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Camera Control Pro is a comprehensive application that allows you to remote control Nikon DSLRs using the computer. The camera can be connected to the PC using a standard USB cable, but the. Nikon Camera Control Pro is a user-oriented and complete Mac OS X application that makes it possible for you to remotely take control over your Nikon DSLR via a USB, LAN or WiFi connection. Helps you to remotely control your Nikon DSLR camera with extreme ease. From Nikon Camera Control. Nikon Camera Control Pro Mac Os is calculated to set the configuration of nearly all Nikon digital SLR cameras. If you want to use wireless association, you must have a wireless mailbox. Advanced camera features are supported including LiveView, the Picture Control system and the Viewer, which collectively enable the preview and selection of images prior to transfer to a computer. It also supports workflows from Nikon's exclusive photofinishing and browser software.

Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 does NOT work with El Capitan

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After updating the 27' iMac in my shooting studio to El Capitan (OS 10.11), the Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 program cannot connect to my Nikon D800 camera. It has always worked before - and El Capitan killed it. i rely on shooting tethered to the camera so that clients can see the images as we shoot.

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Nikon says that they will examine the El Capitan program ..... Of course, Nikon has had access to El Capitan for months ---- and they failed to get ready for the new OS from Mac ...... All too typical for the incompetent software engineers at Nikon ......

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