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1 TOOLS AND MATERIALS,Philips screw driver,Blade screw driver. 11 mm wrench,Step ladder,Wire cutters,2 PACKAGE CONTENTS. Unpack your fan and check the contents,You should have the following items. a Set of blades assembly 5,b Hanger bracket c,c Downrod a. e Coupling cover d,f Fan motor assembly,g Set of blades bracket 5 e.
h Pull chain and fob,i Package hardware,1 Mounting hardware f. screws 2 lock washers 2,star washers 2 wire nuts 3. wood screws 2 washers 2,2 Blade attachment hardware. screws 16 fiber washers 16 g,3 Blade arm hardware,screws with lock washers 11. 4 Safety cable hardware,wood screw lock washer h,metal washer.
5 Balance Kit,3 SAFETY RULES, 1 To reduce the risk of electric shock 7 Do not operate reversing switch while. insure electricity has been turned off at fan blades are in motion Fan must be. the circuit breaker or fuse box before turned off and blades stopped before. beginning reversing blade direction, 2 All wiring must be in accordance with 8 Avoid placing objects in the path of the. the National Electrical Code and local blades,electrical codes Electrical installation. should be performed by a qualified 9 To avoid personal injury or damage to. licensed electrician the fan and other items be cautious. when working around or cleaning the,3 WARNING To reduce the risk of fan. electrical shock and fire do not use this, fan with any solid state fan speed 10 Do not use water or detergents when.
control device cleaning the fan or fan blades A dry. dust cloth or lightly dampened cloth, 4 WARNING To reduce the risk of will be suitable for most cleaning. personal injury use only the two steel, screws and lock washers provided 11 After marking electrical connections. with the outlet box for mounting to the spliced conductors should be turned. outlet box Most outlet boxes upward and pushed carefully up into. commonly used for the support of outlet box The wires should be spread. lighting fixtures are not acceptable for apart with the grounded conductor. fan support and may need to be and the equipment grounding. replaced consult a qualified electrician conductor on one side of the outlet. if in doubt box,WARNING 12 Electrical diagrams are reference only. TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE ELECTRIC Light kit that are not packed with the. SHOCK OR PERSONAL INJURY MOUNT fan must be CUL Listed and marked. FAN TO OUTLET BOX MARKED suitable for use with the model fan you. ACCEPTABLE FOR FAN SUPPORT are installing Switches must be CUL. General Use Switches Refer to the,Instructions packaged with the light. 5 The outlet box and support structure kits and switches for proper assembly. must be securely mounted and capable,of reliably supporting a minimum of 50 WARNING.
pounds Use only CUL Listed outlet TO REDUCE THE RISK OF PERSONAL. boxes marked FOR FAN SUPPORT INJURY DO NOT BEND THE BLADE. BRACKETS ALSO REFERRED TO AS, 6 The fan must be mounted with a FLANGES DURING ASSEMBLY OR AFTER. minimum of 7 feet clearance from the INSTALLATION DO NOT INSERT. trailing edge of the blades to the floor OBJECTS IN THE PATH OF THE BLADES. 4 MOUNTING OPTIONS,If there isn t an existing CUL listed. mounting box then read the following,instructions Disconnect the power by. removing fuses or turning off circuit,Outlet box,Secure the outlet box directly to the. building structure Use appropriate,fasteners and building materials The.
outlet box and its support must be able to,fully support the moving weight of the fan. at least 50 lbs Do not use plastic outlet,Figures 1 2 and 3 are examples of different. ways to mount the outlet box,Note You may need a longer downrod to Outlet box. maintain proper blade clearance when, installing on a steep sloped ceiling Fig 3 Figure 2. To hang your fan where there is an existing Provide strong. fixture but no ceiling joist you may need support,an installation hanger bar as shown in.
outlet box,Outlet box,5 HANGING THE FAN,REMEMBER to turn off the power Follow. the steps below to hang your fan properly CUL Listed. electrical box,NOTE This ceiling fan is supplied with two Hanger. types of hanging assemblies the standard bracket,ceiling installation using the downrod with Tab. ball and socket mounting and the,Mounting screws,close to ceiling installation supplied with. The close to ceiling installation is electrical box. recommended in rooms with less than Figure 5,8 feet ceilings or in areas where additional.
space is desired from the floor to the fan,STANDARD CEILING INSTALLATION Downrod. Step 1 Pass the 120 volt supply wires Canopy,through the center hole in the ceiling. hanger bracket as shown in Fig 5,Coupling cover Set screws. Step 2 Secure the hanger bracket to the,ceiling outlet box with the screws and. washers provided with your outlet box, Step 3 Remove the hitch pin lock pin and Hitch pin Lock pin.
set screws from the top of the motor,Step 4 Route wires exiting from the top of. the fan motor through the coupling cover Figure 6,canopy and then through the ball. downrod Fig 6,Step 5 Align the holes at the bottom of. the downrod with the holes in the collar on,top of the motor housing Fig 6 Carefully. insert the hitch pin through the holes in, the collar and downrod Be careful not to Registration slot.
jam the pin against the wiring inside the,downrod Insert the locking pin through. the hole near the end of the hitch pin until, it snaps into its locked position as noted in Figure 7. the circle inset of Fig 6,Step 6 Tighten two set screws on top of. the fan motor firmly Fig 6,Step 7 Place the downrod ball into the. hanger bracket socket Fig 7,CLOSE TO CEILING INSTALLATION.
1 Pass the 120 volt supply wires through Canopy,the center hole in the ceiling hanger. bracket as shown in Fig 5 Decorative canopy,2 Remove the decorative canopy cover Figure 8. from the canopy by turning canopy,cover counterclockwise Fig 8. Screw and lockwasher,3 of 6 places,3 Secure the hanger bracket to the ceiling. outlet box with the screws and washers Canopy,provided with your outlet box.
4 Remove three of the six screws and lock,washers every other one from the. collar of top motor Fig 9,5 Place the ceiling canopy over the collar. at the top of the motor Align the,mounting holes with the holes in the. motor and fasten using the screws and,lock washers provided Fig 9. 6 Tighten the mounting screws securely,WARNING Failure to completely tighten.
the three screws in step 5 could result in,fan loosening and possibly falling. 7 Hang the fan on the hook of the hanger,bracket Be certain that the canopy is. fully locked into hook as shown in Fig,10 This will allow you to make the. electrical connections,6 INSTALLATION OF,SAFETY SUPPORT. An additional safety support is provided to Hanger bracket Safety cable. prevent the fan from falling Secure the,safety cable to the ceiling joist with screw.
and washer as illustrated in Figure 11,7 MAKE THE ELECTRIC POWER LINES 120V. CONNECTIONS GREEN GROUND,Remember to disconnect the power. Follow the steps below to connect the fan BOX,to your household wiring Use the wire. connecting nuts supplied with your fan MOUNTING, Secure the connectors with electrical tape OR DOWNROD. Make sure there are no loose strands or FAN,connections BLUE WH.
Step 1 Connect the fan supply black wire,and light supply blue wire to the black. household supply wire as shown in Figure,Step 2 Connect the neutral fan white. wire to the white neutral household wire,POWER LINES 120V. Step 3 Connect the fan ground wire,green to the household ground wire. GREEN GROUND,Step 4 After connecting the wires spread LIGHT.
them apart so that the green and white SWITCH, wires are on one side of the outlet box and GROUND TO. the black and the blue wires are on the,other side OR DOWNROD. Step 5 Turn the connecting nuts upward,and push the wiring into the outlet box BLK WH. Figures 13 and 14 illustrate the wiring,connections for optional wall control The. wire color out of wall control may vary see Figure 13. wall control s installation manual for,correct wire connections.
INSTALLATION,STANDARD CEILING INSTALLATION Ceiling canopy. Slide canopy up to the ceiling as shown in,Figure 15 Make sure you place the wires. safely into the outlet box Secure the,canopy to the hanger bracket with the four. screws with your fan,CLOSE TO CEILING INSTALLATION. Remove the fan from the hook on the,hanger bracket Secure the canopy to the Figure 15.
hanger bracket as shown in Figure 16 with,four screws included with your fan. Outlet box,Ceiling canopy,9 ATTACHING THE FAN,Caution Remove 5 rubber packing. mounts and discard before installation,Step 1 Attach the blade to the blade. bracket using the screws and fiber washers,as shown in Figure 17 Start screw into. bracket Repeat for the two remaining,Step 2 Tighten each screw Make sure the.
blade is straight Rubber,Step 3 Fasten blade assembly to motor Blade. using the screws supplied Fig 17,Blades bracket,10 OPERATING YOUR FAN. NOTE Wait for fan to stop before,changing the setting of the slide switch. Turn on the power and check the,operation of your fan The pull chain. controls the fan speed as follows 1 pull,High 2 pulls Medium 3 pulls Low and 4.
Speed settings for warm or cool weather,depend on factors such as the room size Figure 18. ceiling height number of fans and so on,The slide switch controls directions. forward switch down or reverse switch,Warm weather Forward A downward. airflow creates a cooling effect as shown in,Fig 18 This allows you to set your air. conditioner on a warmer setting without,affecting your comfort.
Cool weather Reverse An upward,airflow moves warm air off the ceiling area. as shown in Fig 19 This allows you to set,your heating unit on a cooler setting. without affecting your comfort,11 TROUBLESHOOTING,Problem Solution. Fan will not start 1 Check circuit fuses or breakers. 2 Check line wire connections to the fan and switch wire connections. in the switch housing,CAUTION Make sure main power is off. Fan sounds 1 Make sure all motor housing screws are snug. noisy 2 Make sure the screws that attach the fan blade bracket to the motor. hub is tight, 3 Make sure wire nut connections are not rubbing against each other.
or the interior wall of the switch housing,CAUTION Make sure main power is off. 4 Allow a 24 hour breaking in period Most noise associated with a. new fan disappear during this time, 5 If using an optional light kit make sure the screws securing the. glassware are tight Check that the light bulb is also secure. 6 Do not connect the fan with a wall mounted variable speed. 7 Make sure the upper canopy is a short distance from the ceiling It. should not touch the ceiling, Fan wobble 1 Check that all blade and blade arm screws are secure. 2 Most fan wobbling problems are caused when blade levels are. unequal Check this level by selecting a point on the ceiling above. the tip of one of the blades Measure this distance Rotate the fan. until the next blade is positioned for measurement Repeat for each. blade The distance deviation should be equal within 1 8. 3 Use the enclosed Blade Balancing Kit if the blade wobble is still. noticeable, 4 If the blade wobble is still noticeable interchanging two adjacent. side by side blades can redistribute the weight and possibly result. in smoother operation, WARNING TO REDUCE THE RISK OF PERSONAL INJURY DO NOT BEND.

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