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If you're designing a website or simply want to search for a specific chromatic range to fit your design project, then you know that finding an appropriate combination can sometimes be harder than it seems. With ColorMania, however, you can find what you're looking for more easily thanks to its harmonic color palette generation system. You can also modify the color values, getting output codes in formats like RGB, CMY, or HSV, among others.
In this way, you can get your hands on thousands of different color schemes or create your own, modifying them however you want. ColorMania also includes a color capture tool so you can copy the exact color values of what you are looking for from any image or any point on your desktop.

Colormania For Macbook Air

From the developer: Colormania is an advanced color picker utility, especially created for web-designers, graphic artists and application developers. It supports various color models and is able to pick colors from anywhere on your screen. ColorMania by Blacksun Software is a free-to-use color picker that can help you quickly find the color codes for any desired color. Even if a version of ColorMania for Mac has not been released, there are other color pickers that you can use on your system. This list provides you with some alternatives to ColorMania for Mac. ColorMania is a lightweight cross-platform utility designed to give you a hand when it comes to identifying the colors of your screen, webpages or any other programs.This color picker utility is.