Bluestacks For Mac Os

August 16, 2020

With the BlueStacks app, you can run android games and apps on your computer.

If you need the previous version of BlueStacks App Player, check out the app's version history which includes all versions available to download. Download prior versions of BlueStacks App Player for Mac. All previous versions of BlueStacks App Player are virus-free and free to download at Uptodown. Nox APP Player aims to provide the best experience for users to play Android. BlueStacks Support; Mac OS Getting started with Mac. How to achieve 60FPS in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross on MacOS; Selected mobile network operators now available on BlueStacks for MacOS; How to resolve vehicle control issues in PUBG Mobile for BlueStacks on MacOS? How to free up disk space used by BlueStacks on MacOS.

Play PuBG, Fortnite, and other mobile games on your PC.

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How to Download BlueStacks Player:

  1. Choose a link above and click to download BlueStacks onto your PC or Mac
  2. Locate the download and click to begin installing it
  3. Click on Agree to Terms and Conditions and click Install
  4. Pick Online to install in a few minutes or Offline for a longer installation time
  5. Wait for BlueStacks to be installed and then you can use it

How to Use BlueStacks Player:

  1. Click on Start and BlueStacks will open can start setting up – be patient, it could take a few minutes or more
  2. When the BlueStacks home screen appears you will see that some apps, including the Google Play Store, are already installed
  3. Click Play Store and use an existing Google account to set your account up, or choose to set up a new one
  4. Follow the directions on the screen to finish the setup – you can forget this part and still install APK files if you want
  5. When the process is complete, you will see some options on the right side of BlueStacks, including installing and transferring files

BlueStacks Features:

BlueStacks has many features to enhance your user experience:

  • Fast, Smooth Gameplay – BlueStacks is one of the quickest and smoothest emulators, and all the performance settings can be customized to your taste. You can even set how much RAM and the number of CPUs to use – for normal gameplay; it’s recommended to choose two CPUs and 1.5 GB RAM
  • Compatibility with External Controllers – many Android devices don’t support third-party controllers or, if they do, only specific ones. They are much easier to use than touchscreens for games and BlueStacks supports all third-party controllers
  • Device Emulation – Your device is fully emulated, and that includes your phone number, your IMEI number, your device model, and lots of other features specific to your Android device.
  • Root Access – SuperUser roots the player right from the start so you can have easy access to all the files on your computer

Frequently Asked Questions:

These are the answers to the common BlueStacks questions:

  • What is Bluestacks?

BlueStacks is an android emulator that allows you to download and run Android mobile games and apps on your computer running Microsoft Windows or Apple’s Mac operating system. Bluestacks emulates the Android OS on your computer, creating a virtual mobile device.

  • How Safe is Bluestacks?

BlueStacks is reliable and safe to use. The developers have tested the app for safety and stability.

  • How to Uninstall Bluestacks?

You can un-install Bluestacks from your computer just like any other app. Windows users can delete it from Settings > Contro Panel > Add/Remove Programs, and Mac users can go to Finder > Applications and delete the BlueStacks app from there.

  • What are the Disadvantages of Bluestacks?

BlueStacks is relatively slower than its competitors like the Nox Player and crashes frequently or stops working sometimes on some computers.

  • How do I fix Bluestacks stuck on loading?
  1. First, reboot your computer
  2. Enable virtualization on your computer, and make sure your system fulfills the minimum requirements. See this video for details.
  3. Free up the RAM on your computer and increase the RAM allocation for the BlueStacks app.
  4. Update the graphics drivers to the latest version if applicable.
  5. Configure your antivirus software, and check if it hinders the functioning of BlueStacks.
  • How do I install bluestacks on my Mac?

Installing BlueStacks on your Mac is easy. Download the BlueStacks.dmg file from the link above, then double click the installation file and transfer it to Applications folders.

  • What BlueStacks Version Do I Need to Run 32-Bit Android apps on my 32-Bit PC?
Bluestacks For Mac Os

You will need to install the 32-bit version of BlueStacks

  • What BlueStacks Version Do I Need to Run 64-Bit Android apps on my 64-Bit PC?

You will need to install the 64-bit version of BlueStacks. Plus, with this version, VT must be enabled on your PC.

  • What is the Process for Copying PC Files to BlueStacks 4?
  1. Open BlueStacks and select the Library button
  2. Open System apps and click Media Manager
  3. A popup appears, saying Import Windows File to Android; find the file you want to be imported and click on Open
  4. Look in BlueStacks; you should see your file.
  • What is PUBG Mobile Game Settings for BlueStacks?

Bluestacks For Mac Os El Capitan

  1. Playing PBBG Mobile on your PC is cool, but you need to tweak a few settings beforehand:
  2. Launch BlueStacks and click the Bulb icon; this opens the game guidance window.
  3. Click Settings, and some options appear to tweak the game graphics quality.
  4. In-Game Resolution can be tweaked to change the resolution in the game – a higher setting will give you better graphics but uses more in the way of system resources.
  5. Graphics Quality lets you set the quality of the in-game elements. If you choose HD graphics, you get a great picture, but your video graphics card will be more heavily loaded.
  6. Learn More lets you see information about all the different game settings.
  7. When you are done, click Save Changes and then restart the game

User Ratings:

4 / 5. 34

If you are wondering whether you will be able to run all your favourite android apps on your PC and Mac OS, then you are in luck. BlueStacks is definitely all you need to install on your PC and Mac to be able to run android apps on your computer. For those of you who do not know what BlueStacks is, it is an American tech company that designed and developed the “BlueStacks App Player.”


The BlueStacks app is an emulator that turns your PC and Mac OS systems into an android environment capable of running .apk files. The app comes with some cross-platform cloud-based products that also adds to its functionalities. The BlueStacks emulator as it is also known is easy to download for both Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

When installed on any of these operating systems, it emulates all your favorite Android games and applications on your PC and Mac smoothly. The free cross-platform products which are more like addons, ensures you get more features without paying anything. This is regarded as one of the best Android Gaming emulators for PC as it offers six-times performance than any mobile device.

So, if you love playing mobile games like me, then you should try using BlueStacks for PC today to see its super performance. You can also play Pubg Mobile on PC Windows, Carrom Pool on PC, TerraGenesis and more using this amazing emulator. You do not need to worry about your mobile phone’s battery charge, BlueStacks offers the next-level gaming experience. It uses low memory and CPU to boost performance during gaming or while using other apps that require faster speeds. In this article, I will guide you through the smooth process of installing BlueStacks on PC/Mac without and issues.


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    • 1.3 How to Install Bluestacks on Mac

Bluestacks Emulator

Bluestacks For Mac Os

Every software has its features and BlueStacks is not left out of the equation. It offers users a lot of features, even I was amazed to see and experience these features for the first time. Below are the features you will enjoy when you install this app on your PC/Mac.

  • It offers high-performance speeds 6-times faster than Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • A simple User-Interface
  • Add-ons like the BlueStacks Store, Quests, and more are available
  • New and improved Game Controls for Windows/Mac (Keymapping)
  • You can create custom controls based on how you want it
  • Play multiple games with the “BlueStacks Multi-instance” feature from different Google Play Accounts
  • Convert items in the BlueStacks store into BlueStacks points and play Pro games
  • Stream content from Facebook or Twitch directly
  • It has over 1.5 million games and over 500 thousand flash games

Bluestacks Download For PC & Mac

Bluestacks On Mac Os Mojave

Offered byBluestack Systems, Inc
License TypeFree

Bluestacks For Mac Os 10.11

How to Install Bluestacks on PC Windows

Below is a guide on how to install BlueStacks on PC Windows, but before you start the whole installation journey, it is very important that you check if your PC meets the minimum requirements.

System Requirement for Windows

      • Windows XP, 7, 8/8.1, 10 Operating System
      • Intel or AMD Processor
      • 2GB RAM
      • 5GB of free disk space
      • You need an up-to-date Graphics Drivers/Card
      • You need to have Administrator privileges
      • Internet connection
  • First of all, Go to the link provided above to download the latest Bluestacks version.
  • Once the download is complete, double click on the bluestack.exe setup file to install it on your Windows PC.
  • A warning will pop-up asking if you want to install BlueStacks, click Run to confirm your action and the installation will begin.
  • The setup file will extract and request for administrator rights, grant it to let BlueStacks work on your Windows PC.
  • The BlueStacks installation window will come up, accept the user license by ticking the box at the bottom right corner. Then click the Install Now button to start the process. There is also an option for you to customize BlueStacks before installing it if you wish to.
  • The installation will take a few minutes depending on your PCs specifications.
  • Once the BlueStacks app player is done installing on your PC, click on Complete to close the window.
  • BlueStacks will launch on your Windows PC, it will take some time, so, be patient as you complete its first-time initial setup.
  • Once the one-time initial setup is complete, it will prompt you to create an account or login with your existing Google account.
  • Once signed-in grant and accept all permissions to Play Store which will connect BlueStacks to Google Play Store, where you can search for any app to install. You can also use the search bar at the top right-hand side of the home screen to search for apps.

That’s it! By following this simple guide step-by-step, you will have BlueStacks successfully installed on your Windows PC.

How to Install Bluestacks on Mac

For those with Mac PCs, you must be wondering if you are left out. Well, you are not, with the following step, you will be able to download and install BlueStacks on your Mac OS system without any stress. You also need the following minimum system requirements for this software to run on your Mac PC perfectly normal.

System Requirement for Mac OS:

      • Mac OS Sierra(10.12), High Sierra(10.13), Mojave(10.14)
      • Minimum of 4GB RAM
      • At least 4GB Disk Space
      • Graphics Drivers (Updated)
      • Administrator rights
  • Use the link provided above to download the .dmg file.
  • Once you have successfully downloaded the bluestacks.dmg setup file, go to your download folder and double-click on it.
  • Your Mac OS will then verify Bluestacks installer. After the verification, you’ll get a prompt saying “are you sure you want to open it.”
  • Click Open to confirm your actions.
  • The installation window will come up, click Install Now
  • You will get another prompt saying “BlueStacks is trying to install a new helper tool” enter your password to allow this installation.
  • You will see a pop-up window saying “System Extension Blocked.” Click Open Security Privacy.
  • In the “Security & Privacy” settings, click allow to enable the use of BlueStacks on your Mac OS.
  • The installation will continue for a few minutes. Once completed, launch BlueStacks App Player and start enjoying all your android apps on your Mac OS.


Bluestacks For Macos High Sierra

Using your favourite Android apps on Windows/Mac OS might have seemed like a dream to most of you out there, but it really isn’t. By installing one of the worlds best Android emulators on your Windows or Mac PCs, you will make these computer systems run android applications six-times faster than most mobile phones.

With a clean and sleek user-interface, you will be able to navigate the BlueStacks app player easily and also enjoy millions of games on your computer. If you are looking for an alternative BlueStacks emulator, the Nox player, comes loaded with a ton of features. I hope this article has helped you in successfully installing BlueStacks on your PC/Mac system. Stay glued to our website and follow our social media pages for more information.

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