Bit Crypter Cracked

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A security researcher in New Zealand just showed that it’s possible to wire up a low-cost data sniffer to the security chip in a Microsoft Surface laptop…

…and read out the decryption key used by BitLocker, the software that is there to keep the data on your hard disk safe.

Bit Crypter Cracked Download

That has led to us getting asked, “Is BitLocker cracked? Is disk encryption still worth it?”

Bit Crypter Cracked Windows

The answers are “No” and “Yes”, and this week’s Naked Security Live video explains why.

Watch now for answers the following questions and more:

Bit Crypter Cracked Mac

  • Why is BitLocker suddenly in the spotlight?
  • How do BitLocker and “full-disk encryption” differ from encryption in general?
  • Does this hack mean anyone who steals my encrypted laptop can get at all my data anyway?
  • How do I set up disk encryption securely?
  • Will encryption slow my laptop down?
  • What’s the point of encrypting everything if most of the files aren’t personal data?
  • What if I forget the password – wouldn’t a hackable system be handy in that case?

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