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Copyright Copyright 2010 Microsoft All rights reserved. Limitation of liability This document is provided as is Information and views expressed in this document including. URL and other Internet Web site references may change without notice You bear the risk of using. Some examples depicted herein are provided for illustration only and are fictitious No real. association or connection is intended or should be inferred. Intellectual property This document does not provide you with any legal rights to any intellectual property in any. Microsoft product, You may copy and use this document for your internal reference purposes. Trademarks Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics Active Directory Active X Excel Internet Explorer Outlook. SharePoint SQL Server Visual Studio Windows and Windows Server are trademarks of the. Microsoft group of companies FairCom and c tree Plus are trademarks of FairCom Corporation. and are registered in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Warranty disclaimer Microsoft Corporation disclaims any warranty regarding the sample code contained in this. documentation including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. License agreement Use of this product is covered by a license agreement provided with the software product If you. have any questions please call the Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer Assistance Department at. 800 456 0025 in the U S or Canada or 1 701 281 6500. Publication date May 2010,Introduction 2,What s in this manual 2. Symbols and conventions 3,Additional resources 3,Technical support 4. Documentation feedback 4,Part 1 Analysis 6,Chapter 1 Getting started 7. What is a portal 7,Getting started with Business Portal 7.
Implementation phases 7,Portal scenarios 8,Available third party products 10. Chapter 2 System considerations 11,Hardware and software requirements 11. Technical skills 11,Global considerations 12,Part 2 Design 14. Chapter 3 Identify the project scope 15,Establish an iterative approach 15. Focus on quick success 15,Chapter 4 Plan the project 17.
Secure a project sponsor 17,Create a project charter 17. Identify business needs and goals 17,Create a schedule 19. Identify project team and roles 19,Consider content 19. Plan for security 20,Develop a plan for training users 20. Chapter 5 Plan the deployment 21,Capacity planning 21.
Single server configuration 21,Separate server configuration 22. Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Services configuration 22. Multiple web servers configuration 23,Multiple server farms configuration 25. Extranet configurations 26,IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE i,C O N T E N T S. Part 3 Development 30,Chapter 6 Security 31,Getting started with Business Portal security 31. Elements of Business Portal security 31,Security synchronization 32.
Chapter 7 Business Portal installation 35, Windows SharePoint Services vs Office SharePoint Server 35. Install Business Portal 35,Install Business Portal applications 36. Part 4 Deployment 40,Chapter 8 System setup 41,Setup checklist 41. Template for setting up users and assigning them to roles and groups 42. Template for organizing content 43, Configure Business Portal for publishing reports 44. Set up the Business Data Catalog 45,Set up Search 47.
Chapter 9 Application setup 49,Human Resources Management Self Service Suite 49. Key Performance Indicators 49,Order Management 49,Project Time and Expense 50. Requisition Management 50,Chapter 10 Prepare to use Business Portal 51. Test the deployment 51,Configure client computers 51. Train your users 52,Encourage your users to use Business Portal 52.
Part 5 Operation 56,Chapter 11 Backups and recovery 57. Implement a backup strategy 57,Back up Business Portal data and sites 57. Chapter 12 Business Portal configuration changes 59. Turning SSL on or off 59, Move from a basic installation to a server farm installation 59. Move Business Portal from Windows SharePoint Services to Office SharePoint Server 59. Chapter 13 Optimization 63,Optimize performance 63. Monitor usage statistics 63,ii IM P L EM E N T AT I O N G U ID E.
C O N T E N T S,Chapter 14 Upgrade 65,What s new 65. Upgrade software and hardware 65,IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE iii. iv IM P L EM E N T AT I O N G U ID E,INTRODUCTION,Introduction. Welcome to the Implementation Guide for Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics. GP This guide is designed to help Business Portal IT professionals and application. implementers as well as Microsoft partners simplify the experience of. implementing Business Portal It is intended to provide information necessary to. analyze design develop deploy and operate Business Portal It also provides. project management tools to aid in effectively deploying Business Portal. This guide assumes that you are using Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Check for updated instructions, This information was current as of May 3 2010 The documentation may be. updated as new information becomes available Check the Microsoft Dynamics GP. documentation Web site http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId 185513 for the. most current documentation, This introduction is divided into the following sections.
What s in this manual,Symbols and conventions,Additional resources. Technical support,Documentation feedback,What s in this manual. This manual will help you install and set up Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics. This documentation is divided into the following parts. Part 1 Analysis contains information about analyzing Business Portal and. determining whether it will fit your business needs. Part 2 Design contains information about designing your Business Portal. implementation, Part 3 Development contains tools and information to use when you re. developing your Business Portal implementation, Part 4 Deployment contains information about deploying Business Portal. Part 5 Operation contains information about the operation of Business Portal. 2 IM P L EM E N T A T I O N G U I D E,IN T RO D U C T IO N.
Symbols and conventions, This manual uses the following symbols to make specific types of information stand. Symbol Description, The light bulb symbol indicates helpful tips shortcuts and suggestions. The warning symbol indicates situations you should be especially aware. of when completing tasks Typically this includes cautions about. performing steps in their proper order or important reminders about. how other information in Business Portal or the back office might be. This manual uses the following conventions to refer to sections navigation and. other information,Convention Description, Enter a default Italic type indicates the name of a section or procedure. address ID, File Print The symbol indicates a sequence of actions such as clicking items on. a menu or a toolbar or clicking buttons in a window This example. directs you to go to the File menu and click Print. Bold Bold type indicates the names of fields tabs menus commands and. buttons and text you should type,Additional resources.
In addition to this manual the following documentation is included with this. release of Business Portal, The following PDF manuals are included in the Documentation folder on the. Business Portal installation media, Business Portal Installation Guide The Business Portal Installation Guide. BusinessPortalInstallation pdf provides step by step instructions for installing. Business Portal, Business Portal Administrator s Guide The Business Portal Administrator s. Guide BusinessPortalAdminGuide pdf explains how to set up and configure. Business Portal, Business Portal User s Guide The Business Portal User s Guide. BusinessPortalUsersGuide pdf helps users complete day to day tasks in Business. Application manuals User and Administrator manuals for each application. installed in Business Portal are available in the Documentation folder. Help is available by clicking the Help icon button located in the upper right corner. of any page The help that is displayed depends on whether you open help from a. IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE 3,I N T R O D U C T I O N, Business Portal page a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services page or a.
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 page, Business Portal help When you click the Help icon button on a Business Portal. page the relevant help topic for that page is displayed You can use the search field. on the help page to search for information You also can click the Home icon button. to browse the contents of the help, SharePoint help Many of the features included in Business Portal such as. document libraries lists announcements links and alerts are provided by. Windows SharePoint Services General information about these features is provided. in the Administering Business Portal help For more detailed information refer to. the Windows SharePoint Services help which can be accessed by clicking the Help. icon button in the upper right corner of any Windows SharePoint Services page If. you re using Office SharePoint Server 2007 additional help related to SharePoint. Server features also will be available,Technical support. You can contact Microsoft Dynamics technical support online or by telephone Go to. www microsoft com dynamics and click the CustomerSource link or call 888 477. 7877 in the U S and Canada or 701 281 0555,Documentation feedback. We welcome comments regarding the usefulness of the Microsoft Dynamics GP. documentation If you have specific suggestions or find any errors in this manual. send your comments by e mail to the following address bizdoc microsoft com. Note By offering any suggestions to Microsoft you give Microsoft full permission to use. them freely,4 IM P L EM E N T A T I O N G U I D E,PART 1 ANALYSIS.
Part 1 Analysis, This part of the guide contains information about analyzing Business Portal and. determining whether it will fit your business needs The information is divided into. the following sections, Chapter 1 Getting started contains an overview of Business Portal and. provides resources to help you learn more about it. Chapter 2 System considerations contains information on what hardware. software and technical skills you ll need to implement Business Portal plus. globalization considerations,6 IM P L EM E N T A T I O N G U I D E. Chapter 1 Getting started, The following topics introduce you to Business Portal and direct you to resources to. help you learn more about it,What is a portal,Getting started with Business Portal.
Implementation phases,Portal scenarios,Available third party products. What is a portal, A portal is a web application that provides access to data and services A business. or enterprise portal such as Business Portal also displays business related. content in a secured and controlled environment via a web browser This means that. for a fraction of the price of implementing other technologies you can extend the. benefits of your entire Microsoft Dynamics GP system to your employees and your. customers anywhere, Intranet portals provide and control access to the information employees need to do. their jobs Employees can use an intranet portal to find and collect relevant. information and collaborate with co workers Business Portal with Human. Resources Management Self Service Suite combines those opportunities with. application functionality that employees can use to interact with the Microsoft. Dynamics GP back office, Partner portals or extranets provide focused and targeted information to. customers Order Management extends Business Portal to your customers allowing. them to place orders and view order information through the same browser based. interface that employees and salespeople are using. Getting started with Business Portal, The following table contains links to documents you can use to learn more about.
Business Portal,Document Description File format, What s New Includes information about the pdf or xpf on the Web. new features and enhancements,included in Business Portal for. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010,Implementation phases, The implementation steps listed here provide general guidelines and principles for. planning installing and deploying Business Portal They should be used as a. reference and starting point to integrate Business Portal into your Microsoft. Dynamics GP system An implementation strategy can be as complex and detailed. as your organization requires, During the analysis stage you should look at the hardware and software. requirements for Business Portal Then assess your organization s infrastructure. IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE 7,PA RT 1 A N A LY S I S, and whether or not it meets Business Portal and Windows SharePoint Services.
requirements, Look at the current capacity of your network infrastructure and whether you. should consider updating it to accommodate increased network traffic as a result of. portal implementation, Once you ve decided that Business Portal is a good fit for your organization you ll. need to design your solution The planning process is critical to the success of your. Business Portal implementation To deploy Business Portal successfully it is. important to understand your organization s business needs the types of. information you need to put online and manage and the Business Portal features. that you want to use, Consider your company s security needs and how you plan to go about securing. the network whether you are implementing an intranet or an extranet scenario. Development, When your preliminary planning is complete you can install the Business Portal. software The installation phase includes setting up your network infrastructure. and prerequisite software,Deployment, After you ve installed Business Portal you can configure your Business Portal.
settings Much of the preliminary work you did during the design phase will be of. use here You ll set up your users and portal applications You ll also build new. Business Portal pages and link to other intranet web sites or web applications. Next comes user training followed by deployment to a production environment. We suggest you first implement Business Portal in a test environment and ensure. that the portal is working as expected Then train your organization s employees. You ll need to set employees expectations that Business Portal is a tool that will. help them complete their work more efficiently, As your business changes post deployment maintenance will ensure that Business. Portal continually meets the needs of your organization Ongoing maintenance. involves monitoring server status and performance making backups and planning. for recovery and troubleshooting,Portal scenarios, Whether you re looking to provide key business metrics to the organization s. executives or to provide product catalogs and ordering capabilities to your. customers Business Portal can meet your needs, The following portal solution scenarios provide a sampling of typical. implementations and how Business Portal can meet the needs of all these. implementation types,Team project collaboration portal. Help team members connect by providing a web workspace where they can. communicate collaborate and manage project information and key documents. 8 IM P L EM E N T A T I O N G U I D E,C H A P T E R 1 G E T T IN G S TA R T E D.
Such a portal is typically implemented as an intranet behind a company s firewall. The Windows SharePoint Services foundation of Business Portal provides this. capability,Corporate communications portal, Deliver important organizational information to employees Communication. portals are often deployed as intranets Business Portal roles allow you to determine. what information employees will receive based on their job functions Because. corporate portals typically contain large amounts of content Business Portal can. improve employee efficiency by allowing them to customize their interface and. highlight content most relevant to them,Customer commerce portal. Transform your business by establishing a business to business commerce site. With extranet support built into Business Portal and with the features of Order. Management your customers can access Business Portal and browse through your. inventory enter orders track order status and view their account information You. can establish an online presence that is available to your customers 24 hours a day. seven days a week,Human Resources portal, Provide Human Resources content and applications to those who need it those. assigned to the Employee Manager Payroll Administrator and Human Resources. Administrator roles, By using the Business Portal and SharePoint features available to you you can. create a Human Resources portal where, Employees will go to look up 401 k information enter timecards and change.
their personal information, Managers will go to approve timecards post job openings and review. performance management information, Human Resources team members will go to find employee data communicate. benefits changes and company policies and discuss team issues. Sales portal, Provide sales related content and applications to those who need it those assigned. to the Salesperson and Sales Manager roles, By using the Business Portal and SharePoint features available to you you can. create a sales portal where, Salespeople will go to find product brochures specifications service plan.
information and price lists, Salespeople will go to review a customer s current balance and sales history. information, Sales managers will go to view up to the minute numbers on sales.

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