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We launch the season which leads us to our classic The Snowman accompanying the film we. 125th Anniversary in good heart with a Company hope to bring something for everyone Throughout. whose artistic strength continues to grow under the season we will encourage you to find out more. the outstanding leadership of Chief Conductor through our range of online resources on the BSO. Kirill Karabits website and social media channels, Kirill s musical journey is sure to be a thrilling one A highlight of every concert is without doubt the. once again as he continues his exploration of the great palpable sense of audience excitement that sense of. symphonies of Schubert Mahler and Rachmaninov the shared musical experience generating emotions. and this season we place the music of Tchaikovsky in and long lasting memories which is hard to equal. the context of some of his contemporaries including It is the amazing rapport between stage and audience. Glinka and Kalinnikov Rachmaninov s exhilarating that inspires our outstanding musicians conductors. Caprice boh mien together with Tchaikovsky s Violin and guest artists and what makes the season so special. Concerto will bring the season to a whirlwind of,As one of the UK s leading arts charities the BSO. has a unique remit to bring great music and cultural. Our philosophy of nurturing enduring relationships engagement to the range of communities across the. whilst fostering new talent continues and we welcome South and South West whether that be in a concert. back a range of guest artists including Andrew Litton hall a school a hospital or a community setting. Carlos Miguel Prieto and Kees Bakels as well as, In turbulent times the BSO is leading the charge to. debuts by conductor Mikhail Tatarnikov cellist,demonstrate the positive role cultural engagement. Leonard Elschenbroich and pianist Gabriela Montero. has in the development of our children in the, As ever our range of programmes are designed to cohesion of our communities and in building a.
inspire both our loyal regular supporters whilst better society We could not do it without your. finding many ways to welcome new audiences of all support and I would like to thank everyone who. ages and tastes From the elegance of 18th century supports this remarkable organisation and in helping. Salzburg to the epic soundtracks of modern day us build a strong future I look forward to welcoming. Hollywood blockbusters Elgar s stirring Cello you to another season of great music making. Concerto four of the great piano concertos ever, written and a live performance of enduring children s Dougie Scarfe Chief Executive. Symphonic Firsts october, Beethoven s First Symphony is a work grounded beethoven. the cultural firmly in the 18th century and yet it bears the Symphony No 1. heartbeat seeds of the musical revolution to come the beethoven. of the opening few bars alone represent a distinct departure Piano Concerto No 4. south west from the final symphonies of Mozart and Haydn. It provides the first examples of stylistic harmonic. Darren Henley and structural innovation in Beethoven s orchestral. Symphony in C,CEO Arts Council England,writing full of energy and dramatic exuberance. January 2017, In this most lyrical poetic and fantastical of his. Kirill Karabits,concertos similarly Beethoven does not abandon.
the Mozartian concerto form but imbues it with a Steven Osborne. genuinely romantic voice It is ardent and melancholy piano. heroic and ethereal anguished and whimsical,Written in a single month Bizet s polished gem. of a symphony is remarkable not so much for its, originality but for its skilful reworking of others. designs It is a brilliant work that shows a grasp of. unity and overall design that was remarkable for a. seventeen year old composer With its youthful, vitality melodies of supreme beauty and innovative. instrumental combinations no wonder it remains,a concert favourite. Kirill Karabits,Salzburg Connections 20, In 1779 Mozart found himself back in his native l mozart.
karabits Salzburg after a disheartening journey through Sinfonia in G Major. is presiding over Germany and France seeking new employment Neue Lambacher. a golden age of this opportunities A period of great creativity it heralded m haydn. outstanding orchestra the emergence of his mature genius The Posthorn Cello Concerto. is one of his largest serenades in duration scope, this is music making and scoring calling for as large an ensemble as his. w a mozart, at its finest symphonies and spanning a full emotional range. Serenade No 9 Posthorn, Paul Jordan Fine Times Recorder It takes its nickname from the inclusion of the post. horn traditionally used to announce the arrival,Reinhard Goebel. January 2017 conductor, and departure of coaches specifically those carrying.
the mail After years of debate and misattribution Bruno Delepelaire. the New Lambach symphony is now recognised as cello. coming from the pen of Leopold Mozart rather,than Wolfgang It represents Leopold at his most. mature a serious progressive symphony and no, mere novelty of which he is often accused of writing. Origins of a newly discovered concerto for cello have. also been questioned Which Haydn wrote it Josef,or younger brother Michael Whatever the case it. has a Mozartian combination of instrumental idiom,and subtle large scale structure. Russian Masters, glinka The extraordinary musical demands of Rachmaninov s All round captivating and instantly charming his.
Ruslan Ludmilla Overture Third Concerto make it one of the most challenging First Symphony abounds with memorable melodies. glinka works in the piano concerto repertoire The soloist developed with great skill and embellished through. Valse from A Life for the Tsar plays almost constantly throughout and must his fluent and colourful orchestration In particular. combine ear popping virtuosity with a chamber the andante is a most gentle and luminous idyll set. kalinnikov musician s ability to listen and blend into the orchestra within a work of elegant yet simple grandeur and. Symphony No 1 Undoubtedly a tour de force the great technical well worth a listen Glinka proverbially the father. rachmaninov demands are more a means than an end as the work of Russian opera also tapped into the Russian. Piano Concerto No 3 seems much more focused on conveying Romantic psyche with his two operas A Life for the Tsar and. musical ideas than being a simple display piece its Ruslan and Ludmilla both of which incorporated. Kees Bakels mood and character sitting squarely in 19th century Russian as well as other folk elements The music. conductor Romanticism A contemporary of Tchaikovsky and is dramatic epic and stirring evoking the expanse. Luk Vondr c ek championed by Rachmaninov Vasily Kalinnikov was of the Russian Steppe The sparkling overture of. piano an immensely popular composer during his lifetime the latter was written in just twenty four hours. Smooth Classics 24, Four sublime adagios from grieg Peer Gynt Morning Victor Aviat. concertos by Albinoni Mozart beethoven Symphony No 6 Shepherd s Song conductor. and Rodrigo crown a concert mascagni Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana Anna Pyne. featuring some of the most mendelssohn Nocturne from A Midsummer Night s Dream flute. beautiful and relaxing classical rodrigo Concierto de Aranjuez adagio. music ever written,Eluned Pierce,mozart Flute and Harp Concerto andantino. vaughan williams Fantasia on Greensleeves,mozart Clarinet Concerto adagio Edward Kay. gluck Dance of the Blessed Spirits oboe,albinoni Oboe Concerto No 2 adagio Kevin Banks. dvo k Symphony No 9 largo clarinet,debussy Clair de Lune.
faur Pavane,Christmas with the bso,friday 22 december friday 22 december. 3 30pm 7 30 pm,The Last Night of,Snowman the Christmas. blake Pete Harrison,The Snowman conductor,chappell Annie Skates. Paddington Bear s singer,First Concert James Spilling. Hugh Brunt,Pui Fan Lee,Magda Gruca Broadbent,Triumph and Passion 25.
Shostakovich s Second Piano Concerto stands miles khachaturian. an artistic triumph apart from many of his other works in its sense of Adagio of Spartacus. the martinu symphony freedom and abandon It is a gloriously free wistful and Phrygia. was a sensation and drew creation an unrestrained delight from start to finish shostakovich. from the bso a world class particularly in the famous soulful and heart rending Piano Concerto No 2. adagio which guarantees the whole work s enduring, performance lovingly popularity either side of which are two vivacious. tchaikovsky, prepared and bursting movements both full of style and an overwhelming. Symphony No 5, with energy sense of fun After a shaky start the Fifth Symphony. Mikhail Tatarnikov,soon became recognised for the masterpiece it. David Truslove Bachtrack,undoubtedly is Tchaikovsky wrote that its subject.
October 2016 Boris Giltburg,was Providence More specifically it is a journey. from darkness and despair into light and triumph piano. accomplished partly by the musical character of the. individual movements and partly through a recurring. motto theme which appears in a different guise,throughout Khachaturian s sensual Adagio marks. the point in the ballet when Spartacus can enjoy a. moment of peace and celebration from persecution,by the Romans More beautiful melodies make this. perennial favourite one of the best loved themes,ever written. Perfect Fourths, schubert Mahler s Fourth Symphony has been described as.
Symphony No 4 Tragic an adventure of enchanted melodies and sounds. it s a sign of the trust, a progress from a pastoral landscape where the karabits now inspires in. Symphony No 4 grass still bore prints Haydn and Schubert had the bso s audience. left through scenes of shadow and sadness dispelled that he can achieve. Kirill Karabits by large shouts of joy to a vision of untroubled. happiness That vision of happiness comes most,a full house for a quite. fully in a song The Heavenly Life which forms the daring programme. Catherine Foster, astonishingly original finale and like the symphony a performance of shrewd. overall leads us to think of contrasts of Heaven and timing and massive. Earthly Life serenity and agitation simplicity and. complexity Schubert himself gave his Fourth rhetorical force. Symphony the name Tragic Possibly he did this Ivan Hewett The Telegraph. in an unsuccessful attempt to attract the attention February 2017. of publishers or impresarios The work is not overtly. tragic in nature Both the outer movements start,in the minor and are tempestuous and dramatic in. character but each ends triumphantly in the major,key Overall the form and scale of the symphony.
follow the models of Mozart and Haydn but,there is considerable innovation and originality. in the harmonic ideas and tonality of the work,Heroes and Monsters 16. more music from the movies 7 30 pm,Pete Harrison,Once again the full power of a. symphony orchestra is unleashed,in a concert packed full of stirring. and epic soundtracks of the silver,screen this time featuring music.
from films with monsters galore,whether they be dinosaurs giant. beasts from the jungle or the deep,supernatural creatures of the night or. psychopathic killers Titles include,The Mummy Dracula Psycho. Silence of the Lambs King Kong,Super 8 The Abyss Pan s Labyrinth. Jurassic Park Lord of the Rings,Jaws and Gremlins composed by.
Hollywood greats from Bernard,Hermann to Michael Giacchino. Jerry Goldsmith to Howard Shore,and not forgetting John Williams. Peter Turnbull Andy Cresci and Kevin Morgan,Elgar s Cello Eulogy. wagner Written in the summer of 1919 the Cello Concerto. Siegfried Idyll represented for Elgar the angst despair and. elgar disillusionment he felt after the Great War and an. Cello Concerto introspective look at death and mortality He had. been deeply saddened by the war was suffering, dvo k from a painful chronic ear condition and the recent. Symphony No 9 deaths of several old friends had made him acutely. From the New World aware of his own advancing years It signified Elgar s. farewell to the way of life as he had known it, Christoph K nig Everything good and nice and clean and fresh.
conductor and sweet is far away never to return he wrote. Leonard Elschenbroich Remaining incredibly fresh and abounding with. cello memorable melodies the Ninth Symphony, describes Dvor k s spiritual and emotional journey. from his intense longing for his beloved Bohemia,to the thrill of the New World and its varied. peoples With its realisation of love and affection. the Siegfried Idyll shows a side of Wagner rarely, seen in his operas Absent is the wild passion rather. it is a gentle song of contentment and a most personal. and intimate expression of Wagner s feelings while. still calling to mind his heroic alter ego,Leonard Elschenbroich. Picture Perfect 8, Rapsodie espagnole Ravel s first published orchestral spontaneity but it is far from casual in its sourcing ravel.
work is Spanish to the core subtly and brilliantly and craftsmanship drawing upon Basque and Rapsodie espagnole. evoking the sights sounds and physical sensations Spanish melodies jazz riffs the influences of Mozart debussy orch ravel. of this perfumed land that the sun caresses This is and Saint Sa ns and even his childhood fascination Danse Tarantelle styrienne. music at once coolly intellectual and passionately with mechanical toys Thirty years after Debussy. sensuous which justifies its composer s reputation as wrote his Tarantelle styrienne for piano Ravel. a musical Impressionist The tension built up through created an orchestral version of the sprightly work. Piano Concerto in G, the restraint of the first three movements is released publishing it under the title Danse Working like an mussorgsky orch ravel. with fervent abandon in the finale Ravel s pulsating orchestral painter he brings additional intensity and Pictures at an Exhibition. rhythms combining with full bodied instrumentation exuberance to the original harmonies and textures. conjures up the brilliance commotion and joyous of light and shade Pictures at an Exhibition is in Carlos Miguel Prieto. confusion of a Spanish festival offering the composer part Mussorgsky s musical homage to a talented conductor. splendid opportunities for dazzling orchestral effects friend inspired by a visit to a posthumous exhibition Gabriela Montero. and colours Ravel s admirers had long been waiting One of Mussorgsky s great gifts was the ability to piano. for him to compose a piano concerto When he capture the essence of a character mood or scene. finally took up the form in his mid fifties he in brief striking musical imagery His imagination. worked on two at once They were among the last goes far beyond the immediate visual stimulus of. compositions he ever completed The G Major the paintings which are brought into even more. Concerto sparkles with energy and a sense of vivid detail through Ravel s orchestral magic. Hollywood Concerto, copland In his Violin Concerto Korngold reworked themes. An Outdoor Overture from several of his film scores Lush and romantic. korngold the music certainly brings to mind the swashbuckling. Violin Concerto films of the period Its combination of full throated. lyricism and unbridled virtuosity made it a favourite. tchaikovsky with Jascha Heifetz and later violinists Korngold. Symphony No 6 Path tique develops the main theme in freely rhapsodic fashion. embellishing it with pyrotechnic passagework that, Andrew Litton ascends into the stratosphere The finale melds a. conductor lively hoedown with a sweeping melody of decidedly. Stefan Jackiw cinematic character Tchaikovsky s final symphony. violin explores the metaphysics of death the fact that we. are made of flesh and blood and that we will all die. The composer hinted to his friends and admirers, that the work might contain secret messages but he. never told them what they were Let them guess,he said Copland s overture opens in a blaze This.
fanfare and subsequent extended trumpet solo is,contrasted with a march like theme and a lyrical. melody for strings all of which are cleverly woven. into the final joyous conclusion,Andrew Litton,Anna Pyne Kevin Smith and Vicky Berry.

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