desired place, release the mouse button to pick the color.

See Color Values in more than 25 Formats!

Color Picker Pro has support for over 25 different color formats and spaces, and you can convert freely between them by simply selecting the desired format from the drop-down list. The supported formats include: Numerical (OLE & Win32), RGB, RGB%, HSL (0-240), HSB (360 100 100), CMY, CMYK, CIE Lab, CIE Luv, LCH, CIE XYZ, Yxy, YIQ, YUV, YCbCr, YCC, YPbPr, YES, Hexadecimal, HTML, HTML color names, Extended HTML color names, Visual Basic, C++, Delphi, Photoshop.

Automatically Generate Color Variations

The program can automatically generate and display any of the 15 available variations of the picked color, such as its contrast or complementary colors, its inversion, grayscale or web safe equivalents, brightness and saturation variations, and others!

Preview what You Pick and Magnify your Screen

There is a built-in dual preview that lets you see precisely what pixels you are picking. The preview displays a small portion of the screen where the mouse is located in its actual and enlarged views. This way you can not only easily pick the color of the right pixels, but also see fine details of the screen, which you otherwise would not be able to discern.

Other Features

  • Pick colors anywhere on the screen, including dynamic and certain DirectX content
  • Pick either single pixel color or average color of a square of pixels of a given size
  • Interactive Preview with Zoom feature lets you magnify your screen
  • 2 Capture/Picking modes - either move mouse pointer freely, or activate picking only by dragging
  • Support for 25+ color formats: Numerical (OLE & Win32), RGB, RGB%, HSL (0-240), HSB (360 100 100), CMY, CMYK, CIE Lab, CIE Luv, LCH, CIE XYZ, Yxy, YIQ, YUV, YCbCr, YCC, YPbPr, YES, Hexadecimal, HTML, HTML color names, Extended HTML color names, Visual Basic, C++, Delphi, Photoshop
  • Convert between more than 10 color spaces: RGB, HSL, HSB, CMY, CMYK, CIE Lab, YIQ...
  • Generate 15 color variations: Color Complement, Color Inversion, Desaturation color, Grayscale equivalent, Web Safe equivalent, Contrast color, Darker, Lighter, More Saturated, Less Saturated...
  • Program can remain always visible by staying on top of other windows
  • You can control how the program formats color values using various settings, like the value separator symbol, decimal precision, etc.
  • Program can automatically copy the value of the picked color to clipboard in the desired format
  • Full clipboard support - copy and paste operations are supported
  • Many options and customizations
  • Much more!

What You Can Do

Color Picker Program

These are just a few things that you can accomplish with Color Picker Pro:

Color Picker Procreate

  • Pick single colors or color averages from anywhere on your screen
  • Effortlessly convert colors between color spaces and different formats
  • Easily see magnified parts of your screen
  • Quickly find color complements, inversions, black & white equivalents and other variations
  • Much more!