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Agus Kurniawan,Foreword by Daniel Jebaraj,Copyright 2014 by Syncfusion Inc. 2501 Aerial Center Parkway,Morrisville NC 27560,All rights reserved. I mportant licensing information Please read, This book is available for free download from www syncfusion com on completion of a registration form. If you obtained this book from any other source please register and download a free copy from. www syncfusion com, This book is licensed for reading only if obtained from www syncfusion com. This book is licensed strictly for personal or educational use. Redistribution in any form is prohibited, The authors and copyright holders provide absolutely no warranty for any information provided.
The authors and copyright holders shall not be liable for any claim damages or any other liability arising. from out of or in connection with the information in this book. Please do not use this book if the listed terms are unacceptable. Use shall constitute acceptance of the terms listed. SYNCFUSION SUCCINCTLY DELIVER INNOVATION WITH EASE ESSENTIAL and NET ESSENTIALS are the. registered trademarks of Syncfusion Inc,Technical Reviewer Zoran Maksimovic. Copy Editor Benjamin Ball, Acquisitions Coordinator Jessica Rightmer senior marketing strategist Syncfusion Inc. Proofreader Graham High content producer Syncfusion Inc. Table of Contents,The Story behind the Succinctly Series of Books 7. About The Author 9,Introduction to MongoDB 10,What is MongoDB 10. Installation 10,C and Development Tools 11,MongoDB Driver for C 13.
Chapter 1 Connecting to MongoDB 17,Creating a Console Application 17. Adding MongoDB Driver Files 18,Writing Code 20,Testing 21. Chapter 2 Creating and Deleting the Database 22,Creating a Database 22. Getting the List of Databases 23,Deleting a Database 24. Chapter 3 Database Collection 25,Creating a Database Collection 25.
Reading a Database Collection 26,Deleting a Database Collection 26. Chapter 4 Collection Data 28,Creating Collection Data 28. Reading Collection Data 31,Updating Collection Data 33. Deleting Collection Data 35,Chapter 5 Finding and Querying Data 36. Finding Data 36,Query and Remove 40,Chapter 6 Binary and Image Collection Data 42.
Inserting an Image or Binary File 42,Mapping GridFS and Collection Data 43. Reading GridFS Data 44,Deleting GridFS Data 45,Chapter 7 Embedded Document 47. Preparation 47,Simple Embedded Document 47,Embedded Document Collection 52. Chapter 8 LINQ 59,Preparation 59,Querying with LINQ 61. Chapter 9 Working with MongoDB Shell 65,What is MongoDB Shell 65.
Databases 68,Database User 69,Document 71,Editing a Document 72. Deleting a Document 73,Comparison Operators 73,Limiting and Sorting 74. AND and OR Operators 74,Chapter 10 MongoDB and Windows Forms 76. Creating a Project 76,Adding the MongoDB Driver 77. Design Form 78,Writing Code 79,Chapter 11 MongoDB and ASP NET 83.
Creating a Project 83,Adding the MongoDB Driver 83. Design Form 84,Writing Code 85,Chapter 12 MongoDB and ASP NET MVC 88. Creating a Project 88,Adding the MongoDB Driver 89. Adding a Model 90,Adding a View 92,Modifying the Controller 94. Chapter 13 Export and Import Database 96,Exporting Data 96.
Importing Data 98,Chapter 14 Back up and Restore 100. Back up 100,Restore 103,The Story behind the Succinctly Series. Daniel Jebaraj Vice President,Syncfusion Inc,taying on the cutting edge. S As many of you may know Syncfusion is a provider of software components for the. Microsoft platform This puts us in the exciting but challenging position of always. being on the cutting edge, Whenever platforms or tools are shipping out of Microsoft which seems to be about every other. week these days we have to educate ourselves quickly. Information is plentiful but harder to digest, In reality this translates into a lot of book orders blog searches and Twitter scans.
While more information is becoming available on the Internet and more and more books are. being published even on topics that are relatively new one aspect that continues to inhibit us is. the inability to find concise technology overview books. We are usually faced with two options read several 500 page books or scour the web for. relevant blog posts and other articles Just as everyone else who has a job to do and customers. to serve we find this quite frustrating,The Succinctly series. This frustration translated into a deep desire to produce a series of concise technical books that. would be targeted at developers working on the Microsoft platform. We firmly believe given the background knowledge such developers have that most topics can. be translated into books that are between 50 and 100 pages. This is exactly what we resolved to accomplish with the Succinctly series Isn t everything. wonderful born out of a deep desire to change things for the better. The best authors the best content, Each author was carefully chosen from a pool of talented experts who shared our vision The. book you now hold in your hands and the others available in this series are a result of the. authors tireless work You will find original content that is guaranteed to get you up and running. in about the time it takes to drink a few cups of coffee. Free forever, Syncfusion will be working to produce books on several topics The books will always be free. Any updates we publish will also be free,Free What is the catch. There is no catch here Syncfusion has a vested interest in this effort. As a component vendor our unique claim has always been that we offer deeper and broader. frameworks than anyone else on the market Developer education greatly helps us market and. sell against competing vendors who promise to enable AJAX support with one click or turn. the moon to cheese,Let us know what you think, If you have any topics of interest thoughts or feedback please feel free to send them to us at.
succinctly series syncfusion com, We sincerely hope you enjoy reading this book and that it helps you better understand the topic. of study Thank you for reading, Please follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to help us spread the. word about the Succinctly series,About The Author, Agus Kurniawan is one of the founders of PECollege net He is a lecturer and author and has. been a Microsoft MVP since 2004 He has more than 10 years of software development. experience especially with Microsoft technology and some experience related to the Linux. You can reach Agus via email at aguskur hotmail com and through his blog. http blog aguskurniawan net,Introduction to MongoDB. What is MongoDB, To get a better understanding of MongoDB the official website for MongoDB is an excellent.
resource http www mongodb org display DOCS Introduction. Installation, If you have a Linux platform you must first update the repository. sudo apt key adv keyserver keyserver ubuntu com recv 7F0CEB10. sudo apt get update,Then install the MongoDB database engine. sudo apt get install mongodb 10gen,After that install the MongoDB driver for Node js. sudo npm install mongodb, For Mac and Windows platforms you can download MongoDB and install it directly from the. project website http www mongodb org I recommend installing the MongoDB server engine. as a Windows service,In order to install MongoDB on Windows.
1 Unzip the downloaded files in the C mongo folder. 2 Open the Command Prompt window with administrator privileges and navigate to the. C mongo bin folder, 3 Run the following command you may need to create the c mongo data db and. c mongo log folders before running the command, mongod logpath c mongo log log log logappend dbpath. c mongo data db directoryperdb install, After installation you will get the MongoDB files as shown in Figure 1. If successful you will see MongoDB in the Windows Services panel shown in Figure 2. For more information about installing MongoDB on Windows visit. http docs mongodb org manual tutorial install mongodb on windows. Figure 1 MongoDB files in Windows 8, Figure 2 MongoDB engine installed as a Windows service. C and Development Tools, There are a lot of C development tools you can use I recommend using Visual Studio.
Microsoft provides a free Express edition of Visual Studio You can download it at. http www microsoft com visualstudio express,In this book I use Visual Studio 2012 for testing. A screenshot of Visual Studio 2010 is shown in Figure 3 and a screenshot of Visual Studio. 2012 is shown in Figure 4,Figure 3 Visual Studio 2010. Figure 4 Visual Studio 2012,MongoDB Driver for C, You can find the MongoDB driver for the NET platform at. http www mongodb org display DOCS Drivers, I use the official C driver supported by 10gen You can download it at. https github com mongodb mongo csharp driver downloads. If you download the MSI file you can install MongoDB directly from the setup file You will see. the setup dialog shown in Figure 5,Figure 5 Setup dialog for MongoDB C driver.
Follow all installation instructions, If successful you will find the MongoDB driver in the installed folder For example C Program. Files x86 MongoDB CSharpDriver 1 6 1,Figure 6 MongoDB driver files for C. After creating a C project in Visual Studio you can add the MongoDB driver to your project To. do so right click on References to open the context menu as shown in Figure 7. Figure 7 Adding an external library in Visual Studio 2012. Select Add Reference This will open the Reference Manager as shown in Figure 8 Add the. MongoDB Driver dll and MongoDB Bson dll files from the installed MongoDB folder.

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